Blossoming NicelyJust  taking another lookThe Moon - 20th April 2018April 20th 2018 - Project 365Hand sculpture stoke on trent railway stationHand sculpture stoke on trent railway stationOf where the  daffodils growCross Country 221124Cross Country 221124Virgin 390124Virgin 390124West Midlands 350374West Midlands 350374Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire 19th April 2018Daffodil detailApril 19th 2018 - Project 365Spring  has SprungApril 17th 2018 - Project 365Mellow Yellow[1K25] 153376Foley Crossing Signal BoxFoley CrossingFoley Crossing Signal BoxStation SignLongton Railway StationLongton Railway StationApril 16th 2018 - Project 365Stand Alone2018-04-14 (09) Birmingham New St Grand Central commemorative shovelsVirgin 390124Shirley's TransportContentMike Falcon...WaitingEver get the feeling that you are being laughed at?Still quietShrunkWonky antennaGolden archesApril ShowersWest Midlands 350118April 13th 2018 - Project 365Cross Country 221125Cross Country 220034Cross Country 220034Cross Country 220004Cross Country 220004Cross Country 220004Cross Country 220004West Midlands 350249West Midlands 350249West Midlands 350249Virgin 390040Virgin 390040 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390049 @ Stoke-on-TrentFoley Crossing Signal BoxFoley Crossing Signal BoxSee the LightVirgin 390047Virgin 390047Virgin 390047 @ Stoke-on-Trent...London Northwestern Railway 350123 31032018First Potteries 67154 (YX66WFM) 31032018Cross Country 220004Cross Country 220004Northern 323236Virgin 390040West Midlands 350249April 12th 2018 - Project 365RT1 Fowler 0-6-0DM  w/no 22497  1938  BSC Tinplate  Abercarn  Foxfield RailwayLondon Northwestern Railway 350375 28032018April 11th 2018 - Project 365Virgin 390049 @ Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153308East Midlands 153308East Midlands 153308Cross Country 220027Cross Country 220027Cross Country 220027Cross Country 220027West Midlands 350118UUD 864  1962  Morris Minor Traveller412 BOM  1960  Ford ZodiacH235 NPR  1990  Trabant 601TXAJU 277K  1971  Austin 6 cwt Pick UpAEM 99B  1964  Steyr PuchMGU 316D  1966  Ford Anglia SuperDD 9467  1926  Austin 12/4 CliftonNJU 915F  1968  Ford Escort  JUL 537D  1966  Morris Minor  Forestry Commission1633 RE 1959  Foden S21  British RailwaysVRE 372G  1969  Foden S36  Grayswood TransportCBF 604H  1969  Bond Equipe 2 litreBRF 286J  1971  MG BA332 GEH  1983  Reliant Rialto GLSOL 9295  1924  Austin 12/4 WindsorTYF 761F  1968  Triumph TR5April 9th 2018 - Project 365ON MANOEURVESVirgin 390135 ( City of Lancaster )Virgin 390135 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Waiting for the train to depart at Foxfield RailwayTrain leaving the station at Foxfield RailwayThe Curious RobinOld & New - Stoke 1967 to 2011Virgin 390040 @ Stoke-on-Trent....Virgin 390040 ( 10.35 Manchester - London )East Midlands 153310East Midlands 153310YatesBarry ProctorBarry ProctorApril 6th 2018M WoodhouseM WoodhouseCargo ExpressRobert WalkerDaff InsideAdstockApril 5th 2018 - Project 365From here  to thereInto the abyssLets   hug  togetherApril 3rd 2018 - Project 3653 ChimneysEast Midlands 222102 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Cross Country 221128Yellow PerilVirgin 390011Cross Country 221119Virgin 390124Virgin 390124Virgin 390124Virgin 390046Virgin 390046DaffodilMarch 29th 2018 - Project 365Having  a Bad  hair dayTabby.Over the roadRobin37505, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, August 1990Florence Ladies FC 1 Sutton Coldfield Town Ladies FC 5March 25th 2018 - Project 365Your train is cancelledMarch 24th 2018 - Virgin 390124Cross Country 221123West Midlands 350122East Midlands 222102East Midlands 222102Cross Country 220030Cross Country 221126WhiskersMarch 22nd 2018 - Project 365Tabby. Fuji X-E1 Canon FDn 35mm f2.8.All Fluffed  upMarch 20th 2018 - Project 365SnowdaysA tiny GoldcrestOn  the prowlDSC_0258DSC_0261DSC_0271DSC_0275DSC_0276DiatomsEast Midlands 222102 @ Stoke-on-Trent...WaitingShirley's TransportShirley's TransportD322A Spot of Bovver 2IMG_9113IMG_9110IMG_9102IMG_9098IMG_9096IMG_9094IMG_9091IMG_9088IMG_9087IMG_9086IMG_9083IMG_9080IMG_9078IMG_9077IMG_9072IMG_9069IMG_9066IMG_9060IMG_9059IMG_9058IMG_9054IMG_9053IMG_9052IMG_9051IMG_9048IMG_9045IMG_9042IMG_9039IMG_9037IMG_9033IMG_9030IMG_9018IMG_9015IMG_9008IMG_9007The SnowdropsgardenbeansDave PollardUnknown Haulier| Various | #shutterbugs #ishootfilm #staybrokebuyfilm #anologuephotography #photography #minolta #minoltarokkor #rokkor #rokkor45mm #rokkorclc #clcApril 15th 2018 - Project 365Cross Country 220034Robert Stephenson &  Hawthorns 7063  Eustace Forth No 15 built 1942  Foxfield RailwayJN 7981  1936  Morris 8 TourerJDJ 721N  1975  Triumph StagIt takes twoThe star stoneNot another photo.DSC_0264DSC_0268Squirrel  dodging  the rain showersNew Kit  on the blockShadow  SeatShirley's TransportAs far as  the eye can  seeTake another lookMarch 10th 2018 - Project 365Somebody is watching meLooking  up  Looking  aheadHow LongRaindropsRDB977091, Stoke on Trent, 16-08-84RDB975428 Laboratory 10, Stoke on Trent, 16-08-84Waiting for  the thawMarch 4th 2018 - Project 365Taking  a pitstopMarch 3rd 2018 - Project 365Fieldfare with berryStuckOur visitor the FieldfareVirgin 390130Virgin 390130About to take off*Weathering   The  Storm*East Midlands 153302East Midlands 153302East Midlands 153302