May The Force Be WindowA Drop Of What You FancyUnicorn PooSquare DayDistant duffs.Delivery stock heads home.47813 ROG47812 ROGPrunella modularis20th of March 201820th of March 2018Todays Mystery GuestAnother SkipperLadybirdsA Frog20th of March 2018Brunner Mond Saltworks War Memorial, Middlewich.20th of March 2018Little PineapplesHay Wain68027 68032 D.R.S.390129 Virgin TrainsCoalfish Galore66514 FreightlinerPathfinder GridPeco Grid66177 EWSSee you soon in Buxton350125 LNWr70011 Freightliner390123 Virgin Trains221115 Virgin TrainsDistant Desiro66766 G.B.R.f.66766 G.B.R.f.Dragging the cans.66545 86606 86608 Freightliner350260 LNWr88004 D.R.S.Nest Box Action_01Nest Box Action_03Nest Box Action_07Flasher in the Flashes.DSCF7058DSCF7063DSCF7068DSCF7076DSCF7108DSCF7129DSCF7133DSCF7141Fecal Sac (b)Fecal Sac (a)DSCF6935DSCF6962DSCF6989DSCF6992DSCF6995DSCF6998DSCF7004Female SparrowFemale Sparrow70008 Freightliner319378 Northern70008 Freightliner319369 Northern156487 Northern319363 Northern70003 FreightlinerLeft To My Own Devices..Female BlackbirdGoldfinchesGoldfinch37059 + 37259 D.R.S.68025 D.R.S.Awesome double tractors.37 667/ 610Passenger priority158840 Arriva Trains WalesApproaching Shed.Overtaking buddies.90049 Freightliner57305 Northern BelleCab Lights off...Coupled in harmony.Still waiting.Battered smoking sign.Container flow..Warming up319361 Northern86614 FreightlinerR.O.G. 37884, 37611 and 47812R.O.G. on Tour.............R.O.G. 37884, 37611 and 47812Job done, Heading home.......Irises coming into flowerLilac blossom in full bloomMaking orange marmaladeAlmost ready to bottleReady for the larderReflected BlossomReflected Plant-life.Yeowood Farm175106 Arriva TrainsA Red Kitefecal sacOak Tree for TeaTree Fungus 2Tree Fungus 1Double-Decker BusSpeckled Wood and Friend.Common WhitethroatGVWBlackcap FemaleWhitethroat 2319442 Northern319362 Northern350128 LNWr88007 D.R.S.88007 D.R.S.66593 Freightliner350128 LNWr390005 Virgin Trains68034 D.R.S.350116 LNWr350112 LNWr66547 Freightliner90049 90043 Freightliner90049 90043 Freightliner90049 90043 FreightlinerUnder and out, Daventry bound.Disappearing Tesco ExpressGreat Wall323225 Northern66763 G.B.R.f.66763 G.B.R.f.66549 Freightliner150205 NorthernA6-ECX Emirates150229 Arriva Trains Wales150260 150285 Arriva Trains Wales serviceLetterbox ElectricMiddlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (8)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (10)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (13)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (14)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (4)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (7)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (6)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (2)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (5)NYN 790  1953  Thorneycroft Trusty  B.R.S.  A50 CranageBridge 157BlossomBlossom in yer faceWhat time is it?Decorations?Stab.StatusTaco'sProblemNiceFacebookCondomWoman driverNKF 470F  1968  ERF LV  G Plant  A50 CranageELK 885J  1971  Scammell Trunker  Shell-BP  A50 CranageBTD 266L  1973  AEC Mandator  Blue Dart Transport  A50 Cranage476 BWR  1963  Leyland Super Comet  Ivor Owen  A50 CranageCMA 64S  1978  Leyland Clydesdale  Ivor Owen  A50 CranageGBH 455N  1972  Bedford TE  A50 CranageYAW 600K  1932  Foden S39  Direct Transport  A50 CranageEEX 336Y  1983  Volvo F10  Hanson Haigh   A50 Cranage39 GN  1976  Volvo F88  G.A. Newsome   A50 Cranage146 GLU  1963  Ford Thames Trader 75  Edwin Farrall  A50 CranageF12 GAN  Volvo F12  G.A. Newsome   A50 CranageWMP 514G  1969  Atkinson Mk1  Ambrose Wood  A50 CranageFJO 630Y  1983  Volvo  F616  Pauls Transport  A50 CranageCBG 21C  1965  Morris Minor  A50  CranageLYM 211D  1966  MG B  A50 CrangeLCK 562  1956  Bond Minicar135 XUF  1946  Willys Jeep  A50 CranageJNP 590C  1965  Albion Nimbus  Island Tours  A50 CranagePFR 727  1959  Commer/Karrier BF-Plaxton ex Abbots of Blackpool  A50 CranageBright Eyed and Blurry TailedBright Eyed and Bushy TailedSpeckled WoodBlooming rhododendrons323224 Northern319375 Northern319375 Northern66565 FreightlinerJNA 29057 NLUJNA 29129 NLUAnother heading home.MLA 503056JNA 29234 NLU66565 Freightliner66601 Freightliner158831 Arriva Trains Wales.153312 153367 158831 Arriva Trains Wales.153367 153312 Arriva Trains WalesHomeward bound66565 Freightliner9016.4 550059 9005.7 FlasksGoldfinches16th of March 201816th of March 2018DSC_0307MidgesFly (on) the FlagFirst GoslingsMore GoslingsCommon Carder158823 Arriva Trains Wales66152 DBSpring ridePreserved ERF C.I.5 Truck ELT538 21042018Whitfield Light Railway No. 3 “Kestrel” 2104201886259 Les Ross66505 FreightlinerDouble Electric SkodaMiddlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (12)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (11)Middlewich Canal Collapse, April 2018  (1)Spitting MagpieFTD 641  1943  ERF CI  F.R. Somerset  A50 RixtonMUE 990  1952  Leyland Comet 90   A50 CranageGAN 66S  1987  DAF 3300ATI  G.A.Newsome   A50 CranageV645 GAG  ERF EC11  Frank Lythgoe  A50 CranageMYJ 743  1962  ERF KV  P.S. Ridgway  A50 Cranage204 UXB  1961  Land Rover  A50  Cranage2 KTP  Scania S580  Kelsa  A50 CranageClass 03 no. D2150 at Middlewich Salt Works. 05/04/93.The abandoned teddy-bearNature's food store323233 Northern158831 Arriva Trains Wales66197 DB319375 NorthernJNA 29058 NLUJNA 29360 NLU66601 66623 Freightliner66623 FreightlinerHeading home.158819 Arriva Trains Wales