Pear MillWinter bluesWithington. Manchester Metrolink.Withington. Manchester Metrolink.Withington. Manchester Metrolink.Northern 150204Northern 323224East Midlands Trains 158846Northern 319379i am grootCitylink LV184 (B924 BGA)Stuart, Hyde 106 (SGA 710N)Stuart, Hyde 37 (CTM 408T)142_014-01142_038-01142_057-03Arriva Rail North Class 142 142056 - Manchester Piccadilly37608 at Bury Bolton Street 05/07/2003Arriva Rail North Class 319 319375 - Manchester PiccadillyA room with a view?3722656113 EWS MGR HAA Empties37185 37678 & 37687 at Chapel En Le FrithBea at Platt Fields mono2018-02-16_09-30-15I-x-x-x-IBea at Platt FieldsPiccadillyPiccadillyEtihad STadiumEtihad Stadium panoramicSamat Mercedes BN05HHT - M60, StockportNolan Transport Mercedes CJ17CSZ - M60, StockportBR Class 90 90014 'The Liverpool Phil' - Manchester PiccadillyCross Country 220022Cross Country 220022Cross Country 220022 @ Stockport...First Group 185150 @ Stockport...First Group 185150First Group 185150Stagecoach Manchester MX60BVVStagecoach Manchester MX58UTPStagecoach Manchester OU10GFXMagic Bus MX08GNZFirst Manchester SN14GXVStagecoach Manchester MX60BVKStagecoach Manchester MX60BVKStagecoach Manchester SL64HZYMagic Bus MX08GPFStagecoach Manchester MX60BVDFirst Manchester SN14TSXMagic Bus MX08GLJFirst Manchester BT66MROFirst Manchester SN14TUPFirst Manchester BN61MWW *In Explore*Northern 150122 @ Stockport....Northern 150122 @ Stockport....First Manchester SN14TTEFirst Manchester BN61MWUMagic Bus MX08GOUFirst Manchester Vantage BT66MRVFirst Manchester Vantage BW65DBXFirst Manchester SN14TTX *In Explore*First Manchester SN14DXJFirst Manchester SN14TTZStagecoach Manchester YY15HJZBelle Vue SN53EUV *In Explore*Stagecoach Manchester MX59JCVBullocks YN05GZXBullocks L10BUL *In Explore*Bullocks BU11OCXBullocks L20BULMatch of the DayNew Islington. Manchester Metrolink.New Islington. Manchester Metrolink.142042150148175008All Souls Church, Every St ManchesterBRCW DMU, Ashburys, July 1984Freightliner 66510 @ Stockport....Virgin 390050 @ Stockport...Virgin 390050 ( 08.40 London - Manchester )Looks like the weather is a bit wet todayTransdev 1867 FJ09KNV at Chorlton Street, ManchesterStagecoach 19225 MX08GKE at Slackville Street, ManchesterEasi Rider V362OWC at Chorlton Street, ManchesterRAC Volkswagen DV66OPL - StockportFellow Traveller 005Holt Town. Manchester Metrolink.G-ECOE Flybe De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8party-at-jayne-langlands'_04.05.2014_6468First Manchester SN14TTFparty-at-jayne-langlands'_04.05.2014_6454Belle Vue Dennis Trident PN03UMG - StockportMetrolink 3071Virgin 390129 ( City of Stoke-on-Trent )East Midlands 158777 @ StockportIndustrial Canal, ManchesterWestminster HouseWestminster HouseWestminster HouseWestminster HouseWestminster HouseWestminster HouseNew Oxford Theatre, ManchesterBeer Nouveau Brewery and Tap.MCT Travel @ Stockport...A good looking DunnockHappy despite the messTranspennine Express 185134First Manchester SN14TTOMetrolink 3102First Manchester SN14TUPStagecoach Manchester SN17MKAArriva North West LM17WOBArriva North West LM17WODTransdev Red Express X3VTDTranspennine Express 185/1Transpennine Express 185/1Transpennine Express 185/1Northern 319379The Star and Garter ManchesterStagecoach Scania N94UB 28507 YN53PCV - StockportStagecoach Manchester SN67WVKStagecoach Manchester SN67WVLStagecoach Manchester SN67WVLDirect Rail Services 57403Direct Rail Services 57403Roller guideSteps into the forestHyde in February: ee, there's nothing like it...43055 Manchester Piccadilly R00106  D210bobStagecoach Manchester MX08UCMStagecoach Manchester MX11HHERATP Group Selywns YJ05PXCStagecoach Manchester MX13FNRStagecoach Manchester SL64JBVMetrolink 3067Metrolink 3056Stagecoach Manchester MX11HHE323237 Manchester Piccadilly NG00007 D210bob  DSC_36849G Gorton MPD 04-04-65IMG_20180125_211658_604DSC_3785First Manchester Rusholme Depot Industrial ActionNot a rare bird, nor one that is hard to capture in picture......but I couldn't resist this one!Kestrel awaits its preyStagecoach Manchester 1202256053 Shunting ARC PGA's at WestburySt. Werburghs Junction, Airport line link. Manchester Metrolink.Reddish ValeT M Travel G472 EKVSpeedwell, Hyde R269 XDA66585142028-2150112Metrolink 307886258 Manchester PiccadillyJessie Harris as Ada Nield Chew in the Local Youth Engagement Project’s pop-up protestHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekHate Crime Awareness WeekStagecoach Manchester 18032 (MX53 FLM)Stagecoach Manchester 19066 (MX56 FSV), 19017 (MX06 XAS)Edging PastBike ShedYJ60 KCN & YJ60 KDV Manchester Piccadilly 05.02.2018YJ60 KCE Manchester Piccadilly 05.02.2018SN65 NZW Manchester 05.02.2018OU10 GHG Manchester 05.02.2018MX09 KTO Manchester 05.02.2018MX08 GKJ Manchester 05.02.2018MX09 ASO Manchester 05.02.2018MX57 LCG Manchester 05.02.2018MX60 BVG Manchester 05.02.2018X7 VTD Manchester 05.02.2018BF63 HCZ Manchester 05.02.2018BL65 OXV Manchester 05.02.2018MX58 VBO Manchester 05.02.2018MX55 FFG Manchester 05.02.2018MX10 MVU Manchester 05.02.2018MX10 MVS Manchester 05.02.2018BN61 MWG Manchester 05.02.2018YJ13 HLM Droylesden 05.02.2018SN16 OUO Droylesden 05.02.2018First Manchester 3235 (C235 ENE)1871 CityZapTransdev Red Express X4VTDTransdev Witchway BF63HCHTransdev Witchway BF63HCH and Red Express X4VTDVirgin Trains Class 90 90011 'West Coast Rail 250'  - StockportMayfield StationMayfield PlatformPiccadilly from MayfieldView from the platformView from the platformHigh Peak 696 ( Skyline ) @ Stockport...Cross Country 220027MJS Transport Scania AS67MJS - M60, StockportBelle Vue Iveco FE52HFG - StockportCross Country 220003 ( Stockport )Stagecoach 26142Longcliffe DAF FJ16YYM - StockportR.M.Hadfield Volvo FH16 RM66HAD - StockportVirgin 390002MCT Travel @ Stockport train station....MCT Travel @ Stockport...Manchester MetrolinkIMG_2115IMG_2110IMG_2106IMG_20972018-02-07 11-33-17 D-AERO Air Hamburg Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 650DSC_3891DSC_0062DSC_3791DSC_3816D908NDB GM Buses 1908 StockportPJ05 ZVX Manchester 05.02.2018Snoozing houndTour guide