The Royal Liver Building and some street-art...Egg Cafe. Liverpool.Perch RockPipelineArchitecture Old & New, Liverpool WaterfrontLiverpoolLiverpoolCityscapeThe lunatic is on the beach.Night Bus to NethertonSailors60019 6E14Chinese New YearLiverpool CafeTwo of us ordered coffee; one of us got a chemistry set.Dancing stickieOuchThe White Room - Wall display of Photographic portraits of Lennon by Bob Gruen during the time John & Yoko lived in New YorkThe White RoomAnother bath time shotSunset cityscapeEnjoying the dayFlashFace in the crowdThe deep blue scene.Liverpool By Phone 01Stagecoach MCSL 47711 MX54 YZUStagecoach MCSL 54076 SF59 FYVStagecoach MCSL 19044 SN56 AWUGraffitiNew BrightonLiverpool WaterfrontCitizen KaneUlyssesAlbert Dock, LiverpoolComrade Minskle.Canning Dock, LiverpoolE53042 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.303048 Liverpool Lime Street 29th October 1987.87028, 87035 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.85008 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.47413, 47326 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.45106 Liverpool Lime Street 29th October 1987.31441 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.31208 Liverpool Lime Street 20th November 1987.Along the Promenade ............Medical students live here?Out to seaOn an angleBath timeOne too Many New Year DrinksWatching the FestivitiesRed LanternsOverreactionIn Your FaceThe Orient in LiverpoolThe Liver BuildingsBeatles on the Waterfront.A challenging tea stop for AndrewRiver MerseyMerseyrail 507031 64435 Birkenhead Park319_382-01319_364-01319_367-05319_367-04507_019-01508_126-0314 Saunders Building, LiverpoolVan Gogh LtdCaritas Christi ElvceatTranspennie Express Class 185150 @ Liverpool Lime StreetUniversity of Liverpool from Cathedral FlagsDistant skyline, but instantly recognisableSunrise on City HallLime Street StationDestination LiverpoolSunset at Another Place on Crosby SandsSunset Simulation.  51/365.Victoria Building, four-face clock.Hey, where did it go?Curves and anglesJohn Lennon2018-02-20_01-15-232018-02-20_01-14-592018-02-20_01-14-090268 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyBlueCan You See My Eyes?Merseyrail 507006 (64372) @ Kirkby 19/02/18Merseyrail 507027 (64431) @ Sandhills 19/02/18Liverpool Skyline PanoramaMerseyrail 507023 (64427) @ Sandhills 19/02/18Merseyrail 508141 (64689) Sandhills 19/02/18Modern ArchitectureThe Girl Behind the FanMerseyside - DK60DVN - Pump - KirkdaleMerseyside - DK66CEX - PM - KirkdaleMerseyrail 507006 (64410) @ Liverpool Central86401 Liverpool Lime Street 4th October 1987.Merseyrail 507027 Leaves @ Sandhills Northern Line 19/02/18Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (Crosby)Lime Street, Liverpool.66709 and 66746150110 01-06-2015150272 05-06-2015Diver controlThe PumphouseSNAPPER'S CAUGHT AT IT !!!!Model Test Shot at LCPSDragon DisplayGong Hei Fat ChoySpilt DrinkLiverpool Chinese New Year DragonDragonAtlantic SailFullSizeRender-63IMG_2229FJA_1874LoLo OpstetatetatetatetatetatetaStrategic EquityTemple of Doom'Lettering' By Maxwell Fry 1960Red Between (1971 - 1973)Stagecoach Merseyside 10551 SN16ONT ADL E400MMCArriva Merseyside 7005 LJ67DMO ADL/BYD Enviro 200EVThe Romance of RailVICTORYChinese New Year Celebrations, LiverpoolV ARTIC TERN142001 01-06-2015142031 05-06-2015Mural by Irony.Victoria Tunnel LNWR April 1992Another Place.  48/365.Gazelle508123 - Arrived @ Liverpool Lime Street - Merseyrail 17/02/18508124 - Liverpool Lime Street - Merseyrail 17/02/18Arriva Merseyside 3056 MX10DCF Wright pulsarCHINESE NEW YEAR 2018Anglican Cathedral, LiverpoolNorthern Lights Liverpool 8Close to the owl (Medium)Fat man runningBSPNear enoughRimrose Valley Car SalesReflectionPerch rock storm of colour0266 © Kevin A Urquhart PhotographyHow great it was to be a non-passenger in the coffee shop of an English railway station one Friday night circa 2018.China DreamAlbert Docks, the Cathedral, and the Wheel from the Mersey, Liverpool, EnglandPerch Rock Lighthouse N.6BootlePerch Rock Lighthouse No.3Perch Rock Lighthouse No.5Liverpool 1Perch Rock Lighthouse No.1Canal WalksSmileBoss Tha FlagIMG_3939Leaving the Egg Cafe. February, 2018.The HorizonStormy mornsuddenly johnny gets the feeling he's being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horsesKirkby In-Shops demolitionKirkby In-Shops demolitionKirkbyArriva Merseyside 2581 - CX06 BHNNew Brighton dawnManesty’s Lane Liverpool 1Pride of PlaceIMG_0035On the Hunt4438 Arriva MerseysideNew BrightonA Snowdrop in a little ocean.LJ03MOV & SN03EAJ Duke Street, Birkenhead 11 February 2018Perch Rock lighthouseWhitechapel Liverpool 1DSC04101'Liverpool from the Mersey' by Charles Cundall (1890-1971)Sir Thomas Street Liverpool 1I`m a big fan.2001 LTI TX1 2.7 Bronzebe careful, they're listeningYD63VBV-01Unearthed Tram lines. Great Crosshall Street. Liverpool. circa 1968DripTug, Albert Dock, LiverpoolHuskisson Street Liverpool 8skate parkEvening activitiesEvening activitiesEvening activitiesEvening activitiesStagecoach MCSL 27702 PO11 BAUSHORT EARED OWLspace eggCity Dog HustlerHappy Al's DD17ALS Kings Parade, New Brighton 7 February 2018Presidential N302 CKB BootleArriva Merseyside 4108 BootleA virtual wave!Tempus Repit - Time CrawlsStobart Rail WO61. Liverpool Lime StreetMerseysideMy ginger pussycat's pawCanning DockFebruary 6th 2018 - Project 365Spiral staircase Museum of Liverpool.185119Fort Percent Rock, New Brighton.The Kirkby Centre - Jay Brooks PhotographsTimekeeperLiverpool L2 3SW, UKSelf-portrait.British Sea Power. Live in Liverpool. February, 2018.Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, EnglandCanning DockSlices of Edwardian Wedding CakeRoyal Liver Building, Liverpool, England038/365 Liverpool ReflectionsEvening activitiesPottery!Orange and a biscuit timeWe have arrived!We have arrived!Year 5B have arrived and are enjoying their lunch! Looking forward to their adventures!