Reason to be cheerful. He's here!SundownGo and exploreFJIMG_20171114_123041 Biddulph Grange Country ParkFJIMG_20171114_122427 Biddulph Grange Country ParkFJIMG_20171114_115002 Pack of rescue CavsFJIMG_20171114_114957 Pack of rescue CavsFJIMG_20171114_113523 Biddulph Grange Country ParkFJIMG_20171114_113510 Biddulph Grange Country ParkFJIMG_20171114_113242 Biddulph Grange Country ParkFJIMG_20171114_122550 Biddulph Grange Country ParkJewellery boxesLined jewellery boxRestored Oak trunkInside the trunkSad looking Oak trunkAutumn in the Park, Congleton, CheshireNovember RainNewpool MeadowAraucaria araucanaBrown RatHandsome DrakeRiver DaneMucky DuckInformation BoardWater Drops6th of August 20176th of August 2017BoathouseGoldenElter Water from aboveNatural beautyBiddulp_Gardens_ 21 05-11-17.jpgNext job inDarkSkyPC_Church8th of July 20178th of July 2017Newpool Road8th of July 2017Marquetry frogFrog on a box8th of July 2017Lyneside RoadThe AvenueLeaded WindowFolly castle on top of Mow CopLady in period costume explaining herbs and spices from 16th centuryNarrowboat Brock on Macclesfield CanalI know what you're thinking.Knypersley bridgeBiddulph Valley Way 3Biddulph Valley Way 1Leather skiver in the writing boxWriting box repairsVictorian slidesMusic box lidAutumn bountyTurning walnut for music box feet.Marton--008.jpgMarton--007.jpgMarton--005.jpgMarton--003.jpgMarton--002.jpgMarton--001.jpgMarton--006.jpg3rd of July 2017YewViewWildernessCornerThe Macclesfield canal near BuglawtonFox&CubsRestoring the music box topBlowing in the windFinished music casesThe hairy caterpillarAlmost finishedVeneered panelMusic box caseFor restorationPolyphon music boxAutumnLeaves migrating for winterMGMow Cop CastleMark 1 Ford EscortE-TYPE Jaguar Tail LightsBentley EngineBritish Moris Cowley CarAC COBRABrown LeesAutumn (b/w)MagpieA walk around KnypersleyAutumnal woodland walk, Brereton, CheshireRestored Oak trunkKnypersley reservoir, StaffordshireBrindley Ford panorama 2Brindley Ford panorama 3Brindley Ford panorama 1Brindley Ford 1Brindley Ford 2Biddulp_Gardens_ 32 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 31 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 30 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 29 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 28 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 27 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 26 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 25 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 24 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 23 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 22 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 20 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 19 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 18 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 17 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 16 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 15 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 14 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 13 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 12 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 11 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 10 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 9 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 8 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 7 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 6 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 5 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 4 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 3 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 2 05-11-17.jpgBiddulp_Gardens_ 1 05-11-17.jpgPolyphonQuinceAutumn fungiCutting the box openPainting chairsTombsideLilyDuo8th of July 2017DSC_0798DSC_0797DSC_0795DSC_0796DSC_0794DSC_0792DSC_0793DSC_0790DSC_0791DSC_0789DSC_0788DSC_0787DSC_0786DSC_0785DSC_0784DSC_0783DSC_0782DSC_0781A summer strollHope these are for Halloween & not visitors who got lostNooks & crevicesGorgeous Chinese mapleSome of the beautiful dahlias along the dahlia walkMore tunnelsWhat you looking at??Little ChinaOne of the many tunnels at Biddulph Grange gardensBiddulph Grange HouseP1020560P1020561P1020554P1020558Looking towards Bosley cloudMagpie (b/w)KnypersleyCycle Route 55Biddulph Valley Way 2Brown Lees / Route 55Toyota MR2 Sports in UKRosewood writing box completedRosewood writing box completed.Route 55Astbury--004.jpgAstbury--002.jpgAstbury--001.jpgAstbury--003-2.jpgGawsworth--017.jpgGawsworth--016.jpgGawsworth--014.jpgGawsworth--062.jpgGawsworth--012.jpgGawsworth--011.jpgGawsworth--010.jpgGawsworth--009.jpgGawsworth--008.jpgGawsworth--007.jpgGawsworth--015.jpgLongShadowsPineFractalFallen treeNewpool TerraceLagonda CloseWildflower GardenLancia CloseAutumn fruit salad30th of June 2017MG Up CloseSunbeam Cars Hood OrnamentBehind the WheelBentley ClassBlue Ferrari DaytonaStandard 10 badgePristine Car EngineMorris Garages - MG MGBLamborghini UrracoPorsche's Line UpSunbeam Radiator and BadgeTR6The Rover VikingVolkswagen Karmann GhiaBritish Morgan Tail LightsBritish Morris 8 Hood OrnamentBritish Panther Convertable CarBritish Riley Motors Hood OrnamentMorgan in British Racing GreenImpecable Coach WorkOld Austin 100 Stearing WheelAustin Cars Hood Ornament1975 Ferrari 308 GTBA Veteran SurvivorGawsworth Old Tudor Hall - Cheshire, EnglandElaborate Old Letter Box20170811_123105Gawsworth New Hall - Cheshire, EnglandT-Bird EmblemT-Bird Tail LightsT-Bird with adjustable Steering WheelAn American Classic the ThunderbirdSunbeam Hood MascotOld MG GrillSimple but Functional designA survivor from a better managed timeA very British Car Park