Black Necked Grebeaidtog-snowrudyard-blizzardrudyard-boats-blizzardrudyard-brightstartFirst PMT 67651 @ Tunstall...Black Necked Grebe at Westport LakeSigns of springDRS 37069 - 37059 @ AlsagerDRS 37069 - 37059 @ AlsagerDRS 37069 - 37059 @ AlsagerColas Rail DR73923 @ AlsagerCaldon Canal, Stockton BrookDismal dawn!Life begins at 40Line up of coaches at Stantons of Stoke67012 @ Kidsgrove66721 @ KidsgroveFirst PMT 37159First PMT 37159First PMT 65729First PMT 37159Splendour of Biddulph Grange. Staffordshire.  Jan 2018Biddulph Grange. Country Park (01). Staffordshire. Jan 2018[NT] Biddulph Grange Garden. Tempted By The Entrance. Jan 2018HilltopShower323229 @ Longport350102 @ KidsgroveCourting GrebesColas 56094 @ KidsgroveChatterley dawnGreat Crested GrebeSnowLake3Bottle KilnChatterley headstocksFirst PMT 67648Mow Cop, Feb 2018 (4)Mow Cop, Feb 2018 (21)Mow Cop, Feb 2018 (10)Woodland Tales...Frozen Lake...Chance to get a line up of most of the minibuses at Stantons of Stoke new depotLunch_01Lunch_04Lunch_03Lunch_02Enchanting realityIcyShe hates the snowArt deco style repairsIcySnowy gardensBad timingColdWinter snowsSleepy dachshundShhh...its only me.Winter streamsEast Midlands Trains 153379 @ KidsgroveEast Midlands Trains 153379 @ KidsgroveEast Midlands Trains 153379 @ Kidsgrove67027 67027 Colas 67027 Colas 67027 IrisWinter FlowReflections of ChinaCopelands MIB229...Chatterley WhitfieldDSCF3534.1DSCF3546-Edit.1AwaitingDSCF3516SnowdropsDSCF3558-2StickPredatorLandOwnerLock 46Westport LakesideCleaned up caseRe-polished case.Stained and ready for polish.New veneersNew LifeFirst PMT 67654Brick And TimberFirst PMT 53155 @ TunstallCopelands MIB229Copelands MIB229Copelands MIB22947804 37669 @ Red Bull Nr Kidsgrove47804 37669 @ Red Bull Nr KidsgroveLake Rudyard, StaffordshireWinter walkWinter walkCompleted writing boxOn going workWindowWindowWindowWindow88001 Alsager 1002201837407 - 37422 @ Alsager37407 - 37422 @ AlsagerCucurbitaJust when you thought it was safe...Silhouette (b/w)SillhouetteNice little tilt top tableWrapped up warmDoctor WhoFinished baby chaisePotteries Heavy HaulageSquirrel, Knypersley Reservoir, May 2016 (7)Squirrel, Knypersley Reservoir, May 2016 (17)Squirrel, Knypersley Reservoir, May 2016 (12)Squirrel, Knypersley Reservoir, May 2016 (11)Squirrel, Knypersley Reservoir, May 2016Virgin 390005 @ KidsgroveVirgin 390005 @ KidsgroveCrossCountry 221121 @ KidsgroveNearly thereShaping the armsLittle chaise.Small music box caseOld repairsEast Midlands Trains 153381 @ KidsgroveEast Midlands Trains 153381 @ KidsgroveCrossCountry 221139 @ KidsgroveCrossCountry 221139 @ KidsgroveKidsgrove Train Station - SignCrossBeneath the Yew TreesBigfoot tooBigfootNot a BirdSpitting Feathers!Panorama of Vale ParkWelcome to...Away Stand, Vale ParkView of the gameWriting box repairs23rd of September 2017Canal side potBridge323rd of September 2017DescentLyingInWaitOne million and two views.ABBEY HULTON {tCG} [2] (53-55 Abbots Rd, Leek, Staffs  ST2 8DU) {cp} Jan18BRADWELL {tCG} [2] (125 Hanbridge Ave, Bradwell, Staffs  ST5 8HX) {cp} Jan18ENDON, LEEK ROAD {tCG} (138-140 Leek Rd, Endon, Staffs  ST9 9EW) {cp} Jan18KEELINGS ROAD {tCG} [2] (Keelings Rd, Northwood, Stoke on Trent, Staffs  ST1 6PA) {cp} Jan18The White SwanBentley in a scrap yardMill Street.Mill blockBattered bits of old pewIMG_20180114_125016IMG_20180114_125026STOPCootHome TimeSummer flowersBiddulphLizzie on a drive.Finished Lizzie in the workshopCarrion CrowStoke RobinA quick slurp.Wing WednesdayBridge 127BV16PBOIMG_20180107_123232IMG_20180107_115856Rocks at Mow CopTake OffRobinGreat Crested GrebeSplashThe Amazing Grace...Knob Head aka White Chinese Goose.Birds EyeSnoozing SwanlingTake one of me.Virgin 390008Virgin 390008Onward, into the mistHigh On A HillDRS 37069 - 37059 @ AlsagerColas Rail DR73923 @ AlsagerColas Rail DR73923 @ Alsagerwinter streamMow Cop, Feb 2018 (11)Mow Cop, Feb 2018 (31)Town WoodRudyard miniature railway, StaffordshireIMG_20180128_133822IMG_20180128_133817IMG_20180128_133814IMG_20180128_133752IMG_20180128_133802TranquilityFungus!IMG_20180114_135012IMG_20180114_134954IMG_20180114_134751IMG_20180114_134949IMG_20180114_134740IMG_20180114_134336IMG_20180114_134328IMG_20180114_134318IMG_20180114_134311IMG_20180114_134227IMG_20180114_134222IMG_20180114_132921IMG_20180114_132918IMG_20180114_125220Fire and BrimstoneWire woolFire in the HoleLizzie at the car washStone seat at Biddulph Grange Country parkLizzie watchingTurningsMusic box repairsStool to repairDecember sunriseA5271 over the Trent & MerseyxNEWCASTLE UNDER LYME (7 Bradwell Lane, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs  ST5 8NX) Jan18IMG_20180107_121306Walking companion!Spring sunshine over the Staffordshire MoorsRosebay WillowherbRosebay WillowherbHarecastle South Tunnel April 1991Cross Country 220027 @ Longport...Cross Country 220027 @ LongportShoot This, Shutterbug!Astbury Mere, CongletonBrown Lees Methodist Church 2Brown Lees Methodist Church 1