Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-side!Rain Didn't Stop PlayView From A BridgeA Moment In TimeOooh Wee :)DiscussionTake Me To The Trains...The 60'sThe 56CROSVILLE CYMRU MMM374 G174FJCCROSVILLE CYMRU DVG525 DCA525XCROSVILLE CYMRU DVL426 RLG426VThe ForecastLlanddulas BeachReplacing the DuchessShadow DwellerDecibel DrugPedal PowerSurroundedParked On A SixpenceShadow on the Fun FairColas CapabilityFission chips in Colwyn BayThe mighty sea.....Meeting of 40s.Nuclear dawn in Caravan CityNorth Wales Gridlock2017-11-05 (28) Pavilion Theatre Rhyl2017-11-05 (29) Vue (former Apollo) cinema RhylThe Joy Of Motion, A Fast Ride.             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The Future's Orange. And Black. And Yellow...Tog on a logAll the fun of the sunsetKinmel bay sunsetRED, 1990 FORD ESCORT MKIV XR3i G867 MRNRhuddlan Castle, North Wales. 6th Nov 2017IMG_5408IMG_5409RhylRhyl No. 1 Signal BoxEWS 67016 at Rhyl (Arriva Trains Wales Service)EWS 67016 at Rhyl (Arriva Trains Wales Service)9701 + 97301Volvo 9700 (UUI 4777)Plaxton Premier (N3 ALP)Plaxton Panther (NH04 LCH)1982 Kinmel Hall (1)1982 Kinmel Hall (3)1982 Kinmel Hall (2)1982 Kinmel Hall (4)1982 Kinmel Hall (9)47826 + 57315175114IMG_2230Wright Cadet (CX54 DLJ)Plaxton Panther (NH04 LCH)Abergele BeachIMG_20170930_110824IMG_20170930_110742Dennis E400 (CX14 BXJ)VanHool Alizee (A605 GAP)Dennis E400 (CX14 BXF)175105The Brewer at Conwy BreweryWillam Lambretta_DSC03822223333-2206Towyn moody sunset57313 Abergele & Pensarn 200917LlanddulasCormorants waiting for high tide herrings to pass their way on Llanddulas Beach.67018 + 8230882308 + 67018Ford F100 (KSL 574)221106 + 221103Purple RainS290 JUA158824 + 158835Abergele & Pensarn Signal BoxDennis E400 (CX14 BXM)The PotCitroën Type H (LRN 649N)Citroën Type H (DW-538-GS)Citroën Type H (FVG 271J)Citroën Type H (ZY 17517)Citroën Type H (ZY 17517)DoomsdayWeek in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Week in Wales 2017Arriva Wales S286 JUA on 06/09/17Arriva Wales S286 JUA on 06/09/17_DSC05541111-2135_DSC04684444444-2139Rhuddlan CastleRhuddlan, DenbighshireRhuddlan, DenbighshireSt George, DenbighshireSt George, DenbighshireSt George, DenbighshireGeoffrey Reyner Scania 124L 6x2 Tractor Unit Reg No Y915 KCBBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanBodelwyddanCX61 CDO Rhyl Bus Station 03.09.2017S243 JUA Rhyl Bus Station 03.09.2017LJ51 DDF Rhyl Bus Station 03.09.2017RED, 1980 FORD ESCORT MKII RS CUSTOM MHA 748VYELLOW, 1972 FORD ESCORT MKI YWH 171LWHITE, 1973 FORD ESCORT MKI YTE 835LWHITE, 1968 FORD CORTINA MKII PAL 795FRED, 1981 FORD FIESTA MKI RAL 986XSILVER, 1985 FORD CAPRI B499 CTUBLUE, 1980 FORD ESCORT MKII LAY 401VBLUE AND SILVER, 1981 FORD FIESTA MKI CFM 337XBLUE, 1986 FORD ESCORT MKIII 1.6I CABRIOLET C652 YELRED, 1993 FORD GRANADA ESTATE K981 VFHBLUE, 1961 FORD FALCON 982 XUEWHITE, 1962 FORD THUNDERBIRD SSU 986RED, 1965 FORD MUSTANG KBY 294CBLUE AND WHITE, 1964 FORD GALAXIE GBD 866BYELLOW, 1973 FORD CORTINA 2000 XL OUO 821MBLUE, 1965 FORD MUSTANG EDV 259C