Buses for Bury, Bury Transport Museum, June 201823 Bury23T BuryLeylandLeyland half cabLeyland LeopardLeyland LeopardMTB 848MTB 848Leyland AtlanteanLeyland AtlanteanGuess what I did on Fathers day? - Witherslack Hall leaving RammyHappy umneyhere comes the rainASAP ForeverPalm HouseBy Trucker Steve Sandell J Headley And Sons Fleet Volvo 750 FH4 HT15 JHT Scania S730 PU55 JHT Volvo 500 FH4 S5 JHTRailway VenueWitherslack Hall - HeywoodA smoky arrival at BuryRamsbottom arrival6990 34092 6990 34092 'City Of Wells' departs from BuryIveco 450 Stralis MK 1 DJ 70WBW [ RO ] Romania Birch Eastside M62 UKCrashed Iveco Stralis 450 MK1 DJ 70WBW [ RO ] Romania At Birch Eastside UK cheshire runBury Transport Museum ClockTyrers Coaches, Adlington MX07BVF on  Bolton area schools duties in Bromley Cross.Summerseat ShadowsSummerseat ArrivalNew ArrivalWater BreakEmbsay AmbassadorEast Lancs PioneerBack In BlackUnder the BridgeTeddybear at RamsbottomLeading the WayZixis 670 LCR Jones Bros TDR Transport Services V1 TDR Birch Services Westside M62 UKUnion of South Africa 60009Scania Streamline Highline R410 IF-14-YNO [RO] Inovativ Logistic Bros Romania At Birch Westside UK20180612_11022020180612_10271420180612_10265920180612_10263920180612_10221420180612_09590920180612_09592420180612_10215820180612_09585120180612_09583520180612_09504920180612_09382420180612_09465120180612_09471920180612_09472620180612_09502520180612_09375520180612_09350020180612_09142920180612_09140320180612_091418Web Repairpurple flower ???Pink Flowers ???Wild GrassBusy BeeCut And RunDot BallGuided MissileWoodbank By Name...Spit RoastedEye On The BallOn The Front FootThe Long WalkUnion of South AfricaMale Broad-bodied ChaiserThe HunterSmall SkipperRed CampionSmall SnailDog-RoseSwaledalesSwaledalesMerseybus 2122 CUL 122Vthe Fool thinks he can see meNesting CootIrwell crossing.Great tit amidst the grassDunnock sitting prettyStanley Travel TX63 STX Vanhool TX16 AlicronGood morning Campers ..Wren fledglingsKingfisherKingfisherSummerseat Lancashire 5th June 2018BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097BR Standard 4MT Class Tank 80097Brown HawkerBrown HawkerDipperKingfisher at restPink RoseYellow RosePink Flowers  ??Maiting DamselflysLittle & LARGEMeadow GrassScania Next Generation S730 V8  RU55 JHT 2016 J Headley & Sons With Russell Headley Driving M62 Eastbound UKAustin 7The Trains Now DepartingMacro SquirrelGreen FlyGiant CranefliesDew DropAntBubble BeeYelloway CDK 172LBacklit Black Warship At Burrs.Black Warship In Burrs Cutting.Rosso DX12 OVW813 + 32 Gothenburgh  Ramsbottom R00230 D210bob DSC_7863Light in HopwoodNew (old) Dining Car1940s Bobby & Sir Winston 'Winnie' Churchill.First of the year.1940s Group13065 Summerseat R00228 D210bob DSC_901860009 Burrs R00227 D210bob DSC_9041The Gi1940's meets 1960's?Blackheaded gullSilver Cross....ing.OK Sarge!The BrideThe Bride & GroomWater irisMagpie after the waterfowl foodJackdaw Young SquirrelOak LeavesDoc LeafBlue DamselflySunlightFirst 39220 BN61 MWY56171+ 50416  Ramsbottom NG00034 D210bob DSC_9299Spiv on a TrainMX06 VNYMX06 CXBMX05 CHVRosso SN64 CTKRosso SK67 FNDSN12 AJXMX58 DZWMX58 DYFRosso FJ08 BYHMX55 FFHMX06 YXMMX06 VPOBD12 TCJMX05 CFKMX06 VPZRosso SN64 CTOMy Birthday (weekend) Guess what I like?Broad bodied chaser (female)Magnificent ElevenHappy SquirrelWater IrisCootsMistle ThurshIt wanted to poseBritish Rail D1501 / 47402British Rail D1501 / 47402Pilots20180525_12520220180525_12515520180525_12444620180525_12444520180525_12130220180525_12390020180525_12391420180525_12392520180525_12123420180525_121253OMG It's the Prime Minister!!!!GWR MODIFIED HALL 4-6-0 No.6990 GWR MODIFIED HALL 4-6-0 No.6990 GWR MODIFIED HALL 4-6-0 No.6990 GWR MODIFIED HALL 4-6-0 No.6990 Despatch riderWoodyJackdawBlack headed gullsPeek a BooDamselleflysELR May28-2018DSC_6553_5839Old Boars Head, Long Street, MiddletonWW2 Half-TrackWW2 Half-TrackPink RhododendronRed RhododoendronOrange hawkweed ??Rum and Cola GirlsSpitfireOpel Blitz TruckOVER THERE!Ford V3000s TruckM8 Light Armoured CarSd.Kfz.251 Half-Track'Volcano' leaves platform 4 at Bury Bolton Street for Rammy.34092 The Battle for RamsbottomGunsPitbullRammyGrants Arms RamsbottomThe Old SaltThe HighlanderThe LandserDancing the Day AwayWinston Churchill - seeing doubleCopperRamsbottomRammyRecovering from the night before?SergeantChips20180612_11050620180612_11044820180612_11014520180612_11020420180612_110431English Electric Type 4...1Co-Co1..Class 40,sMX58 DXRMX06 VPZMX07 BSUMX06 VPOMX58 DWFMX58 DXCMX58 DYW