In the mist of timeA storm brewingNewSeason SignThe Blue 2 - YX09FMMLet  me finish  my nutSnowy  Shadow PlayFirst PMT 65040Cross Country 221127Cross Country 221128Virgin 390141 @ Stoke-on-Trent....37407 and 37422 Stoke Junction 08/02/2018Sunshine  and ShadowsSome  more white  stuffPlaying  with light and shadowsKingfisher on my patchThe mighty John SmithWest Midlands 350126Virgin 390130 ( Stoke-on-Trent )Virgin 390130Northern 323239 @ Stoke-on-Trent.....Northern 323239Cross Country 220013Cross Country 220013Colours and ReflectionsFirst PMT 67154DWPDWPLego Director Orson KrennicAt the end of the dayCross Country 220013Cross Country 220013D+G Buses 1 @ Hanley....First PMT 37146First PMT 67651First PMT 67656Trident,Scania, Mercedes and BovaNutty  is backVirgin 390010 ( 12.20 London - Manchester )Virgin 390010 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390010 ( New Look )Cross Country 221133Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Virgin 390118I can never resist another moon shot!January 23rd 2018 - Project 365Frosty  TipsCross Country 2211332989 (E989 VUK)AloneWoodland pathTake 2 of the lookoutWest Midlands 350373 @ Stoke-on-Trent...West Midlands 350373First PMT 67154 @ Stoke....First PMT 67154 @ Stoke....First PMT 63173 @ Stoke...Wite  LinesVirgin West Coast 390123 1A29 1135 Manchester Piccadilly - London Euston.  Stoke On Trent.  19th January 2018First PMT 32647Young swan landingStoke StationCheadleCross Country 220026Cross Country 220026Reflect  on WinterCross Country 221121Cross Country 221121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....East Midlands 158863Virgin 390045Virgin 390045Virgin 390045UBBERLEY {tCG} [2] (25 Devonshire Sq, Bentilee, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST2 0ES) {cp} Jan18WASHERWALL LANE {tCG} [2] (49 Washerwall Lane, Werrington, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST9 0JU) {cp} Jan18ABBEY HULTON {tCG} [2] (53-55 Abbots Rd, Leek, Staffs  ST2 8DU) {cp} Jan18FENTON {tCG} [2] (12-16 Christchurch St, Fenton, Staffs  ST4 3AD {cp} Jan18FLORENCE PARK {tCG} [2] (Belgrove Rd, Longton, Staffs  ST3 4NW  {cp} Jan18KEELINGS ROAD {tCG} [2] (Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST1 6PA) {cp} Jan18Waiting  for SpringThe Red CollarFirst PMT 67655D+G Buses 157Hanley Cemetery, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.Ernest Harry SPENDERMark TAMSWhiskersFirst PMT 32633 ( Hanley )First PMT 65040 ( Hanley )First PMT 63097 @ HanleyFirst PMT 42553 ( Hanley )First PMT 67151 ( Hanley )First PMT 65035 @ Hanley...DWPSsshhh!!!First PMT 67648 ( Hanley )First PMT 65027First PMT 65027Birds of a Feather stick togetherFirst PMT 32634Volvo FH,C&R Livestock Haulage Ltd.WaitngFairy in The Park HSSMercedes Actros,Shirleys Transport LtdScania,Merton/Econ Spreader.Iveco Stralis,Reid Freight.First PMT 67647 ( Hanley)First PMT 67655 ( 3 Hanley - Crewe )Mercedes Arocs,Reid Freight.Volvo FM,Reid FreightFirst PMT 66964First PMT 66964First PMT 42553First PMT 4255450453150 'Wolstanton No 3' (Bagnall) 0-6-0DMWD820/70030 MOD A7 class (English Electric/ Drewry Cars) 0-4-0DM'Bellerophon' (Haydock Foundary) 0-6-0WT'Bellerophon' (Haydock Foundary) 0-6-0WT'Bellerophon' (Haydock Foundary) 0-6-0WTThe Long Walk'Bellerophon' (Haydock Foundary) 0-6-0WT'Bellerophon' (Haydock Foundary) 0-6-0WTFOXFIELD PORTRAITFirst PMT 67157 @ Stoke....Virgin 390121 to Manchester....Virgin 390121Virgin 390121Virgin 390121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....Virgin 390121The ThawIts  cold  outsideMonkey ForestMonkey ForestMonkey ForestFirst PMT 66852Cross Country 221141Cross Country 221141 @ Stoke-on-TrentHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkOn   a cold  and frosty morningSquirrelLondon Midland 350130London Midland 350374London Midland 350374London Midland 350374Cross Country 220029Cross Country 220029 @ Stoke-on-TrentCross Country 220029Cross Country 220029Northern 323227Northern 323227Northern 323227Monarda 'Fishes'Last moon shot of the yearCross Country 220025Cross Country 220025London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108John Ritchie 3John Ritchie 2John Ritchie 1Virgin 390131 at Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153355 at Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153355London Midland 350130Virgin 390136Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 ( City of Coventry )Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 to Manchester......Virgin 390136 at Stoke-on-TrentEast Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321Cross Country 220029East Midlands 153381East Midlands 153381Virgin 390141 ( 11.15 Manchester - London Euston )Virgin 390141Virgin 390141 arriving at Stoke-on-Trent.......hanley town hallhanley town hallFirst PMT 32649Misty atmospheric treesMisty atmospheric treesCopelands MIB118 at HanleyArriva 2974First PMT 65727 at Hanley bus station....First PMT 63177First PMT 63177First PMT 65727 at Hanley bus station...D+G Buses 41Barratt'sFirst PMT 67156Wint's CoachesFirst PMT 37157Wint's CoachesWint's CoachesFirst PMT 65038FromAutumn  to WinterFirst PMT 67650Bennett'sBennett'sBennett'sNutty SquirrelD+G Buses 2 ( Hanley )First PMT 67651  ( Hanley )First PMT 67651  ( Hanley )Better get home before it gets darkUK - Staffordshire - Trentham - Trentham Gardens - Christmas treeUK - Staffordshire - Barlaston - Wedgwood Museum - Shop - Plate dragonUK - Staffordshire - Barlaston - Wedgwood Museum - Shop - Christmas baubleUK - Staffordshire - Barlaston - Wedgwood Museum - Plate mosaic of Josiah WedgwoodUK - Staffordshire - Barlaston - Wedgwood Museum - Statue of Josiah WedgwoodUK - Staffordshire - Barlaston - Wedgwood Museum - Willow sculpture - Jug /  coffee pot ?Reaching out  for the blue skyTrees Light and ShadowsDaffs But  not  yetSitting on the fenceHello down thereKatkins  and LightFirst PMT 32647Going UndergroundDAF XF,Reid Freight.Meaford Power Station No 4 'Clive' (Andrew Barclay 486) 0-6-0DHVirgin 390117Virgin 390117Virgin 390117First PMT 42553Virgin 390016 at Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390016 ( Virgin Champion )Cross Country 220019Cross Country 220019