44984496449560103 1Z72Legs legs legsIMG_0067 - Juvenile Greenfinch60054 - 6Z15 - Burton SalmonBoathouse Bridge, Nostell PrioryNostell Priory's Lower LakeLower Lake from the Boathouse BridgeNostell Priory StablesApproaching Normanton.The colourful tree 🌳RSPB St Aidan'sRSPB St Aidan'sOddballOddballOddballOddballOddballOddballThe machinery to make it walkModel of OddballOddballThe BucketThe BucketView along cabView from cabShameMachineryView along the jibCooking facilitiesInside the engine roomInside the engine roomInside the engine roomOdballOdballBetween A Rock And A Hard PlaceOn The Front FootImpact PositionPack Of DogsMeat In The SandwichStretch FabricCover BlownFeeling BlueQ BallSeeing RedQuick StepThe King Of QueensPontefract 1964. My brothers and I walking down Baghill Lane towards the railway bridge.  Pontefract Castle in the background on the left. Been visiting grandparents. Taken by dad Granville Watson using an Agfa Flexilette camera.Bulldog SpiritThere Must Be A CatchDown But Not OutKiller PassThe Top And Bottom Of ItOff To A TeePassing BywaterQuick BallMixed EmotionsWho Let The Dogs Out?Popping UpStoop To ConquerOut To GrassChips With Everything4487448644854484448344824480D9009LapwingSpoonbillGrypocoris stysiLapwing26/08/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.26/08/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.26/08/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.26/08/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.26/08/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.66207Cassida viridisChoccy woccy noo dahNostell PriorySleepyhead or is that plural - as large as life - as tiny as pollen - my baby boo - the air that I breath - the one whom I give all of my bed toMahogany curlMorvelo o o o o schweattttyyyyyy bettttttyyyyyyyFeatherstone War Horse-1299.jpgI’m right behind youGet those knees upBig bottom little bottomI’ll always look up to youLean on meI will follow you to the endbanded DemoiselleDuckDuck - just chillin'29/07/1993 - Knottingley (KY) depot, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.Don't fence me in ! I'm a Wild Flower !SK 769HUAG 33MLPFeatherstone War Horse-2294296.jpgDAF Space Cab 106 XF JF16 VEP 2016 Van Elle Heavy Haulage STGO CAT 2 A1M Westbound J20 UKSouthbound at Goosehill.WGM 32987My loveP50 SRSDAF Super Space Cab 106 XF Euro 6 BS17 DAF 2017 BSI Transport A1M South Bound UKLD59 PUPWar HorseJesse, our new family member.Sessions House Pontefract YorkshireThe Lodge Castle Chain Pontefract Castle YorkshireLiquorice Cafe Pontefract Castle YorkshireLiquorice Cafe and Visitors Centre Pontefract Castle YorkshireLiquorice Cafe and Visitors Centre Pontefract Castle YorkshireVisitors Centre Pontefract Castle YorkshireSessions House Pontefract YorkshireSessions House Pontefract YorkshireCastle Chain Castle Garth Pontefract YorkshireMazda 3 Saloon - ONY 9AR9 - Nysa County, Opole Voivodeship, PolandNodding DonkeySounding great at Goosehill.After several years in storage my French bedroom furniture is outttttttRSPB Fairburn IngsRed damselflyFairy bellsThe Featherstone War Horse 2The Featherstone War Horse 1The Featherstone War Horse 39002444264425442144104409439343924391[261/365]37254  & 37099 1Q64RSPB Fairburn IngsDamselfly CouplingNo tail feathers !!female pheasantBanded Demoiselle66054Poplar CultureKit WakeIMG_709933339736_175288163134054_7497021773452410880_o67024 1Z6067024 1Z606618566130DSC_2796DSC_2798DSC_2799DSC_2545DSC_2295DSC_2125DSC_2120DSC_1892DSC_0872DSC_0824DSC_0818DSC_0055DSC_0041DSC_1326DSC_0310DSC_0395DR 98955 6Z08Running Round66605 6Y1137669 & 86269 0Z34Three of eachHold on .... I’m Comin’!Bluebell wood, NostellBluebell wood, NostellSpoiler alertSudforth Lane - no moreAire Valley powerLoad Haul 56.144 022 Catches a glint at New Crofton.66137 Fitzwilliam 15/05/2018Dog daysBeauty and frustrationWell rootedSunlight spotlightIn the red campIn the pinkSouthbound Skoda At New Crofton.Model of OddballOddballSt Aidan's Nature ReserveView from Cab levelCommon ScorpionflyLarge SkipperDark Green FritillaryDark Green FritillaryRinglet44784477447644754474Bee Fly - Bombylius majordamselflyBlooming May446844674466446544634462Nice job at Adam and Laurens house.442444204418441744164390Small Red DamselflySpliSh splash Niall was taking a bath - Sat morn tub time4378437743764374DSC_1383....2DSC_1403....2DSC_1023DSC_1002..bDSC_0992Gone fishingYou say black I say whiteKnottingleyKnottingleyFerrybridge