Knightmare20007 & 20098, Near Wigan 5.7.87150147Amy BrownGold Scania 15228 being recovered by MillersLeeds Liverpool CanalSunsets glow from back gardenCanal LockSeen Better DaysLazy Sunday AfternoonTowering AboveGrey GBRfMilling Machine MoveThe Three AmigosLever's steps2 (1 of 1)Still in active service with Tyrers Coaches, Adlington is ex John Fishwick & Sons LR52KXJ at Cowling Brow, Chorley.Still awaiting a visit to the coach painters is one of Tyrers Coaches of Adlingtons ex NCT Scanias YN07EYU at Cowling Brow, Chorley on Runshaw College duties.Tyrers Coaches, Adlington MH04HCP at Cowling Brow, Chorley with Standish Community High School YSB service Y70 for Aspull.Tyrers Coaches, Adlington YN56FAK at Cowling Brow, Chorley on afternoon schools duties.20181121_14105120181121_15254320181121_15255220181121_14103420181121_13421620181121_11085120181121_10471920181121_10073920181121_10303420181121_10173520181121_10471720181121_100725IMG_20181117_145237IMG_20181117_144823Rivington Lower Reservoir, November 2018Farington Summer 1961Canal LockTyrers Irizar ScaniaThe Dovecote - RivingtonThat moment you reach the top...Dovecote View ( Landscape )45157 Court Questions:Lostock Hall War MemorialDSC04887390127 1S58 390013 9M54 Euxton195105 195103 5Z91 EuxtonDSC04871DSC04872DSC04873DSC04874DSC04878DSC04880DSC04869A rare occurrence and a lucky catch for me is one of the two East Lancs / Darts with Tyrers Coaches of Adlington PN06UYS at the Interchange out and about with a Chorley local 357 service.Rotala Preston Bus 20876 KX14FJJ at Chorley Interchange with an Ormskirk service.Christmas scenesAll in hand.  308.365Roddlesworth Woods WaterfallRoddlesworth Woods Waterfall HDR331102 5Z99 EuxtonRivington Pike Tower bRoddlesworth Woods WaterfallRoddlesworth Woods00001#waltonfox #pubTigers Clough Crooked Edge Waterfall #2, Rinvington, Lancashire, North West EnglandDear Autumn....2018-07-07 IMG_3104 Olivia Rose_NamedBolton Mountain Rescue TeamTreesFungiFungi20181018_143524_Richtone(HDR)Roddlesworth Woods HDRRiver RoddlesworthWithnell FoldTreeTree40013 1Z21 Leyland20181006_150452206-14In Flanders Fields The Poppies Blow86639 86637 1Z42 Charnock RichardCircle of treesThe RehearsalDR 79601 6X02 Euxton66719 6X02 Euxton47760 47832 1Z66 Lostock HallLadybirdMushroomClinging to its ColoursDisaster AvertedCactusThe burnt out pub - urbex88005 88002 88004 88001 6K73 Euxton20180904_13184720180904_13085420180904_114347Lucky Day 2busSummery FeelClass 70, 70817 works 6C37 Chirk Kronospan to Carlisle with empty logging wagons through Balshaw Lane Junction 02.09.201833207 1Z25 Lostock HallSeventy on a Sunday20181121_09395120181121_094038Locks at Town Lane.Canal Basin70802 Bamber Bridge 12-11-18Dovecote ViewLest we forgetLest we forgetAutumn Reflections150115+150122 pause at Buckshaw Parkway working 2N99, 1629 Buxton to Preston.37219 1Q18 Bamber BridgeNew train! 331102 at EuxtonRivington Pike Tower dRivington Pike Tower eRivington Unitarian Chapel aRivington Unitarian Chapel 1703Rivington Unitarian Chapel bRivington Unitarian ChapelRivington Church cRivington Church BellhouseRivington Church aRivington Church Weather VaneRivington ChurchCut Mark: Rivington, TowerRivington Pike Tower cRivington Pike Tower aRivington Pike TowerThe Pigeon TowerThe Pigeon Tower aThe Pigeon Tower bThe Pigeon Tower dThe Pigeon Tower eThe Pigeon Tower fThe Pigeon Tower gDSC03021_DxO  jpeg_2A splash of red331001 5Z99 LeylandCamelot Theme Park (HDR 5)Moon 28th Oct 2108#waltonfox #pubCanal Lock.66712IMG_4624IMG_20181017_202251_983Appletreewick 10 18Confused by the one way sign?20181009_121146_Richtone(HDR)20181008_135619_Richtone(HDR)20181008_111437_Richtone(HDR)20181006_114212_Richtone(HDR)20180511_16080020180901_13304020181001_14385520180401_14401120180401_14404090042, 90043, 0532 Coatbridge - Daventry, Leyland, 25-06-18It is the start of the 2018 leaf busting season, so here is one cleaning the rails at Buckshaw ParkwayA sign from Chorley206-1337800 Cassiopeia at EuxtonD193556078 6E32 Lostock Hall25 September 2018 Stagecoach Chorley.  Cowling Outstation just before 7AMD193573107 73141 1Z42 Charnock RichardRoddlesworth Reflections67006 5Z90 EuxtonGREY WAGTAILfungi 2018family grouplooking upThe gillsamethsyt deceiverbrothers from another mothertextures195103LMS Stanier 8F No. 48151 with West Coast Railways 1Z50 'The Brief Encounter' passing Bamber Bridge on the old Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway towards Blackburn on 15-9-18 ©70817 Leyland 12-09-18New Trains for the NorthNew...Brand New!Skodas on ScheduleStatesman on the SlowThe Power of the Seventies(Very) Late Lemon(Run) 'Round the Houses56096 6E32 Lostock HallJubilationDisaster! Not Quite...68017 68003 66424 0K27 Euxton86325 Euxton Junction 25-03-82Cloudy CaleyI Spy....Roddlesworth Waterfall20180904_224627Ray of SunshineDead ShedPromotion2 For 2Familiar?Rivington Pike Tower, 31 August 2018Canopy Cleaning in Manchester - ACSUK Group Ltd20180726_061809364_iOSRunnin' up that HillLast of the far!Lost Your Badge?Fungi 2018Woodland river56113 56090 6J37 Gregson Lane20180827_124641_Richtone(HDR)The FourmostIMG_20180821_113833156_HDRFlowersFlowersFlowersFlowersLesser 'Photted TamperMultiple PointsLast Spot