The ButteryWorking away from the ValeScania Next Generation S730  V8 RU55 JHT 2016 J Headley And Sons Heywood Distribution Park UK Night Be4 Truckfest Northwest 2018Abandoned Metal Merchants LorryTrain driversJunction box viewA Train is On it’s Waycarrwood20180707_IMG_5707Transdev Rosso 2011 LN51GKD at Bury Interchange.Transdev Rosso 425 BF62UXV in Bury Interchange.20180911_144715(0)20180911_144715(0).jpgBW20180911_144754(0)20180911_14475420180911_144754.jpgBW20180911_14475720180914_16032820180914_16033520180914_16034320180914_15544620180914_15543420180914_11042820180914_11042120180914_110353Changing Bolton25909 25262 Summerseat50015.34092.The KissDSCN0746DSCN0741DSCN0743DSCN0738DSCN0608Missed The Train!Climbing the bank.Wells At Irwell ValeFirst Manchester Wright Eclipse Urban Volvo B7RLE 69149 MX06 VOBTransdev Rosso East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne Dennis Trident 2801 FF04 JBXTransdev Rosso Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B9TL 2793 FJ08 BYMFirst Manchester Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B9TL 37436 MX58 DZJTransdev Rosso Wright Eclipse Urban 2 Volvo B7RLE 1870 ML05 ZAPRobin-Hood-Mill,-Bolton-(UK)-2008Crossing the RochBee-Hive-Mill,-Bolton-(UK)-2008EscapedGotchaRamsbottom Farmers MarketRamsbottom Farmers MarketRamsbottom Farmers MarketPollen collectorSpeckledwoodVolvo 540 FH4 YN63 OYA Late 2013 Denby Haulage Birch Eastside M62 UKGreen Oak LeavesGolden Oak LeavesScotsman approaching LumbSeats AvailableConker LeavesHoverflyDTG D1015 BuryMallard Duck - FemaleMercedes Benz Arocs MP4 Gigaspace SJ65 GDZ Late 2016 Ex West Of Scotland Heavy Haulage Vs Scania R560 V8 Highline PO66 UUC Late 2016 Cranage Heavy Haulage Birch Eastside M62 UKBull HillScout MoorManchester Rail Replacement in August 18:)Manchester Rail Replacement in August 18:)LNER Class A3 4-6-2BR Bo-Bo Class 33 109East Lancashire Railway  East Lancashire Railway LC13PCCBJW Mobile Crane - Birch, M62.D1501 at Burrs Country  ParkCheeseden Valley.Knowl Hill.Eyesore or Saviour ?Two-Tone Green At Heap Bridge.Green 47 At The Quarry.Is Flying Scotsman Coming?Green 47 For Heywood.A3 At The Quarry.D1501 At The Quarry.Do I Look Frustrated ?......HeywoodBuryBuryHeywoodBuryBuryBuryBurySeedsYJ12 GXK, Cumfybus Optare Solo Hybrid, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.BuryHeywoodBuryBurySN64 CSU, Burnley Bus Co. Wright Streetlite 601, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.HeywoodBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryDK64 BVV, Arriva ADL Enviro 4564, Bolton Interchange (on rail replacement work), 31st. August 2018.LK07 BEY, Vision Bus (ex Metroline) ADL Enviro, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.YN65 XEL. Stagecoach Enviro bodied Scania 15236, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.BK13 NZM. Diamond Bus Wright bodied Volvo 30936, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.BuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryBuryFJ58 LTE, Blackburn Bus Co. Volvo, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.KX06 TYF, Vision Bus Optare Solo, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.Transdev Rosso 1869 ML04ZAP leaves Bury Interchange for Ramsbottom with a 'red 4' service.Transdev Rosso 1871 ML06ZAP at the stand in Bury Interchange working on the recently launched 'red 4' service.This Post Box has been painted gold by Royal Mail to celebrate Jason Kenny  Gold Medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games  Cycling: Track Men's SprintThis Post Box has been painted gold by Royal Mail to celebrate Jason Kenny  Gold Medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games  Cycling: Track Men's SprintThis Post Box has been painted gold by Royal Mail to celebrate Jason Kenny  Gold Medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games  Cycling: Track Men's SprintThis Post Box has been painted gold by Royal Mail to celebrate Jason Kenny  Gold Medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games  Cycling: Track Men's SprintMerseyside Transport 1814 (PKA 728S)Through a windowLand/Rail Rover40012 AUREOL40012 AUREOL6990 WITHERSLACK HALLDriving City of Wells....Heywood4626 SN15 LML Bolton 31.08.201827745 PX11 DND Bolton 31.08.201830004 BX07 AXO Bolton 31.08.201830535 PF09 LCO Bolton 31.08.201830917 PO56 JDX Bolton 31.08.201833711 SN12 AHZ Bolton 31.08.201820180911_144833(0)20180911_14493020180911_145024(0)20180911_14502420180911_145039(0)20180911_14512420180911_14570920180911_14571120180911_15125020180911_15135020180911_15174820180911_15175320180911_15182220180911_15183920180911_15184020180911_15210220180911_15243120180911_152431.jpgBW20180911_15263120180911_152634(0)20180911_152817(0)20180911_152820(0)20180911_15283220180911_15295320180911_15330220180911_153320(0)20180911_16205920180911_16230620180911_16281420180911_162819(0)20180911_16294620180911_16294920180911_163307(0)20180911_16331020180911_16353720180911_16413320180911_164135.jpgB20180911_164135.jpgD20180911_164135.jpgE20180911_16443520180911_16492020180911_17034720180913_160635(1)20180913_16071020180913_160710.jpgBW20180911_152725(0)20180911_152751(0)20180911_15275120180911_15284820180911_15285620180911_152925(0)20180911_15292620180911_15293620180911_15294820180911_15301120180911_15304120180911_15305520180911_15310320180911_15311820180911_15314620180911_15321220180911_15323620180911_15330020180911_15341720180911_16241020180911_16291820180911_16351520180911_16370820180911_16415520180911_16420620180911_16424420180911_16441020180911_16453320180911_164545(0)20180911_16463020180911_16470620180911_164730(0)20180911_164816(0)20180911_16484320180911_16544620180911_174849First Manchester Wright Eclipse Urban Volvo B7RLE 69164 MX06 VNVBF67 WLH EVOBUS Mercedes Benz Tourismo and Tamar Coaches H16 TCL Volvo Plaxton Paragon ‘new to Dunn Line’Kellogs Tour 2Kellog's Tour 1Morning Con TrailsFlying Scotsmans @ELRD9531 D9539 Burrs Country Park BuryEast Lancs RailwayEast Lancs RailwayBX58 AOU, Diamond Bus Plaxton bodied Volvo 30506, Bolton, 31st. August 2018.Class 40 Preservation Society CabHiding SupriseThomas_Cole,_The_Oxbow1842 Ramsbottom R00352 D210bob DSC_83264634 SN15 LNC Bolton 31.08.201815249 YN65 XFA Bolton 31.08.201819410 MX58 FTJ Bolton 31.08.201827147 SN64 OHV Bolton 31.08.201833657 SN12 ADV Bolton 31.08.201833697 SN12 AHC Bolton 31.08.2018