weir fallsA rainbow over the birches'One misty moisty morning ...'Magical misty morningDead bracken dripping in the mist - Autumncanal reflectionsForest_ChapelAfter the mist cleared  -  reflections on Macclesfield CanalBack on the right side.SundownBread anyone ?Teggs Nose QuarryThe view over to ShutlingsloeLast SundayLone treePrivateLandscapeGateTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkWincleA733UOEWildboarcloughSunshine round the cornerGuate and a Latte @guate_girls @nokguateBridge 46, Macclesfield Canal'Degged with dew ...'Reflections in the mistOut of the mistSheepishHovis Mill and marina, MacclesfieldBridge 34 at Hurdsfield Basin, Macclesfield CanalShadows -  Higher Fence Lane, MacclesfieldMoonshine and street lightStudy in brownHilltopTreesSunday morning Prestbury IICamera comparison at Fools Nook, MacclesfieldSunday morning PrestburyFocalPointNovember afternoonMarket Town, Market Place, Macclesfield, CheshireTombsideLilyDuoVillagePondStMarysDarkSkyCatching the afternoon sunlightAn autumnal glowMacclesfield through an 80 year old Box Brownie8th of July 2017..autumn arrives...Fourteen paths to enlightenmentPano of Macclesfield, Teggs Nose and Macclesfield ForestTrees 18th of July 2017Macclesfield CanalIveco Stralis,Billy Bowie TankersLight at the end of the tunnelA summer strollAfternoon sunlight - NT Alderley Edge (B+W version)Afternoon sunlight - NT Alderley EdgeLast of (these) Summer leavesBandstandAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkAutumn in South ParkFoden Alpha 1 Ballast Tractor,Tarmac Topmix Recovery.DAF CF,Vinyl Compounds Ltd.8th of July 2017Dale Brow CottageDale Brow CottageDale Brow Cottage8th of July 2017Now that Daddy is working from home I'm allowed in the study.  I like the colourful rug.IMG_20170823_155445IMG_20170823_155450High Peak Optare Solo 281 YJ11 EKVHigh Peak Optare Solo SR 280 YD63 VDEArriva North West Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mellor Strata 4708 LM17 WODArriva North West Optare Solo SR 702 MX12 KVUD&G Bus Optare Solo 139 YJ55 BHPHigh Peak Optare Solo SR 282 YD63 VFHHigh Peak Optare Solo 281 YJ11 EKVHigh Peak Optare Solo SR 295 YJ17 FVHUpon a carpet of gold and brownForest Chapel, Macclesfield Forest and Wildboarclough, CheshireOrange Sun over Macclesfield prior to remnants of Hurricane OpheliaMy 'Newest' camera66058 Macclesfield 15102017HillsideToRoyHillCrestDawn - Macclesfield Canal with Sutton Hall on the rightSundownArriva NW LM17WOHArriva NW LM17WOHArriva NW LM17WOHHigh Peak YJ15AMOArriva Sapphire MX61AUOArriva Sapphire MX61AUOArriva Sapphire MX61AUOArriva NW MX12KVS66 058 at Macclesfield on 11th October 2017Football 1925 styleMacclesfield's enigmatic Greenway Cross: Why - unknown; When - unknownLife Links Cheshire East Community Outreach Vehicle DK57CCU 27082017A&P Travel OO14APT 27082017Bollin Valley FreightRedwillow Wreckless Pale Ale - near Macclesfield, UKThe Dark Peak living up to its nameContainers in The Valley - reduxPendolino in The ValleyRoy McCarthy YA65BMZ 17082017Cheshire under a grey skyD&G Bus 40 (YX09FMG) 02082017Sunset Sutton nr Macclesfield, CheshireAutumn reignsOld Window (271/365)Oi !! Where's my privacy ?Padgate 40-600-240Padgate 40-600-238Padgate 40-600-239Padgate 40-600-236Padgate 40-600-235Padgate 40-600-234Padgate 40-600-232Padgate 40-600-233Padgate 40-600-231Padgate 40-600-230Padgate 40-600-229Padgate 40-600-227Padgate 40-600-228Padgate 40-600-237SharpCurveA 'Cheeky' visitor to my bird feederWhere else can you buy a stuffed zebra?Cigar box guitarsDog tired!Bollards at The Crossingthree shires head 3E-TYPE Jaguar Tail LightsForest_Chapel Exteriorridgegateres-symPathRootsTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkMacclesfield canal  Macclesfield to Fools Nook _15TreeLineTwilight in the ForestOldGoldARRIVA NORTH WEST 4707 LM17 WOBHIGH PEAK BUSES 282 YD63 VFHLamb Ribs, Windmill InnDale Brow CottageDale Brow CottageDale Brow CottageIMG_20170823_121550IMG_20170823_121600High Peak Optare Solo SR 285 YJ15 AYAArriva Sapphire Wright Pulsar 2 VDL SB200 2932 MX09 EKMArriva Sapphire Wright Pulsar 2 VDL SB200 2936 MX09 EKRLooking towards Bosley cloud66185 Macclesfield 15102017Blaze Farmyard.Marton--008.jpgMarton--007.jpgMarton--005.jpgMarton--003.jpgMarton--002.jpgMarton--001.jpgMarton--006.jpgGawsworth--019.jpgGawsworth--018.jpgGawsworth--017.jpgGawsworth--016.jpgGawsworth--014.jpgGawsworth--062.jpgGawsworth--012.jpgGawsworth--011.jpgGawsworth--010.jpgGawsworth--009.jpgGawsworth--008.jpgGawsworth--007.jpgGawsworth--004.jpgGawsworth--003.jpgGawsworth--001.jpgGawsworth--015.jpgBirtles--004.jpgBirtles--003.jpgBirtles--002.jpgBirtles--001.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--007.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--006-2.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--005.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--004.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--002.jpgRainow-Holy Trinity--001.jpgArriva North West 4708 (LM17WOD) 27082017Arriva North West 4704 (LM17WOA) 27082017Higher Lane, Kerridge.Arriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) 0908201739 of 52 trig pointsBlaze FarmApproaching bridge 28, near Adelphi Mill.Tree+HorseGreenCoilSeptemberDayBrightLightMG Up CloseMark 1 Ford EscortSunbeam Cars Hood OrnamentBehind the WheelBentley ClassBentley EngineBlue Ferrari DaytonaStandard 10 badgePristine Car EngineMorris Garages - MG MGBLamborghini UrracoPorsche's Line UpSunbeam Radiator and BadgeTR6The Rover VikingVolkswagen Karmann GhiaBritish Morgan Tail LightsBritish Moris Cowley CarBritish Morris 8 Hood Ornament