Paradise Mill, MacclesfieldArriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) 4708 (LM17WOD) & 4707 (LM17WOB) 01012018Arriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) & 4708 (LM17WOD) 01012018Arriva North West 4707 (LM17WOB) & 4708 (LM17WOD) 01012018Arriva North West 702 (MX12KVU) 01012018Arriva North West 702 (MX12KVU) 4706 (LM17WOH) 4708 (LM17WOD) & 4707 (LM17WOB) 01012018CurvedCrossOldRectoryMoon and fenceA tree lined path at DumkinsMinn-End Lane might as well be called Dancing young birch-treeTegg's Nose againThis is England - A Derbyshire WinterSnowline ShutlingslowBack at Tegg's Nose Country Park for the Gristone Trail day 2Old sign for Tegg's Nose Country ParkView from the car park at Tegg's Nose Country ParkGritstone Trail signpostMacclesfieldAnother Tegg's Nose Country Park signTegg's Nose Country Park stonePath in Tegg's Nose Country ParkOld rockfaceOld quarrying machineryAnother dramatic rockfaceTegg's Nose TrailRocks and a bench with a viewHouses down belowThe path leading out of the country parkThe odd one is crookedStile and stormcloudsYou are now entering the Peak National Park7MileViewMorning light - Buxton Road, MacclesfieldMacclesfield Train Station (1960)Macclesfield Town Hall (built 1823, enlarged 1871)Sunlight, bursting through ...SwampLandRedLinesVirgin Pendolino, Macclesfield, January 2018The Rising SunNot a Round ManholeIntersectionsTangle/BlueNetherworldRoutemaster 4 Hire RM548 (SVS618) 09122017Arriva North West 2612 (CX56CEJ) 30122017Arriva North West 4106 (CX55EAP) 22122017Arriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) 22122017Beachers Coaches YJ04BYG 17122017'And the moon comin' out in the gloamin ...'Power for digital photographyFemale Tufty ReflectionIn Macclesfield ForestHarropdale old trackArriva Dennis Dart 1163 M163WKA - MacclesfieldArriva Dennis Dart SLF 868 X218JOF - Macclesfield365 Project 2017-277Over the hurdleUp the muddy hillGet up that slope!Mottram St Andrew RideLooking West..The Budding Photographer..On Top Of The World!'Sheep may safely graze ...' - Take IIPott Shrigley churchyard'Sheep may safely graze ..'Macclesfield rurality at Bridge 36 Macclesfield CanalMacclesfieldMacclesfield Forest: larch and pine treesMacclesfield Forest: misty valley with colourful larch treesMy wife & partner of over 35 yearsCold and lonelyWinter evening - Park House FarmIn The MistA Light Dusting of SnowCold Light of DayRecycling?NetworkClarence Mill, BollingtonThe bridge aslant ...AllgreaveShutlingsloeTall trees on a November morning - Whiteley Green, MacclesfieldClarence Mill, Bollington, Cheshire EastFisherman's Retreatweir fallsMagical misty morningcanal reflectionsAfter the mist cleared  -  reflections on Macclesfield CanalSundownBread anyone ?390042 390137 Macclesfield 19112017The view over to Shutlingsloe66067 Macclesfield RHTT 1911201766066 221131 Macclesfield 19112017Last SundayLone treePrivateLandscapePathGateWildboarcloughSunshine round the cornerGuate and a Latte @guate_girls @nokguate201800992018009720180078VRGrazing GeeseFarm overlooking Tegg's Nose, Cheshire Peak District, UK'Reach for the sky'View from Kerridge HillLook!  A quarry!Another view from Kerridge HillA view of Rainow from the top of Kerridge HillRainowWoodland walking nowThe rolling fields of CheshireAh, the Buxton New RoadI am unclear quite why I took this photoTegg's Nose Country Park in the distanceMacclesfield in the distanceWalker Barn Methodist ChurchSnow on ShutlingsloeWhite NancyFirst glimpse of White NancyTree and a gate near BollingtonRather battered looking Gritstone Trail sigh in BollingtonA rather nice bridgePublic footpath to WHITE NANCYView of Bollington from White NancyI ❤ MCR on White NancyWorker bee on the back of White NancyLima Clough from RainowlowKingsHeadMacclesfield v Torquay20172508-220182947When Royalty visits Macclesfield20182896D&G Bus 50 (YJ08PJV) 24122017Blue Sky Coaches L99BSC 17122017BE Davies Coaches GIG7078 17122017Coach Trips To Macclesfield's Treacle Market 17122017White Nancy 50Migrating GeeseSurrealTreeMisty morning at Ridgegate Reservoir, Macclesfield ForestMacclesfield Railway StationA way to beyondGullyPathSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonSt James & St Paul, MartonTo push or to carry?Obstacle timeCyclo Cross startYoungsters' podium gloryJuniors tackling a cyclo cross courseRunning Up That HillAnnie Simpson triumphsOf mud and menPodium timeCrimson TideOn the outside looking inFog and Chill...Market Place, Macclesfield, England, UKPrestbury StationPrestbury StationTrack Access PointCanalside HeronRiver from the roadMarket Place, Macclesfield in night Fog and Mist...LeahMacclesfield Forest: cormorants on Ridgegate ReservoirMacclesfield Forest: cormorants on Ridgegate ReservoirMacclesfield Forest: Ridgegate ReservoirMacclesfield Forest: Tegg's NoseMacclesfield Forest: Initials of James Bulluck in his ruined house wallMacclesfield Forest: Memorial to WW Bullock 1882-1917Macclesfield Forest: Memorial to WW Bullock 1882-1917Macclesfield Forest: Ruined house of the Bullock family, pre-1892Macclesfield Forest: dark woodsMacclesfield Forest: misty valleyMacclesfield Forest: St Stephen's Church and graveyard, Forest ChapelMacclesfield Forest: misty valley and pathMacclesfield Forest: colourful pine treesMacclesfield Forest: Bollin Brook in forestMacclesfield Forest: Bollin Brook in forestMacclesfield Forest: nature conservation area forest rideMacclesfield Forest: misty valleyMacclesfield Forest: misty valley with colourful larch treesDanes MossFord House - Single StoryCountryRoadOver the railway bridgeThe brightest lightOnPatrolDriftLineSeasons wishes to all my flickr friendsPendolino - Prestbury Crossing - ReduxThere's always a cloudMany cold leavesArriva North West 4706 (LM17WOH) 08112017Arriva North West 703 (MX12KVV) 03112017One Cold TreePrestbury Cricket RollerA Bollington panoramaArriva North West 4422 (K200ABW) 22102017Arriva North West 4410 (J100ABW) 13102017Arriva North West 4410 (J100ABW) 09102017Working helicopter at workOne Cold PlantSt Peters Church - Snow 2010Oh, he does make life hard for me !Holmeswood Coaches PO12EOA 27092017Golden Green Travel JW66GGG 20092017'One misty moisty morning ...'Forest_Chapel ExteriorForest_Chapelridgegateres-symBack on the right side.RootsTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkTeggs Nose Country ParkWincle