The deep blue scene.North Wirral Coastal ParkLiverpool By Phone 01Stagecoach MCSL 10551 SN16 ONTGraffitiNew BrightonLiverpool WaterfrontCitizen KaneUlyssesAlbert Dock, LiverpoolComrade Minskle.Canning Dock, LiverpoolE53042 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.303048 Liverpool Lime Street 29th October 1987.87028, 87035 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.85038 Liverpool Lime Street 30th October 1987.85008 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.47413, 47326 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.47341 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.47326, 47413 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.45106 Liverpool Lime Street 29th October 1987.31441 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.31208 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.Along the Promenade ............SculptureMedical students live here?One too Many New Year DrinksWatching the FestivitiesRed LanternsOverreactionIn Your FaceThe Orient in LiverpoolThe Liver BuildingsBeatles on the Waterfront.A challenging tea stop for AndrewSefton Park Palm HouseRiver MerseyMerseyrail 507031 64435 Birkenhead Park319_382-01319_364-01319_367-05319_367-04507_019-01508_126-0314 Saunders Building, Liverpool43 Duke StreetVan Gogh LtdJMP Art Deco 1JMP Art Deco 2Philharmonic Hotel ~ side entranceHugh Stowell BrownKodes La AdonaiCaritas Christi ElvceatTranspennie Express Class 185150 @ Liverpool Lime StreetLiverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Green Man.University of Liverpool from Cathedral FlagsIMG_196385011 Liverpool Lime Street 12th September 1987.47406 Liverpool LSDistant skyline, but instantly recognisableSunrise on City HallLime Street StationFire Umbrella at New Brighton Perch Rock LighthouseDestination LiverpoolLiverpool Metropolitan CathedralWalker Engineering Laboratories University CollageVictoria Building, four-face clock.Hey, where did it go?Albert DockBen-My-ChreeHope StreetMerseyrail 508123 @ Liverpool CentralCurves and anglesJohn LennonLiverpool Cathedral2018-02-20_01-15-232018-02-20_01-14-592018-02-20_01-14-090268 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyBlueCan You See My Eyes?Merseyrail 507027 (64431) @ Sandhills 19/02/18Liverpool Skyline PanoramaMerseyrail 507023 (64427) @ Sandhills 19/02/18Merseryail 507023 (64389) @ Sandhills 19/02/18Merseyrail 508141 (64689) Sandhills 19/02/18AddictedModern ArchitectureThe Girl Behind the FanPost OfficeMerseyside - DK60DVN - Pump - KirkdaleMerseyside - DK60DVN & DK66CEX - KirkdaleMerseyside - DK66CEX - PM - KirkdaleMerseyside - DK66CEX - PM - KirkdaleMerseyside - DK57FKV - CroxtethMerseyside - DK60DVR - SRT - CroxtethMerseyrail 508141 (64732) @ St Michaels Northern LineMerseyrail 508136 (64727) @ St Michaels Northern LineMerseyrail 507006 (64410) @ Liverpool Central86401 Liverpool Lime Street 4th October 1987.Merseyrail 508143 (64734) Green Lane 19/02/18Merseyrail 507027 Leaves @ Sandhills Northern Line 19/02/18Lime Street, Liverpool.66709 and 66746150110 01-06-2015150113 05-06-2015150272 05-06-2015Diver controlThe PumphouseStagecoach 18372 MX55KPY Boundary Road, New Ferry 19 February 2018SNAPPER'S CAUGHT AT IT !!!!0267 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyArriva Merseyside 3003 - MX59 AAKModel Test Shot at LCPSLiverpool China Town GatesDragon DisplayI can see your shotGong Hei Fat ChoySleeping GuysSpilt DrinkLiverpool Chinese New Year DragonDragonAtlantic SailIMG_2219Liverpool 2 Container Terminal Magic Explored 18/02/2018FullSizeRender-63IMG_2229IMG_2226IMG_2223FJA_1808FJA_1824FJA_1829FJA_1839FJA_1859FJA_1868FJA_1898FJA_1900FJA_1908FJA_1911FJA_1915FJA_1933FJA_1955FJA_1981FJA_1989FJA_1992FJA_1997FJA_1999FJA_2002LoLo OpsStrategic EquityTemple of DoomPeterDig Vinyl (Liverpool)'Lettering' By Maxwell Fry 1960Red Between (1971 - 1973)Stagecoach Merseyside 10551 SN16ONT ADL E400MMCDentistry in LiverpoolArriva Merseyside 7005 LJ67DMO ADL/BYD Enviro 200EVVICTORYUniversity of Liverpool VG&MFive heads, One Hand.Chinese New Year Celebrations, LiverpoolV ARTIC TERNChinese New Year Celebrations, LiverpoolChinese New Year Celebrations, Liverpool142001 01-06-2015142031 05-06-2015142055 01-06-2015Mural by Irony.Waterloo Tunnel LNWR April 19921854 Cholera Deaths Map of LiverpoolLate 19th century map of LiverpoolFJA_1665FJA_1692FJA_1739FJA_1742FJA_1748FJA_1752FJA_1754FJA_1317FJA_1321FJA_1328FJA_1353FJA_1354FJA_1365FJA_1403FJA_1405FJA_1406FJA_1425FJA_1427FJA_1440FJA_1453FJA_1455FJA_1466FJA_1467FJA_1474FJA_1489FJA_1516FJA_1546FJA_1573FJA_1594FJA_1614FJA_1622FJA_1633Chinese New Year. LiverpoolChinese New Year. LiverpoolHuyton and Roby War Memorial, Civic Way, Huyton, LiverpoolGazelleGazelleGazelle507012 - Liverpool Lime Street - Merseyrail 17/02/18508124 - Liverpool Lime Street - Merseyrail 17/02/18Arriva Merseyside 3056 MX10DCF Wright pulsarCHINESE NEW YEAR 2018CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018MAN AT WORKAnglican Cathedral, LiverpoolRoyal Liver Building, Liverpool158866 forms the 11.52 Liv-Nor 17/02/18Northern Lights Liverpool 8Fat man runningBSPNear enoughRimrose Valley Car SalesReflectionPerch rock storm of colour0266 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyHow great it was to be a non-passenger in the coffee shop of an English railway station one Friday night circa 2018.THE SAFEST WAY TO COLLECT YOUR PENSION !!China DreamAlbert Docks, the Cathedral, and the Wheel from the Mersey, Liverpool, EnglandTrue Adventures(More) Canal WalksBoy in the BubblesPerch Rock Lighthouse No.3Perch Rock Lighthouse No.5Liverpool 1Williamson Square LiverpoolLiverpool Cathedral, EnglandA Great Company Marching to the MerseyPerch Rock Lighthouse No.1Canal Walks