All Fluffed upWest Midlands 350373 ( New Look )The ThawThirsty Giraffe - Newcastle-under-LymeQueens Gardens - Newcastle-under-LymeSubway - Newcastle-under-LymePussycat  PussycatCross Country 221127Cross Country 221128 @ Stoke...Cross Country 221125 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390141Frozen IvyPlaying  with light and shadowsKingfisher on my patchReaching out  for the blue skyJohn SmithThe mighty John SmithTrees Light and ShadowsD+G Buses 186D+G Buses 112 @ Newcastle....D+G Buses 42@ Newcastle...D+G Buses 42@ Newcastle...Twenty to FourWest Midlands 350126Virgin 390130 ( Stoke-on-Trent )Virgin 390130Northern 323239 @ Stoke-on-Trent.....Northern 323239Cross Country 220013First PMT 67154DWPDWPALEALEHello down thereLego Director Orson KrennicEdison'sCross Country 220013Cross Country 220013D+G Buses 1 @ Hanley....First PMT 37146First PMT 67651First PMT 67656Trident,Scania, Mercedes and BovaVirgin 390010 ( 12.20 London - Manchester )Virgin 390010 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390010 ( New Look )Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Virgin 390118I can never resist another moon shot!January 23rd 2018 - Project 365Frosty  TipsCross Country 2211332989 (E989 VUK)AloneTake 2 of the lookoutWest Midlands 350373 @ Stoke-on-Trent...West Midlands 350373 @ Stoke-on-Trent...West Midlands 350373First PMT 67154 @ Stoke....First PMT 67154 @ Stoke....First PMT 63173 @ Stoke...Virgin West Coast 390123 1A29 1135 Manchester Piccadilly - London Euston.  Stoke On Trent.  19th January 2018First PMT 32647First PMT 32647Young swan landingEarly BudStoke StationCross Country 220026Cross Country 220026Reflect  on WinterCross Country 221121Cross Country 221121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....East Midlands 158863Virgin 390045Virgin 390045Virgin 390045STONE {tCG} [2] (50 Eccleshall Rd, Stone, Staffs  ST15 0HN) {cp} Jan18UBBERLEY {tCG} [2] (25 Devonshire Sq, Bentilee, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST2 0ES) {cp} Jan18CLAYTON, CLAYTON ROAD {tCG} (93 Clayton Rd, Clayton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 3NE {cp} Jan18FENTON {tCG} [2] (12-16 Christchurch St, Fenton, Staffs  ST4 3AD {cp} Jan18FLORENCE PARK {tCG} [2] (Belgrove Rd, Longton, Staffs  ST3 4NW  {cp} Jan18KEELINGS ROAD {tCG} [2] (Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST1 6PA) {cp} Jan18NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME {cp} [2] (1-2 Westbury Centre, Westbury Rd, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 4LY) {cp} Jan18Going UndergroundWaiting  for SpringFirst PMT 67655D+G Buses 157Hanley Cemetery, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.Mark TAMSFirst PMT 32633 ( Hanley )First PMT 65040 ( Hanley )First PMT 63097 @ HanleyFirst PMT 42553 ( Hanley )First PMT 67151 ( Hanley )First PMT 65035 @ Hanley...Brand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeSTONE {CENTRAL ENGLAND} [2] 54 High St, Stone, Staffs  ST15 8AU) {NBC} Jan18Escaping the showers: 2017 Freightliner from SouthamptonBarlow BrothersS & J TransportBulk SolutionsIrish HaulierDWPFirst PMT 67648 ( Hanley )First PMT 65027First PMT 65027Birds of a Feather stick togetherFirst PMT 32634StumpedWaitngFairy in The Park HSSStone-POSTE OF STONE (JDW), 1 Granville Square  ST15 8AB (Jan18)  (Jan18)DAF XF,Reid Freight.Iveco Stralis,Reid Freight.First PMT 67647 ( Hanley)First PMT 67655 ( 3 Hanley - Crewe )Mercedes Arocs,Reid Freight.Volvo FM,Reid FreightM.A.N TGS,Reid Freight.First PMT 41500 ( Newcastle )First PMT 66964First PMT 66964First PMT 42553First PMT 425545045Meaford Power Station No 4 'Clive' (Andrew Barclay 486) 0-6-0DHFirst PMT 67157 @ Stoke....Virgin 390121 to Manchester....Virgin 390121Virgin 390121Virgin 390121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....Virgin 390121The ThawD+G Buses 40D+G Buses 40D+G Buses 40Its  cold  outsideMonkey ForestMonkey ForestMonkey ForestFirst PMT 66852D+G Buses 186 ( Newcastle )D+G Buses 186 ( Newcastle )First PMT 66852Cross Country 221141Cross Country 221141 @ Stoke-on-TrentFirst PMT 32627 @ Newcastle...First PMT 32627 @ Newcastle...D+G Buses 186Hanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkArriva 3693Arriva 3693SquirrelLondon Midland 350130First PMT 65041First PMT 65041First PMT 63171D+G Buses 43D+G Buses 43London Midland 350374London Midland 350374London Midland 350374Cross Country 220029Cross Country 220029 @ Stoke-on-TrentCross Country 220029Cross Country 220029Northern 323227Northern 323227Northern 323227Winter's GripLast moon shot of the yearCross Country 220025Cross Country 220025London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108SubwayVirgin 390131 at Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153355 at Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153355London Midland 350130Virgin 390136Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 ( City of Coventry )Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 to Manchester......Virgin 390136 at Stoke-on-TrentEast Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321Cross Country 220029East Midlands 153381East Midlands 153381Virgin 390141 ( 11.15 Manchester - London Euston )Virgin 390141Virgin 390141 arriving at Stoke-on-Trent.......hanley town hallhanley town hallFirst PMT 32649Some  more white  stuffDaffs But  not  yetSitting on the fenceP A ArcherJames LynchTDR Heavy HaulageB J WatersD & A RheadUnknown HaulierSpiers & HartwellKatkins  and LightNutty  is backCross Country 221133West Midlands 350373SibcasB LakinWite  LinesErnest Harry SPENDERWhiskersALECranage HaulageSsshhh!!!OnTheWallJohn Ritchie 3John Ritchie 2John Ritchie 1Winter Trees