Papplewick 1940's WeekendNow you see it, now you don'tStagecoach AD Enviro 200 36511 FX12BOU - MansfieldTrent Barton AD Enviro 200MMC 161 YX66WML - MansfieldTrent Barton AD Enviro 200MMC 156 YX66WME - MansfieldMeanwhile, here on Planet EarthStagecoach AD Enviro 200 36516 FX12BTV - MansfieldStagecoach AD Enviro 200 36121 FX10AFJ - MansfieldStagecoach AD Enviro 300 27184 SL64HXT - MansfieldStagecoach AD Enviro 300 27185 SL64HXU - MansfieldStagecoach Dennis Trident 18122 YN04KGF - MansfieldStagecoach Dennis Trident 18316 YN05XNG - MansfieldFramedYou can't get the staff these daysJapanese garden at Newstead AbbeyJapanese gardenTrent Barton AD Enviro 200MMC 159 YX66WMJ - MansfieldTrent Barton Scania L94UB 611 FJ03VVZ - MansfieldTrent Barton Optare Versa 813 YJ12PHY - MansfieldTrent Barton Scania L94UB 670 FJ55AAE - MansfieldTrent Barton Optare Solo 455 FE02KFA - MansfieldNational Express Johnson Bros Volvo B9R FJ12FXA - MansfieldNational Express Silverdale Volvo B11RT BX16CJO - MansfieldJohnson Bros Ford YJ06YRA - MansfieldEast Midlands Trains Class 153s 153381 & 153313 - MansfieldSkills Coaches Volvo Olympian S457ATV - MansfiledNewstead Abbey courtyardNewstead Abbey from the gardensNewstead Abbey, side viewNewstead Abbey, side view1940's ReenactmentPapplewick 1940's WeekendPapplewick 1940's WeekendPapplewick 1940's Weekend316/365 RemembranceEn.light.en.mentPapplewick 1940's WeekendEmperor DragonflyPapplewick 1940's WeekendIndian Heart1940's ReenactmentPapplewick 1940's Weekend_GSD9759_GSD9762_GSD9775_GSD9776_GSD9777_GSD9781_GSD9785_GSD9790_GSD9795_GSD9818_GSD9819_GSD9826_GSD9828_GSD9832_GSD9834_GSD9836_GSD9844_GSD9853_GSD9861_GSD9862_GSD9865_GSD9876_GSD9881_GSD9896_GSD9900_GSD9915_GSD9918_GSD9931_GSD9932_GSD9936_GSD9944_GSD9946_GSD9952_GSD0002_GSD0012_GSD0014_GSD0023_GSD0039_GSD0055_GSD0057_GSD0088_GSD0117_GSD0136_GSD0171_GSD0219_GSD0229_GSD0279_GSD0298_GSD0317_GSD0391_GSD0421_GSD0505_GSD9637_GSD9642_GSD9644_GSD9647_GSD9652_GSD9656_GSD9659_GSD9663_GSD9667_GSD9672_GSD9679_GSD9682_GSD9683_GSD9685_GSD9686_GSD9687_GSD9692_GSD9694_GSD9696_GSD9700_GSD9703_GSD9706_GSD9709_GSD9727_GSD9738_GSD9741_GSD97501940's Reenactment - Bluebrird BellesClipstone CollieryProjekt?Papplewick 1940's Weekend1940's ReenactmentPapplewick 1940's Weekendr7 windows nottinghamtimber alternative windowsflush casement windowsflush windows nottinghamflush windows calvertonresidence 7 windowsflush windows west Bridgfordflush casement windows nottingham1940's Reenactment1940's ReenactmentPapplewick 1940's WeekendPapplewick 1940's WeekendPapplewick 1940's WeekendIMG_8959IMG_8958IMG_8957IMG_8954IMG_8953IMG_8951IMG_8943IMG_8927IMG_8930IMG_8929IMG_8925IMG_8924IMG_8921IMG_8919IMG_8918IMG_8913IMG_8911IMG_8909IMG_8907IMG_8904IMG_8902IMG_8901IMG_8895IMG_8894IMG_8889East Midland RMIMG_8876IMG_8875IMG_8871On reflectionThere is no timeLamentBlowing in the windInktober - day 12Inktober Day 11Newstead Abbey, NottinghamshireNewstead Abbey, NottinghamshireNewstead Abbey, NottinghamshirePapplewick Pumping StationInktober - Day 10Day 9Ford Fiesta in UKDay 8Day 7Inktober 2017 - Day 6Inktober2017 - day 5It wasn't the path I'd planned but looks interesting so why not!It all looks the same out there!It all looks the same out there!There's our path!Fungus encrusted stumpFungus on a stumpA forest of trunks on an Autumn floor and Evie doing what she loves, exploring!Sunlight through the trees on the fernsA forest of trunks on an Autumn floorA forest of trunks on an Autumn floorPanoramic On the edge of the forestOn the edge of the forestEvie is enjoying herselfSeconds earlier three deer, one after another popped out of that stuff!A track in the forestAutumn tracks in Sherwood ForestAutumn tracks in Sherwood ForestAutumn tracks in Sherwood ForestThe Bird Stone, er, what DID happen in 1883?You could get lost, only it's only a mile across!Inktober Day 4Stagecoach East Midlands 18028 (MX53 FLH)Stagecoach East Midlands 18039 (MX53 FMC)Stagecoach East Midlands 36516 (FX12 BTV)Stagecoach East Midlands 18036 (MX53 FLV)Stagecoach East Midlands 36512 (FX12 BSO)Skills MX04VLZStagecoach East Midlands 36119 (FX10 AFE)Stagecoach East Midlands 18033 (MX53 FLN)Stagecoach East Midlands 22774 (FX09 DCO)Stagecoach East Midlands 18391 (YN55 ZZF)Inktober Day 3The end of the A38Day 2Day 1Haywood Oaks2017-10-02_06-10-172017-10-02_06-10-035D4_30595D4_30555D4_3053IMG_8946IMG_8940IMG_8941IMG_8933IMG_8898IMG_8897IMG_8893IMG_8892IMG_8891IMG_8887 (2)IMG_8880 (2)IMG_88822017-10-10_04-40-205D4_30625D4_3054