Arriva Yorkshire driver training bus V506 DFTWoman ?That chimney was always a pain!!How many steps : Yorkshire Sculpture ParkYorkshire Sculpture ParkYorkshire Sculpture ParkJWU 886 south street dewsburyIMG_3093IMG_3094IMG_3095IMG_3096IMG_3097IMG_3099IMG_3100IMG_3101IMG_3102IMG_3103IMG_3104IMG_3105IMG_3106IMG_3108IMG_3109IMG_3110IMG_3111IMG_3112IMG_3113IMG_3114IMG_3115IMG_3116IMG_3117IMG_3118IMG_3119IMG_3120IMG_3121IMG_3127IMG_3158IMG_3159IMG_3161IMG_3162IMG_3164IMG_3165IMG_3166IMG_3167IMG_3168IMG_3170IMG_3169IMG_3171IMG_3172IMG_3173IMG_3175IMG_3176IMG_3177IMG_3179IMG_3178IMG_3181IMG_3180IMG_3182IMG_3183IMG_3184IMG_3185IMG_3186IMG_3187IMG_3190IMG_3191IMG_3192IMG_3193IMG_3194IMG_3195IMG_3196IMG_3197IMG_3199IMG_3200IMG_3201IMG_3202IMG_3203IMG_3204IMG_3205IMG_3206IMG_3090IMG_3091IMG_E3107IMG_3092IMG_20171120_103316_408_wmIMG_20171120_103554_655_wmWilsis.Super StructureAutumnal Walk322484 departing Wakefield Westgate for Leeds20305 and 20303 Calder GroveWakefield Christmas Market 2017Wakefield Christmas Market 2017Wakefield Christmas Market 2017Wakefield Christmas Market 2017On Trial1938158907 at Wakefield WestgateDJI_0021DJI_0002DJI_0005DJI_0006DJI_0007DJI_0008DJI_0016DJI_0026DJI_0037ticket - ywd ultimate 1pAutumnal FountainAutumn walk, oil paintAn autumnal YSPAn autumnal YSPAn autumnal YSPIn SpireHead (Landscape)Me and my brotherHostess at the Kaye ArmsPuddin'Sky BerryCalder GlimpseJubilee Sunset.45699 @ Chevet.'Wave' YSP PoppiesWho said hump shunting was dead?542175421720170828_16171420170828_161054532085426520170828_14135420170828_14122120170828_141547MX55 WDP-Station Coaches.703-YD02 PXZ-Arriva Yorkshire.1805-YJ08 EEF. Arriva Yorkshire.SK17 HHC-Arriva Yorkshire (Loan)YJ54 CFA-Station Coaches, BatleyYJ61 DRZ- Ross Travel.Autumn panoramaInspiration Delivered.Crigglestone Chopper Farewell?NT 322484 @ Outwood train stationVTEC 91101 @ Outwood train stationNT 158909 @ Outwood train stationDRS 20302 and 20303 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationXC 220015 and 220010 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationDRS 20303 and 20302 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationVTEC 91120 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationNT 144004 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationNT 144005 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationNT 155872 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationXC 43321 @ Wakefield Westgate train stationXC 220005 @ Sandal and Agbrigg train stationNT 322481 @ Sandal and Agbrigg train stationVTEC 91127 @ Sandal and Agbrigg train stationNT 144011 @ Sandal and Agbrigg train stationDB 90036 @ Sandal and Agbrigg train stationAutumn sunsetAutumn light, in monoAutumn daysAutumnAutumn days, at Yorkshire Sculpure ParkAutumn LightAUTUMN TANKSBOUNCING ALONGHowWhere's Alice?SpoonheadsJoggersChilledWakefield Town HallWakefield City CentreBelle Vue, WakefieldHepworth GalleryHepworth Sculpture in Trinity WalkWakefield CathedralBelle Vue, WakefieldThe fringeMono Moore 2Mono Moore 10Mono Moore 9Mono Moore 8Mono Moore 1Mono Moore 7Mono Moore 6Mono Moore 5Mono Moore 366044 @ Oakenshaw.Tinners HaresDC518893.   60026  Wakefield K.  31-10-2017.DC518895.   66194   Wakefield Kirkgate.  31-10-2017.DC518891.   60026  Wakefield Kirkgate.  31-10-2017.TC918903.   66701   Wakefield Kirkgate.  31-10-2017.Stagecoach 53714 on service x10 between Barnsley n Leeds on Halloween  31/10/17The power of Flickr.wyks - station coaches yj54cfa wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - cross country 220025 wakefield westgate 26-10-17 JLwyks - northern 321901 wakefield westgate 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1013 wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1958 wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1949 wakefield 26-10-17 JLIMG_3122IMG_3123IMG_3125IMG_3126IMG_3128IMG_3129IMG_3130IMG_3131IMG_3132IMG_3133IMG_3134IMG_3137IMG_3136IMG_3138IMG_3139IMG_3141IMG_3143IMG_3144IMG_3145IMG_3146IMG_3147IMG_3150IMG_3151IMG_3152IMG_3153IMG_3154IMG_3155IMG_3156IMG_3157IMG_31631026Chevet last rays of golden light.The thingPortraitArriva Yorkshire 1910 YJ58 FHMLucky timing on a busy morning at Hare Park Junction.wyks - old print works wakefield fh 26-10-17 JLwyks - black horse wakefield fh 26-10-17 JLwyks - jolly tap wakefield fh 26-10-17 JLwyks - ale house wakefield fh 26-10-17 JLwyks - clarks of cumbria lorry wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1807 wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1467 wakefield 26-10-17 JLwyks - arriva 1404 wakefield 26-10-17 JLDSC_1983 (2)Buses in the Wakefield area yesterday :DBuses in the Wakefield area yesterday :D