Butterley Reservoir & Marsden CC, Netherley & Pule Hill from Binn Lane near Ing Lees, Marsden,  W. YorkshireYorkshire WhistlerThis Guinness promotional penguin was given to me in 1964 by a publican in the town of Castlebar County Mayo Republic of Ireland as I was having trouble teething( it still has nibble marks on the beak) , I’ve looked after it ever since and it has pride ofBenchers inside the ArchersCopley Archway BenchersCopley Canalside Benchers 2Copley Canalside Benchers 1Copley Canalside BenchersThe Coffee BarThree green apples....six green apples !!Chimney PotsSlender roseDramatic Sky over the moorsIMGP2181Deer HillTo the loo !!High above northern EnglandSt. Bartholomew's Church - St. Bart's2018-02-21-001.jpg155_342-01static classroom F149BKHHuddersfield 003MX07BUJKP51WCAYJ51RRZYJ10DFANature on a fence postHey you, stop dribbling from yer beak !!!KUI9268MX07BTZYJ56WFHSnowdropsGrimscar Woods 17/02/18Grimscar Woods 17/02/18Grimscar Woods 17/02/18Grimscar Woods 17/02/18Grimscar Woods 17/02/18Neglected but still doing its job.SmilingScar Head Tunnel Western Portal.Rishworth Branch Line Former Trackbed 2.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 1.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 3.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 4.Bridge Over the Rishworth Branch 6.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 12.Water Culvert on the Rishworth Branch.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 9.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 16.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 16.Mileage Marker on the closed Rishworth Branch.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 20.Steps and the Bridge on the Rishworth Branch.142_016-02Cosmic Blow TorchYorkshire Traction (County Motors) 707 (D707 LKY)Copley. CaderdaleBarking mad!Chancery LaneYorkshire SnowLooking towards Wolfstones.Winters back in Netherthong today !!Watergate, HuddersfieldWeeping Ghosts, HuddersfieldMilnesbridge 0012018-02-09-024.jpgP1080307-1-2 Leeds train at Copley ViaductP1080307-1 Leeds train at Copley ViaductP2070136-1 The Copley railway viaductP2070112-1-2 Wilson Bridge, Copley, Calderdale.P2070098-1-2 Copley railway viaduct.P2070084-1 Copley footbridgeP2070028-1 Abandoned allotments, Sowerby BridgeLeaving Huddersfield._Q2A7841_Q2A7847_Q2A7856_Q2A7866_Q2A7876_Q2A7882_Q2A7895_Q2A7899_Q2A7898_Q2A7900_Q2A7902_Q2A7903_Q2A7909_Q2A7906_Q2A7910_Q2A7911_Q2A7920_Q2A7924_Q2A7931_Q2A7932_Q2A7944_Q2A7973_Q2A7989Development Opportunity 003....really?Huddersfield station2017-12-24-010.jpgCROSSING OVERJules Verne, HuddersfieldAlbion-Mills,-Chapel-Hill,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007Folly-Hall-Mills,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007Firth-Street-Mills,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007MWP_2045MWP_2049MWP_2051MWP_2055Snow over Sterne Mills Bridge.Canalside Woodland at Copley.Trees alongside the Calder & Hebble.Snow on the Calder & Hebble at Copley 5.Snow on the Calder & Hebble at Copley 4.Snow on the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Copley 1.Copley Footbridge over a Wintry Canal.Steps to Copley Footbridge.47500 SN64CHV32526 YJ54XUT142052 & 185150 Huddersfield 27/01/2018150142 Huddersfield 27/01/2018G0BWB_201712072126_80M_FT8Tiny castle on the hill [explored 25/01/2018 ]M62Copley Viaduct.Barge under the BridgeCopley Viaduct and the Canal.Path towards Copley Viauct.Calder & Hebble Canal Path at Copley 2.Calder & Hebble Canal Path at Copley 1.Flower at Copley on the Canal.Geese on the Canal at Copley.ALong the Calder & Hebble.Calder & Hebble Navigation, Copley.Canal At Copley, West Yorkshire.Copley Road Bridge.First daffs of the yearBirthday Brush.150017 - MarsdenBuses of the day... Been a good day in general :DBuses of the day... Been a good day in general :DLooking down upon Marsden Railway Station.Lock 42e and Marsden Railway Station.Platform 3 at Marsden Station.Station Road Bridge from Marsden Station.HuddersfieldHuddersfieldfirst west yorkshire 19022 YJ07LVOGrand Central Glow At Cromwell Bottom.LindleyLindleyBank-Bottom-Mill,-a.k.a.-Marsden-Mill.-Marsden-(UK)-2006Cat, wanting attentionCat missing his humanLeo and snowMuch fuss about nothing!Marsden Snow - Derelict BarnMarsden Snow and MillMarsden SnowSavoy Cinema, HuddersfieldCalder and Hebble Navigation, SalterhebbleA light dusting.Clinging onAcross the Copley Footbridge.Cobbled Canal Footpath.East Along the Calder & Hebble from Copley Footbridge.Copley Footbridge 2.Calder & hebble Between Copley Footbridge and Viaduct 3.Calder & hebble Between Copley Footbridge and Viaduct 1.Calder & Hebble Tow Path 2.Calder & Hebble Tow Path 1.Copley Viaduct around the Bend.Footpath under Copley Railway ViaductCanal Path Splits at Copley.Copley Viaduct Arching Uptoyota coaster motorhome L798GMSShifting shafts of shining .Riverside walk MagdaleSilver birch barkRiverside engineeringMossy treeBlackberry leaves served with icefirst huddersfield 30850 W705CWRNIGHT AT HUDDERSFIELDMelthamDeer HillGreat place for interval training.Ainley TopAinley Topstotts optare excel A19ESS (X982BPA)IMAG1148NO DRONESDRONE FREEabellio surrey 8074 SK02TZX & CT plus DCS5 HX03MGV20171230_IMG_2334158849 Huddersfield 06/01/2018scammonden now- ish54207Ben Bell has a hold of Huddersfield's Ben Morrill -6037Huddersfield's Lewis Bradley finds some space-6134Joel Hinchliffe-5489Lewis Workman clears his lines-5782Lewis Workman sprays a pass out to the wing-5967Richard Piper offloads to Nicholas Sharpe-0387Thomas Owen knocks on going over the line-5867Tynedale's Daniel Taylor gets the kick past Elliot Knight-5829Tynedale's Guy Pike goes past Elliot Knight-5699Tynedale's Thomas Bramwell and Scott Powell try to stop the offload by Nick Sharpe-5555Tynedale's spread the ball-5762Tynedale's Thomas Bramwell takes on the defence-5648Harry Davey scores the game winning try for Huddersfield-6164A Scrum win against the head sees Nicholas Sharpe going over for his second try-5938Lewis Workman goes past Guy Pike to ice the win for Huddersfield-6199Tynedale's Guy Pike takes on Elliot Knight-5534The Huddersfield's forward's dominace sees Nicholas Sharpe going over-5739Tynedale's William Miller scores a try-571353603Emperor Commodus Silver DenariusSunrise over the M62WasheteriaRugby League actions 3. The tackle.Copley Viaduct 1.Along the Arches of Copley Viaduct.Sun Through Copley Viaduct,The Snicket at Copley Viaduct.The Path Towards Copley Viaduct.Close Gate Bridge (2)Close Gate BridgePath to Close Gate BridgeRemains of Ripponden Railway Bridge 2.Rishworth Railway Station Platform 2.Rishworth Railway Station Platform 3.Former Railway Crossing / Path on the Rishworth Branch._Q2A7881_Q2A7921_Q2A7923_Q2A7981Phoenix-Mills,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007Central-Iron-Works,-Chapel-Hill,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007Bates-Mill,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007Turn-Bridge-Mills,-Huddersfield-(UK)-2007---Anyone for Wigan!!Marsden Train Station from Platform 1.Train Approaching Marsden Railway Station.Marsden Station Platform 2.Marsden Railway Station Platform 3.Lewis Workman goes past Guy Pike to ice the win for Huddersfield-6202Copley Viaduct Embankment.Railway Arch Across A Canal.