Waterloo Tunnel LNWR April 1992Victoria Tunnel LNWR April 1992Late 19th century map of Liverpool1854 Cholera Deaths Map of LiverpoolLate 19th century map of LiverpoolFJA_1661FJA_1664FJA_1665FJA_1675FJA_1679FJA_1690FJA_1692FJA_1703FJA_1721FJA_1739FJA_1742FJA_1743FJA_1748FJA_1749FJA_1751FJA_1752FJA_1754FJA_1777FJA_1298FJA_1300FJA_1305FJA_1312FJA_1316FJA_1317FJA_1321FJA_1327FJA_1328FJA_1331FJA_1351FJA_1353FJA_1354FJA_1355FJA_1360FJA_1365FJA_1367FJA_1369FJA_1384FJA_1386FJA_1390FJA_1393FJA_1394FJA_1403FJA_1405FJA_1406FJA_1411FJA_1413FJA_1416FJA_1417FJA_1425FJA_1427FJA_1433FJA_1440FJA_1453FJA_1455FJA_1461FJA_1464FJA_1466FJA_1467FJA_1474FJA_1476FJA_1485FJA_1486FJA_1489FJA_1498FJA_1500FJA_1505FJA_1509FJA_1512FJA_1516FJA_1522FJA_1524FJA_1531FJA_1543FJA_1546FJA_1563FJA_1564FJA_1573FJA_1591FJA_1594FJA_1603FJA_1614FJA_1617FJA_1621FJA_1622FJA_1624FJA_1633FJA_1635FJA_1651FJA_1395LiverpoolLiverpoolChinese New Year ProjectionsGazelleGazelleGazelleGazelleGazelleArriva Merseyside 3056 MX10DCF Wright pulsarCHINESE NEW YEAR 2018CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018MAN AT WORKTHE CHINESE LABOUR CORPSAnglican Cathedral, LiverpoolMerseyside Fire & Rescue Service (Wallasey)Royal Liver Building, Liverpool158866 forms the 11.52 Liv-Nor 17/02/18Northern Lights Liverpool 8Life Sucks...Fat man runningNo LuciferBritish Sea Power. Live in Liverpool. February, 2018.BSPFans of AlcoholNear enoughRimrose Valley Car SalesReflectionEggs BenedictWinter sunEggs BenedictThe CafePerch rock storm of colour0266 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyHow great it was to be a non-passenger in the coffee shop of an English railway station one Friday night circa 2018.THE SAFEST WAY TO COLLECT YOUR PENSION !!China DreamLiverpool, EnglandLiverpool Cupola, EnglandMuseum of Liverpool, EnglandAlbert Docks, the Cathedral, and the Wheel from the Mersey, Liverpool, EnglandRiver Mersey and Liverpool DocksNew Brighton BeachThe Inked Siren of Black RockLooking towards Bootle from New BrightonPerch Rock Lighthouse N.6True Adventures(More) Canal WalksBootleSword Fighting Fire FightPerch Rock Lighthouse No.2Perch Rock Lighthouse No.3Perch Rock Lighthouse No.4Perch Rock Lighthouse No.5Liverpool 1Williamson Square LiverpoolLiverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, EnglandLiverpool Cathedral, EnglandLooking Across Salthouse Dock, Liverpool, EnglandA Great Company Marching to the MerseyPerch Rock Lighthouse No.1Canal WalksPerch Rock, New BrightonSmileDraped Urn.BoomCalm before the StormTithebarn St, LiverpoolRED LIGHTS LIGHT UP LIVERPOOLThe HorizonA Heart, so true....................Stormy mornSlices of Edwardian Wedding CakeAmuse- boucheMy Main course was---Arriva Merseyside 2581 - CX06 BHNNew Brighton dawnArriva Trains 150279Victoria Building, University of LiverpoolChinese Lanterns4438 Arriva MerseysideThe Albert DockNew BrightonA Birthday TreatLJ03MOV & SN03EAJ Duke Street, Birkenhead 11 February 2018The Black PearlMud danceOut and about in Liverpool city centrePerch Rock lighthouseWhitechapel Liverpool 1Sunlit Brick Chimney, Liverpool, England14/100x Square formatPort SunlightHamilton SquareDaffodilDSC04101Jamaica Street Car Washbe careful, they're listeningUnearthed Tram lines. Great Crosshall Street. Liverpool. circa 1968038/365 Liverpool Reflections1938 Drivers License.I Lost AgainTug, Albert Dock, Liverpoolskate parkradio city tower with sunHappy Al's DD17ALS Kings Parade, New Brighton 7 February 2018Presidential N302 CKB BootleArriva Merseyside 4108 BootleTempus Repit - Time CrawlsStobart Rail WO61. Liverpool Lime StreetMerseysideWhat the scousers sawCanning DockFebruary 6th 2018 - Project 365Poetry in motionSpiral staircase Museum of Liverpool.185119319442Falkner Square Gardens.TimekeeperLiverpool L2 3SW, UKSelf-portrait.Self-portrait.BOB PAISLEY (ROLL OF HONOUR)Falkner Street Liverpool 8City Centre HeronVape Juice UK - Vapourmate LtdDaytime long exposure of New Brighton lighthouse, Wirral.StingrayLeasowe Lighthouse (36/365)Liverpool's Liver buildingsNew BrightonNew Brighton Marine LakeGive Me Some Sugar, SugarI Wanna Hold Your Hand2018-02-05_01-24-24New Brighton LighthouseNew Brighton Lighthouse (35/365)Pier Head- Time to ReflectIMG_5451IMG_5448IMG_5446IMG_5445IMG_5443IMG_5442IMG_5440