Winter reflectionsMerry Christmas61994 & 13065. Irwell Vale.80080. Winter departure .........60103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-260103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-260103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-212322 A Class (L&Y) 0-6-080080 Standard 4 Class (BR) 2-6-4T12322 A Class (L&Y) 0-6-060103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-22017-12-14_07-54-332017-12-14_07-54-16Golden ValleyRed CoatFirst Manchester 62231 BoltonFirst Manchester 69145 BoltonRivington Pike and Winter HillHollieWells At BrooksbottomSimmering BackwardsBack To Square OneWinterBoys' Winter Walk20130105_IMG_3458The Right Kind Of SnowA Crab in Lumb Woods34092 Stark WinterTailendersUndone Watchs UrbanSnow fallingSnow fallingSnow fallingIt's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ChristmasCrab 13065 RamsbottomCity of Wells Ewood BridgeRamsbottom VolcanoUndone Watches Urban6990 Ramsbottom R00033 D210bob DSC_7988YX66WNCRootsteinRootsteinRootstein1842 Ramsbottom R00023 D210bob DSC_83671366. The Black Bull, Starling.1368. The Rose & Crown, Starling.1369. The Old White Horse, Ainsworth.1370. The Duke William, Ainsworth.33109 at Ramsbottom on Santa train.Storming DepartureEast Lancs Santa Specials51485 + 56121  Ramsbottom D210bob R00019 DSC_9257Stationary45108 Class 45 (BR) 1Co-Co140135 Class 40 (RSH/BR) 1Co-Co145108 Class 45 (BR) 1Co-Co1D212 'Aureol' Class 40 (RSH/BR) 1Co-Co1Stop Look ListenHall i' th' WoodBest I could manage...LMS Hughes Crab 1306556171+ 50416  Ramsbottom D210bob R00013 DSC_9296104 and 122 DMU Burrs Country Park20130120_IMG_3519The Blackburn Bus Company (Transdev Lancashire) 1308 YJ60KAO in Darwen.Moving People, Clayton le Dale Y177 CFS in Darwen on the 33 service to Blackburn via Hoddlesden and Blackamoor.East Lancashire Railway (11)East Lancashire Railway (10)IMG_20171125_072617_436First SnowStarter For Ten20091107_IMG_846120171121_12141920171121_12080020171121_12071920171121_12073220171121_120512Ex LMS/Stanier Black Five 4-6-0,s  44871 and 45407Bacup Or AccringtonA Different AngleYX17NNM RossoPendle from Holcombe HillRunning Late20171120_132615Frosty Morning SteamFrosty ReceptionMisty MorningNice to see this tip up on the #1 to Bolton13065 Summerseat D210bob DSC_902120171116_19384320171116_21173620171116_21161720171116_23052520171116_21160220171116_23222320171116_23230020171116_23581420171116_232257D71_745360009 Union of South Africa A4 Class (LNER) 4-6-2Going home in the rush hourGoing home in the rush hourTaking a breakTake a look pleaseHolden Wood Reservoir in Haslingden Grane, Rossendale, Lancashire, England - November 2017View from Broadhead Rd (506298)Broadhead Rd (506299)Fire Station VisitFire Station VisitFire Station VisitFire Station VisitHelmshore Textile MuseumBolton Rd, Turton (506294)St. Anne's Parish Church, High St, Chapeltown (506295)Wayoh Reservoir Overflow, Chapeltown (506296)View from Broadhead Rd (506297)IMAG0016IMAG0017IMAG0019IMAG0020IMAG0021IMAG002220171111_09510120171111_095043D1501 Ramsbottom D210bob DSC_896760009 Burrs D210bob DSC_9147Steam Train34092 Class 122 2E39Class 104 50517Class 40 40106Class 104 50455Class 105 51485Class 110 51813Class 122 55001Autumnal flow...BR 2-6-4T Class 4MT 80080.Autumn... is here...Class 110 Departure.Class 110 Arrival.Not Going To Heysham!Calder Valley Unit In The Irwell Valley.Green DMU Lash-Up At Burrs.Bubble Car In Profile.A Friendly Wave.Class 104 In Autumn Colours.Class 117 At Burrs.Dappled DMU In Golden Light.Class 104 Silhouette.Blue And Green Lash-Up In Autumn.Immaculate Combo At Lumb.YX67VHA on layover.Class 104 2J66Shetland PoniesShetland Ponies20171210_14432520171210_14432320171210_15292620171210_15330320171210_153305Santa Claws Is Coming To TownSnow fallingSnow fallingLast Day on the East Lancs60009 Burrs D210bob DSC_914540106 'Atlatic Conveyer' Class 40 (RSH/BR) 1Co-1CoD7076 Class 35 'Hymek' (Beyer Peacock/BR) B-BD7076 Class 35 'Hymek' (Beyer Peacock/BR) B-BD832 'Onslaught' Class 42 (BR) B-BD832 'Onslaught' Class 42 (BR) B-BRain Cloud over Holcombe51813  Ramsbottom D210bob DSC_9261IMG_20171125_072502_421P1240612 DMU at Burrs_Smooth 3P1240619 train eounding the curve at BurrsAutumn TreesPale Autumn sunAutumn colours20171122_11455020171122_11454020171122_11452720171122_114518D7629 Ramsbottom D210bob R00004  DSC_8325Holcombe BrookIrwell valley from Holcombe HillEmmanuel HolcombeAutumn afternoon on Edenfield20171120_13265320171120_13262420171120_1326442890 Summerseat D210bob DSC_9002401064010660009 Burrs D210bob DSC_904060009 Union of South Africa A4 Class (LNER) 4-6-213065 Hughes Crab (LMS) 2-6-013065 Hughes Crab (LMS) 2-6-0Three's A Crowd13065 Hughes Crab (LMS) 2-6-060009 Union of South Africa A4 Class (LNER) 4-6-234092 Ramsbottom D210bob DSC_243334092 Irwell Vale D210bob DSC_6238104 and 109 Fireworks2011-02-10_17-04-06_118IMAG0265Class 110 2J55Daylight saving: First 60405Ramsbottom station evening shotClass 104 50517Class 105 56121Class 105 56121Class 110 51842Class 110 51842Autumnal reflections...Class 105 & 109 2J632890 Irewll Vale D210bob DSC_9170Backlit Cravens At Ewood Bridge.