A Christmas TableauRestricted visibilityEggshell - HMMSt George's Parish Church (redundant), High Street, Macclesfield20181208_09511720181208_09511020181208_095104Hulme Hall Volvo B10M-61 515VTB - MacclesfieldHeritage Centre, MacclesfieldGood views of sunsets from these cottages ...DredgeBargeMisty morning, MacclesfieldStriationsDangleSpatteredThinBlueLinePortalDecember3pmDetritusFlowRed/BlueLowLightMinuteOrTwoIn the wet (and thru' the wet windscreen)!Macclesfield forest and cowsEngine or pump20181124_10005320181124_10003620181124_100047Sky study - cloudSky study - sunsetSky study - sunset sky on fireSky study - sunsetSky study - sunsetThe old oak tree by the hollow trackWhere the street has no name, Macclesfield.First autumnChurch Side, Macclesfield.Arboreal dancersMassed Larches ...A crossing of the paths in Macclesfield ForestBeachers Coaches YJ04BYG 30092018Voel Coaches PE12OXF 30092018bVoel Coaches PE12OXF 30092018aMiddletons Tours YJ06LGC 30092018Macclesfield Sunday SchoolFormer Macclesfield Arms Hotel108 stepsfancy crownFallen angelsMacclesfield Market Place with Town Hall and St Michael'sMerediths Coaches BU16GXZ 22092018WildboarcloughRidge after ridge to Sutton Common/Croker HillAnd the light shone through the darkness ...Great White EgretNT Alderley EdgeFlowing Pearl WebPrivate DuxfieldSaturday nightsArriva North West 4106 (CX55EAP) 03092018bArriva North West 4106 (CX55EAP) 03092018a66051 RHTT Macclesfield 0411201866050 RHTT Macclesfield 0411201820181103_080011In low afternoon sunshine ...Rock n'RollerFiddle FactorI'm Lovin' itBullocks Lane, Macclesfield with Autumn ColoursRoadsideRowanSutton, Macclesfield....sheep enjoying the revived grass after the drought..My youngest Grandchild Khaliah20181019_160351Construction reflecting - 'The Bridges' development, MacclesfieldG-Line Holidays YJ18BCK 26082018MacclesfieldHigh Peak 294High Peak 294 @ Macclesfield.High Peak 294High Peak 294High Peak 282Arriva 2934Arriva 2934Arriva 2934Arriva 4491  ( Sapphire )Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015  @ Macclesfield.Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015Cross Country 220015Arriva 2934Arriva 2934  ( 130 Macclesfield - Manchester )Arriva 2934   ( Sapphire )Virgin 390157Virgin 390157Arriva 700Cross Country 221124 @ Macclesfield.Cross Country 220015High Peak 282 @ Macclesfield.High Peak 282High Peak 258High Peak 258High Peak 293Macc TownMacc TownMacclesfield Forest, Cheshire East, UKSelwyns @ Macclesfield.Selwyns @ Macclesfield.High Peak 282 @ Macclesfield.The Chines Marbles0610BH0611BHMacclesfieldMacclesfieldMacclesfieldMacclesfieldAvonrepavon congletonavon leekMacclesfieldMacclesfieldMacclesfieldMacclesfield20180601_14541620180601_15285020180601_15292320180601_15285920180601_15293320180601_15395120180601_16060420180601_16054220180601_175156Violas enjoy full bloomMacclesfieldBullocks Lane crosses over the Macclesfield Canal in Sutton.Pickford Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UKWalker Barn, Peak District0N5A3585bOld Ford House - PrestburyThe Plague StoneFirst shades of autumnStonewall...afternoon shower passing over Sutton, Macclesfield.....Sutton , Macclesfield ....cows enjoying the cool after the drought..........Sutton, Macclesfield, UK.. ..wildflowers ignore boundaries...HedgePats Coaches SJ04KAX 24072018Preserved Western SMT T2218 (NAG124G) 24072018Roy McCarthy Coaches Depot 23072018bRoy McCarthy Coaches Depot 23072018aBusybus OU12DVJ 23072018cBusybus OU12DVJ 23072018aArriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) 20072018High Peak Buses 284 (YD63VEW) 20072018Glovers of Ashbourne AIG7450 1707201820180825_09590028th of April 2018Macclesfield Canal at SuttonArriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) & 4708 (LM17WOD) 05072018bArriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) & 4708 (LM17WOD) 05072018aJones Coaches GJZ9550 05072018Leah....fields returning from straw to green as more rain after the drought promised in Sutton outside Macclesfield, UK...BROKEN CROSS [2] (124 Broken Cross, Macclesfield, Cheshire  SK11 8TZ) {NBC} May1820180811_115519MACCLESFIELD WEST PARK DRIVE {tCG} (West Park Drive, Macclesfield  SK10 3GR) {cp} May18THORNTON SQUARE {tCG} [2] (Thornton Square, 182 Thornton Ave, Macclesfield, Cheshire  SK11 7XZ) {cp} May18On NT Alderley EdgeArriva North West 2951 (MX09LXW) 30062018Deep In Thought.  341.365DualMeshRed/GreenAutumn EveningPrivate MortonGuardsman BartonPrivate BeardPrivate WilsonPrivate GibbonPrivate BirchLance Cpl RedfernPrivate JacksonPrivate WrightTrooper BeardmoreHolmeswood Coaches PO18FDA 19092018High ProfileBottom Of The ClassAutumn in Sutton, Macclesfield, UK with variable weather...The Silk town Kings Gaol for 460 years.Langley, MacclesfieldLangley, MacclesfieldLangley, Macclesfield ForestRowan:ImpressionHilltopTegg's NoseMorning ride along the Macclesfield canal20100107-001uk20100107-002uk20100107-003ukstyperson poolContrails PrestburyTrain in The Top FieldsPriests HouseIMG_20181006_154542IMG_20181006_100702IMG_20181006_144919Virgin 390115Virgin 390115 @ Macclesfield.Bollin MewsMacclesfieldMacclesfieldBridge Hotel GardenFord HouseSevenStandingShutlingsloeBrunswick Hill MacclesfieldFridge WisdomPeek-a-BooOnTrackLeah..covered in pollen..MACCLESFIELD [2] (25 High St, Macclesfield, Cheshire  SK11 8BR) {NBC} May18IVYMEADE {tCG} [2] (Ivy Rd, Ivymeade, Macclesfield, Cheshire  SK11 8NA) {cp} May18 )