3 Sheds on the tainer3 Sheds on the tainerTriple Sheds PowerDSC04824DSC04840DSC04833DSC04841Flippin' Eck66605 66619 Freightliner20180915_144631150281 150254 Arriva TrainsFrom Holyhead to Euston.390127 Virgin Trains68032 TPeXFlying Liner86259 Les Ross390123 Virgin Trains66572 Freightliner66572 Freightliner390008 Virgin Trains390157 Virgin Trains221109 Virgin Trains350255 LNWr350124 LNWr221112 221114 Virgin Trains350376 LNWr20180907_14595220180907_10514320180906_16484820180906_16371320180906_16364220180906_16362020180906_11085420180906_11091220180906_11023420180906_10515720180905_135021Vale Royal Locks Long ExposureMainline running.5 in a row to HopeIncoming Fugly70005 FreightlinerShrewsbury bound wagons642014 FEA-B642039 FEA-B642016 FEA-B642045 FEA-B642027 FEA-B56078 Colas RailfreightThat time of the year again66589 Freightliner66589 FreightlinerIncoming RHTT wagonsQuad Sheds.concentration ...drills & more drills ...training ...DSC_9829thumbs up ...NCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingNCVR TrainingFoden Alpha 2,Massey Brothers Ltd.Crewe bound Grids56090 Colas RailfreightHQAG 380003 Network RailHQAH 380104 Network RailHQAH 380105 Network RailHQAJ 380302 Network RailB and WRed Green BlueCanal BridgeCanal Toe PathAcorn knopper gall waspAndricus quercuscalicis - Acorn knopper gall waspA Vitamin C Bush26th of April 2018Rogue potato growing in harvested cornfield.Shaken, not stirred......26th of April 2018Waggtails Gundog Training School - SANDBACH (39 Middlewich Rd, Sandbach, Cheshire  CW11 1DH) {NBC} May18123Fungus TreeDive in!4wDH (RR 10194/1964) at Middlewich Salt Works with the KEG 'Sodium Saltcellar' tour.HOLMES CHAPEL {tCG} [2] (28 London Rd, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire  CW4 7AJ) {NBC} May18MIDDLEWICH ROAD {tCG} (249 Middlewich Rd, Rudheath, Cheshire  CW9 7DR) {cp} May18WINSFORD {tCG} (Wharton Rd, Winsford, Cheshire  CW7 3AP) {cp} May18WINSFORD {tCG} [totem] (Wharton Rd, Winsford, Cheshire  CW7 3AP) {cp} May18221117 Virgin Trains (West Coast)221105 (F) + 221117 (R) Virgin Trains (West Coast)Canna lily 'Tropicana Gold'Black-eyed Susan vineBuzzleiaDSC_2728DSC_2725DSC_2709Action on CancerIpomoea tricolorMorning Glory37099 Colas Railfreight37116 Colas RailfreightDSCF7871DSCF788547812 5N32 Holmes ChapelHazy BodysnatcherLeicester BoundTPeX 68029390006 Virgin Trains66706 G.B.R.f.Save Water - Shower With A Friend!Carlisle BoundCheshire BuzzardColourful CrocosmiasCrocosmia masoniorumIMG_9606Black Headed GullOff line excursionTiny WhiteConvolvulus arvensis2 Bees or not...Closeup dandelion bloomNew Bloom158957 Great Western RailwaySheds and a wagon.New territoryG-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM Lift-offG-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.G-NWEM North West Air Ambulance.20th of March 2018Todays Mystery Guest20th of March 2018Distant Cement88007 DRS20180907_16533620180907_16532920180907_15431020180906_13451120180906_13391120180906_13444320180906_13393320180906_13384520180906_13375720180905_151603Cropper version of 37116 and 97304.GreyIMG_20180813_135400Strret LifeWINSFORD (1-2 Over Square, Winsford, Cheshire  CW7 2JP0 {NBC} May18Reflection IIIELWORTH LAWTON WAY {tCG} (Lawton Way, Elworth, Cheshire  CW11 1TF) {NBC} May18HOLMES CHAPEL {tCG} [2b] (28 London Rd, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire  CW4 7AJ) {NBC} May18HOLMES CHAPEL PFS {tCG} (Middlewich Rd, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire  CW11 3EJ) {cp} May18Sunset on the lakePlanned stop at SandbachTPeX Coach 1J&G Garden - July 2018 - 17J&G Garden - July 2018 - 16J&G Garden - July 2018 - 15J&G Garden - July 2018 - 11J&G Garden - July 2018 - 10J&G Garden - July 2018 - 27J&G Garden - July 2018 - 26J&G Garden - July 2018 - 24J&G Garden - July 2018 - 23J&G Garden - July 2018 - 22J&G Garden - July 2018 - 19J&G Garden - July 2018 - 18J&G Garden - July 2018 - 08J&G Garden - July 2018 - 09J&G Garden July 208 - 03J&G Garden July 2018 - 01J&G Garden July 2018 - 02J&G Garden July 2018 - 04J&G Garden July 2018 - 05J&G Garden - July 2018 - 0766542 Freightliner66060 EWS66060 EWSCrossing over.66124 DB66060 EWS45690 Leander and 47746 WCRCAs I get older.47832 West Coast Railway66613 FreightlinerIt's a waiting game........Lapwing 01Lapwing 02Lapwing 0366418 FreightlinerBlade of GrassSeanHolmes ChapelWarblers BackWarbler in WillowTree HeronDanger of DeathDouble GatesPat Stirling and Dudley Foundation66952 Freightliner70014 Freightliner390043 Virgin Trains66545 Freightliner66589 Freightliner66589 FreightlinerThe TexterHolmes ChapelIMG_20180620_125527IMG_20180620_125420IMG_20180620_135213IMG_20180620_153609Holmes ChapelThe Old Hall, Sandbach.Salt SidingsMay The Force Be WindowA Drop Of What You FancyUnicorn PooSquare DayDelivery stock heads home.47812 ROGPrunella modularis20th of March 2018A SkipperAnother SkipperLadybirdsA Frog20th of March 2018Brunner Mond Saltworks War Memorial, Middlewich.Little PineapplesHay Wain