A storm brewingThe Blue 2 - YX09FMMWestport LakesideSubway - Newcastle-under-LymeFirst PMT 67654 @ Tunstall...First PMT 65040Cross Country 221127Cross Country 221128Going Underground37407 and 37422 Stoke Junction 08/02/2018Kingfisher on my patchJohn SmithThe mighty John SmithTrees Light and ShadowsD+G Buses 186D+G Buses 112 @ Newcastle....D+G Buses 42@ Newcastle...D+G Buses 42@ Newcastle...Twenty to FourGreenBowerYellow/GreyVirgin 390130 ( Stoke-on-Trent )Virgin 390130Northern 323239 @ Stoke-on-Trent.....Northern 323239Cross Country 220013First PMT 67154DWPDWPPotteries Heavy HaulageP A ArcherJames LynchTDR Heavy HaulageB J WatersD & A RheadUnknown HaulierSpiers & HartwellALEALELego Director Orson KrennicIMG_5184IMG_5179IMG_5173Cross Country 220013Cross Country 220013D+G Buses 1 @ Hanley....First PMT 37146First PMT 67651First PMT 67656Trident,Scania, Mercedes and BovaPort Vale 2 Cambridge United 0Bigfoot tooBigfootNot a BirdSpitting Feathers!Virgin 390010 ( 12.20 London - Manchester )Virgin 390010 @ Stoke-on-Trent...Virgin 390010 ( New Look )Cross Country 221133Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Virgin 390118Welcome to...Outside Vale ParkAway Stand, Vale ParkView of the gameI can never resist another moon shot!January 23rd 2018 - Project 365Cross Country 2211332989 (E989 VUK)Canal side potTake 2 of the lookoutWest Midlands 350373West Midlands 350373First PMT 67154 @ Stoke....First PMT 63173 @ Stoke...SibcasB LakinVirgin West Coast 390123 1A29 1135 Manchester Piccadilly - London Euston.  Stoke On Trent.  19th January 2018First PMT 32647First PMT 32647Stoke StationCross Country 220026Cross Country 220026Cross Country 221121Cross Country 221121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....Virgin 390045Virgin 390045Virgin 390045UBBERLEY {tCG} [2] (25 Devonshire Sq, Bentilee, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST2 0ES) {cp} Jan18ABBEY HULTON {tCG} [2] (53-55 Abbots Rd, Leek, Staffs  ST2 8DU) {cp} Jan18BRADWELL {tCG} [2] (125 Hanbridge Ave, Bradwell, Staffs  ST5 8HX) {cp} Jan18CLAYTON, CLAYTON ROAD {tCG} (93 Clayton Rd, Clayton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 3NE {cp} Jan18FENTON {tCG} [2] (12-16 Christchurch St, Fenton, Staffs  ST4 3AD {cp} Jan18KEELINGS ROAD {tCG} [2] (Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST1 6PA) {cp} Jan18NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME {cp} [2] (1-2 Westbury Centre, Westbury Rd, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 4LY) {cp} Jan18The White SwanFirst PMT 67655D+G Buses 157Boathouse on Manor PoolHanley Cemetery, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.Ernest Harry SPENDERMark TAMSCootFirst PMT 32633 ( Hanley )First PMT 65040 ( Hanley )First PMT 63097 @ HanleyFirst PMT 42553 ( Hanley )First PMT 67151 ( Hanley )Home TimeLunch TimeFirst PMT 65035 @ Hanley...Brand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeBrand new:- on route for London on M6, StokeEscaping the showers: 2017 Freightliner from SouthamptonCarrion CrowNot a Widgeon.Stoke RobinA quick slurp.Bridge 127Wing WednesdayA5271 over the Trent & MerseyCranage HaulageS & J TransportBulk SolutionsDWPSsshhh!!!BV16PBOFirst PMT 65027First PMT 65027xNEWCASTLE UNDER LYME (7 Bradwell Lane, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 8NX) Jan18First PMT 32634Fairy in The Park HSSFirst PMT 67647 ( Hanley)First PMT 67655 ( 3 Hanley - Crewe )First PMT 41500 ( Newcastle )First PMT 66964First PMT 42553First PMT 425545045Harecastle South Tunnel April 1991First PMT 67157 @ Stoke....Virgin 390121 to Manchester....Virgin 390121Virgin 390121Virgin 390121 @ Stoke-on-Trent....Virgin 390121D+G Buses 40D+G Buses 40D+G Buses 40Monkey ForestMonkey ForestMonkey ForestFirst PMT 66852D+G Buses 186 ( Newcastle )D+G Buses 186 ( Newcastle )First PMT 66852Cross Country 221141Cross Country 221141 @ Stoke-on-TrentFirst PMT 32627 @ Newcastle...First PMT 32627 @ Newcastle...D+G Buses 186Hanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkHanly ParkTake OffRobinArriva 3693Arriva 3693London Midland 350130First PMT 65041First PMT 65041First PMT 63171D+G Buses 43D+G Buses 43London Midland 350374London Midland 350374London Midland 350374Cross Country 220029Cross Country 220029 @ Stoke-on-TrentCross Country 220029Cross Country 220029Northern 323227Northern 323227Northern 323227Cross Country 220027 @ Longport...Cross Country 220027 @ LongportMonarda 'Fishes'Canada GooseGreat Crested GrebeSplashThe Amazing Grace...Knob Head aka White Chinese Goose.Birds EyeSnoozing SwanlingTake one of me.Virgin 390008Virgin 390008Shoot This, Shutterbug!Winter's GripLast moon shot of the yearCross Country 220025Cross Country 220025London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108London Midland 350108SubwayJohn Ritchie 3John Ritchie 2John Ritchie 1Virgin 390131 at Stoke-on-Trent...Cross Country 220014East Midlands 153355 at Stoke-on-Trent...East Midlands 153355London Midland 350130Virgin 390136Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 ( City of Coventry )Virgin 390136Virgin 390136 to Manchester......Virgin 390136 at Stoke-on-TrentEast Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321East Midlands 153321Cross Country 220029East Midlands 153381East Midlands 153381Virgin 390141 ( 11.15 Manchester - London Euston )East Midlands 158863FLORENCE PARK {tCG} [2] (Belgrove Rd, Longton, Staffs  ST3 4NW  {cp} Jan18Harecastle South Tunnel No.1 Shaft Mar 1991