The star stoneNovember 20th 2017 - Project 365Winter SunErectionA Splash  of colourAutumn DaysFJIMG_20171110_121151 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_115820 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_113740 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_105135 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104940 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104930 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104841 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104810 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104802 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104103 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_104055 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103802 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103705 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103655 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103116 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103044 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102921 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102907 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102835 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102818 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102719 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102702 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102541 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102357 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102344 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102312 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102255 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_113854 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_113726 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_103903 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102730 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_102638 Trentham EstateFJIMG_20171110_101922 Trentham EstateTIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9497TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9492TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9491TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9490TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9486TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9489TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill - Flint kiln-9488TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill - Flint kiln-9487TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill - Flint kiln-9483TIMS Mill Tour 2017 UK - Coppice Flint Mill-9482R2-D2 close upNatures Jewelsi am a dalekSetting the Scene for AutumnAutumn  CollectionShirley's TransportShirley's TransportShirley's TransportLooking in Looking outFirst of the 'season'Paws for thought.Autumn sunshine and shadows*As far as the eye can see*November 10th 2017 - Project 365Nutty SquirrelOn top or underneathAutumn Gold2989-012989-022989-033057-013057-02November 6th 2017 - Project 365Targeted marketing: D&G 158Autumn RedsCross Country 221140......Virgin 390148 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390148 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire 31st October 2017bet365 Stadium 2JDC TransportJDC TransportJDC TransportFrom Green to Goldbet365 Stadiumbet365 Stadiumbet365 StadiumLeicester players shooting practiceLeicester players warm upRemembrance paradeAwaiting the teamsTeams enter the pitchbet365 Stadiumbet365 StadiumStoke attack late onDrummersOutside the bet365 StadiumOutside the bet365 StadiumOutside the bet365 StadiumOutside the bet365 StadiumSomme footballPreparing for a minutes silenceJamie Vardy outnumberedRyan Shawcross & Wes MorganRainbow over The bet365 StadiumPlayers leave the pitch at half timeThe line of playersStoke corner in the final minuteShadows on the bridgeStopping for lunchBlack SwanOtterViolaOld pottery in heron crossFallen LeavesThe MoonTest TrainStoke-on-Trent Staffordshire 31st October 2017Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire 31st October 2017StobartAdam HewittDiscordiaW H MalcolmAston TransportJohn DIckinson3 the magic numberJust  AutumnR.S.P.C,A RescueOctober 29th 2017 - Project 365Squirrel closeupSquirrel with nutRobin onlineWhere theres lightN-VirocycleMason BrosStanianR J RichChris BennettM WayT & J HaulageLomas DistributionPollockCharles JacksonT W & E J GrattonJ W CantrellRawlingsDenbigh Timber ProductsEdwards TransportB S Limer HaulageJ B RawcliffeShirley's Transport* You put your  right  leg in and out  then shake it all about*Faces of Stoke on Trentbet365 StadiumTrees in the MistM WoodhouseFodenJ W CantrellJ W CantrellUnder controlClearing the ballR Mitchell wall longtonIts that time of the year390010 21 10 17220011 21 10 17IM Stuck   on youOctober 21st 2017 - Project 365Wet LeavesStrange FungiNatures LeftoversWedgwood, BarlastonFrontierM A PonsonbySilverthornAinscoughBrit EuropeanMaurice HillWS TransportationDyce CarriersMaurice HillA satellite dish searching the Cosmos?A sunlit Beech.World of Wedgwood, BarlastonLongtonWorld of Wedgwood, BarlastonWorld of Wedgwood, BarlastonStoke MarketBCB 2017BCB 2017BCB 2017BCB 2017BCB 2017BCB 2017That's all she ever thinks about. Riding with the wind.Barlow BrothersBarlow BrothersJDC TransportJDC TransportOctober 12th 2017 - Project 36566 185 at Stoke on Trent on 11th October 2017Border AggregatesPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsPark hall hillsA quick snackMy Coleman Cobra 2 tentKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campKibblestone International Scout campMagical AutumnLittle stumpy.Swirling against a twirling background.Stan RobinsonStobart - Williams MartiniStobartJ B Rawcliffe*Now where did i bury  my nuts *?A bit of macro in the gardenAutumn  in the skyOver and UnderIMG_20170930_213105IMG_20170930_213054IMG_20170930_212957Silver Birch.The Kings wood.Saverley Green Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9QX, UKJust  Landedbet365 StadiumDale BrothersRowlands Transport*Thats Life**Autumn Gold*Owls House.Waddya mean I have something on my face.Spud in a Tree #2SpudA Splash  of colourReplenish your blossoming bacchanal!There it isForever AutumnRobin  onlineSquirrel WatchStan RobinsonStobart - Williams Martini