engine_driver_llangollen56135 Crewe Works November 1984DSC04824ATW 150252 CreweDRS 57301 CreweVirgin 43068 CreweArriva Trains Wales 175102 CreweBritish Railways D6700 Crewe Locomotive WorkshopsGreat Crested Grebe @ Winterley poolVirgin 221117 Crewe[1S25] 92044[2H47] 323231OOCL Express[6O16] 66063[0K33] 6803266525 66956 Freightliner390127 Virgin Trains68032 TPeXDistant Cement66747 G.B.R.f.350113 LNWrFlying Liner86259 Les Ross390123 Virgin Trains66572 Freightliner66572 Freightliner390008 Virgin Trains390157 Virgin Trains88007 DRS88007 DRS221109 Virgin Trains350255 LNWr350124 LNWr221112 221114 Virgin Trains350376 LNWr66106 ChorltonStarry Starry NightIntercity 86224 CreweEWS 37426 CreweWest Coast Railway Company 47500 CreweMainline 37248 CreweRailfreight Distribution 47323 CreweVirgin 390008 CreweRegional Railways 305509 CreweIntercity 87034 & 90009 CreweCrewe Holding SidingsBR 37408 CreweFreightliner 86638 Crewe Basford Hall JunctionRegional Railways 37422 CreweRES 47624 Crewe319380 Northern319380 Northern47812 Rail Operations Group5690 Crewe Works R00355a D210bob DSC_002168026[1P93] 390117[9M52] 221102 + 221104[2F15] 319367DB/Arriva Trains Wales 67015 CreweDRS 37059 & 37218 CreweDB 90040 CreweBR 46035 CreweDRS 57002 & 57007 Crewe66175 at Crewe Basford Hall66 560 @ Nantwich on 1.9.18Water TankerMalbank CoachScrap Wood SculptureCreweCheshire Fire & Rescue Service (Crewe)Just passin' through GUVDB 92041 CreweWCR 57314 CreweDB 92039 CreweGBRf 73961 Crewe68032 Crewe R00350 D210bob 0F22  Crewe C.S. (L&Nwr Site) to Wavertree Jn R00350   DSC_0491319386 Crewe R00349 D210bob 2K32 0802 Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe DSC_0484BREL 87002 CreweCrewe Basford HallMainline 37248 CreweMainline running.5 in a row to HopeLetterbox Colas70817 Colas Railfreight70817 Colas RailfreightLetterbox Empty LogsThe New world orderContrasting Colours175005 Arriva Trains350231 LNWr175003 Arriva Trains390050 Virgin Trains68023 TPeX68023 TPeX390153 Virgin TrainsRunning to DittonBRITISH RAIL 3729847829 & 47853 Crewe170474 ex Scotrail150146 NorthernVirgin 57311 CreweIncoming Fugly70005 Freightliner642014 FEA-B642039 FEA-B642016 FEA-B642045 FEA-B642027 FEA-B66589 Freightliner66589 FreightlinerArriva Trains Wales 150251 at CreweQuad Sheds.Crewe bound sheds.Cropper version of 37116 and 97304.Northern 323239 Crewe66768 passing Basford HallBack at Crewe66175 passing Crewe Basford Hall66564 FreightlinerHQAG 380003 Network RailHQAH 380104 Network Rail56113 56090 Colas RailFreightliner 86609 CreweNorthern 323239 Crewe153362 Arriva Trains Wales390156 Virgin Trains175004 Arriva Trains390010 Virgin Trains220014 220141 CrosscountryFreightliner 86639 CreweLondon Midland 350259 CreweGBRf 92033 Crewe31108 Crewe WorksCrewe Diesel DepotRed Green BlueGrey31459 Crewe31459 Crewe Works31459 Crewe31459 CreweD5705 Crewe WorksD5705 Crewe Works153357 and 350116General Motors JT42CWR Co-Co  6617520154 Crewe Works47815 and friends. Crewe20180721_IMG_606620180721_IMG_6001Canal BridgeCanal Toe PathAcorn knopper gall waspA Vitamin C BushAndricus quercuscalicis - Acorn knopper gall wasp390118 at Crewe 1H70 15:40 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly - 21/8/18All Square at Crewe150146 NorthernThe Media RoomPic 1Pic 2Big Cat Safari123Fungus TreeStriata Insectorum, et maculosumI started that!Great Crested Grebe @ Winterley poolCreweCreweCreweCreweCreweCreweLondon NorthWestern Railway 350235 CreweBR 08647 Crewe Works345048BR 92019 CreweClass 60's, Class 47's & a Class 08 Crewe Diesel Depot (Former)Track CheckCreweCreweOR0Q0055CreweCreweCrewe319372CreweWCRC 57601 Crewe156403 CreweD213DRS 68007 CreweDRS/Northern Belle 57312 Crewe90043 at CreweIMG_20180904_161832Network Rail 97303 CreweNetwork Rail 43014 Crewe2018-09-03_11-23-28Deltic Power Units stored at Crewe Diesel Depot 02.09.201870000 [Britannia] Crewe Diesel Depot 02.09.20181733 Crewe Diesel Depot 02.09.201866562 Freightliner68026 TPeX68026 TPeX68026 TPeX side 368026 TPeX side 268026 TPeX side 1Shrewsbury bound wagons56078 Colas RailfreightThat time of the year againIncoming RHTT wagons73965_Crewe73962_Crewe33008 Crewe Hertitage Centre33029 Crewe Hertitage Centre33057 Crewe Hertitage Centreches - class 47 in crewe diesel depot JLches - 47125 crewe diesel depot JLches - damaged class 37 crewe diesel depot JLNetwork Rail 97302 CreweDRS 57304 CreweArriva 150237 Crewe37248 CreweDRS 47802 & 47813DRS 57311 & 4777347769, 47840, 47843, 47847EWS 90020 & DBS 90018 & 66008Crewe bound Grids56090 Colas RailfreightHQAH 380105 Network RailHQAJ 380302 Network RailBrushing pastEast Midlands Trains 153374 Crewe220002 Crosscountry220032  CrosscountryD5054 Crewe WorkshopsD5054 Crewe Workshops20308 Crewe68020 [Reliance] Crewe Gresty Bridge TMD 03.08.2018CreweCreweCreweCreweCREWE (32 Mill St, Crewe, Cheshire  CW2 7AN) {NBC} May18CREWE (Middlewich St, Crewe, Cheshire  CW1 4EA) {NBC} May1820180721_IMG_5965Shiny things money can get for you, if you like that sort of thing.