Dove Cote View45157 Tyrers Coaches, Adlington PN06UYS at Chorley Interchange with a 357 serviceRotala Preston Bus 20876 KX14FJJ at Chorley Interchange with an Ormskirk service.Autumn ReflectionsRoddlesworth Woods WaterfallRoddlesworth Woods Waterfall HDRTyrers Coaches YN07EYRTyrers Coaches YN07EYR37610 1Q18 Bamber BridgeRoddlesworth Woods WaterfallRoddlesworth WoodsA splash of redWoodland shoot332303323133232332333323533236332373323833239332413324333244332533325433255332563325833259332603326133262332633326433265332683327533278India Mill - Darwen,Lancashire,UKCanal Lock.66755 at Hoghton66712 at HoghtonTreesFungiFungiIMG_20181016_202654_783Church & Chimney20181001_14385520180401_144040Soaking up the autumn sun...70801 Blackburn 8-10-18.Roddlesworth Woods HDRRiver RoddlesworthWithnell FoldTreeTreeLeeds Liverpool CanalA sign from Chorley66747 and 66764 Ainsworth Bridge Blackburn 2-10-18.Early Autumn in LancsBlackburn Rovers v Nottingham ForestBlackburn Rovers v Nottingham ForestWired Every Beakend25 September 2018 Stagecoach Chorley.  Cowling Outstation just before 7AM56078 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Cherry Tree 25.09.2018Mushroom70813 Ainsworth Bridge Blackburn 17-9-18.70811 Blackburn 17-9-18.LadybirdMushroomClass 8f, 48151 works 1Z50 'The Brief Encounter' Carnforth to Carnforth through Pleasington station 15.09.2018St Peter's, BelmontParish of St Peter's, Belmont, near Winter HillParish of St Peter's, BelmontCobbled Back AllyThe burnt out pub - urbex20180904_131847busNever Mind the SunIf OnlyLights OutYJ07 PBO, Rosso Wright bodied Volvo 1727, Blackburn, 31st. August 2018.B10 YKS. Blackburn Bus Co. Wright bodied Volvo 567, 31st. August 2018.FJ58 LSZ, Blackburn Bus Co. Wright bodied Volvo 1863, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.YJ16 DVW, Blackburn Bus Co. Optare Versa 231, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.LM18 UWZ, Preston Bus Mellor Strata bodied Mercedes, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.PN02 HVX, Lancashire United Volvo 1099, Blackburn, 31st. August 2018.Brewery Bridge No. 102 HDRRear ViewFlowersFlowersClass 66, 66745 'Modern Railways The first 50 years' works 6S94 Wembley Eur Frt to Irvine Caledonian Paper through Pleasington 29.08.201866745 6S94 Wembley-Irvine Caledonian Paper china clay, Daisyfield Junction Blackburn 29.08.201856094-56087 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Daisyfield Junction Blackburn 29.08.2018D1733 (47853) - 1Z40 - Bamber Bridge66768 Pleasington 27-08-18D213 D213 Cherry Tree 27-8-18.47853 1Z40 Bamber BridgeD213/40013 1Z40400131733 - 1Z40.D213 (40013) - 1Z40.66768 - 6V35.Blackburn Bus Company, 1092 [B10YKW] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Blackburn Bus Company, 1103 [PN02HVK] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Preston Bus (Rotala), 20802 [MX54KXV] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Blackburn Bus Company, 2755 [PJ05ZWB] - Blackburn (22/03/18)66753 Ainsworth Bridge Blackburn 23-8-18.150209 Ainsworth Bridge 23-8-18.The night before a matchMoving People, 'Tom' [X322HLL] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Holmeswood Coaches, [YR10BCF] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Stagecoach Merseyside & Sth Lancashire, 24137 [PO59HYC] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Window and DoorMarchants, [YJ57XVR] - Bus & Coach World, Blackburn (22/03/18)Shiel Buses, [BN61MXV] - Bus & Coach World, Blackburn (22/03/18)Trent Barton, 0668 [FH05TKJ] - Bus & Coach World, Blackburn (22/03/18)Tyrers, [TYR2R] - Blackburn (22/03/18)45699 'Galatea' Hoghton 21-8-18.Transdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Urban Volvo B7RLE 1827 YJ07 PBZTransdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Urban 2 Volvo B7RLE 1872 BD12 TDX47746 Pleasington 19-8-18.80F23F1B-E28F-46AA-834B-B730C8B939A0A497F7D4-0BC9-4EAB-8C81-8813174561CE3C223399-4B0D-4091-9B6E-10F393FC60915FEAE13C-3CCB-40E6-A949-D4CCD34ABC7293C0D274-411F-4B6C-AD11-B6AB7FD1F5F506E961B7-E51D-4B6A-89BB-956BE6890BB6E3A028CD-499B-4471-A5C9-A0236C5CA8D9D4EA97BD-7EEA-4C8D-9A4B-645480C4C404C318E1A1-E644-43EE-889D-649AE3DEEDD12C8CADB1-3E67-47EB-88DA-76B7EC2FC4877B478C5A-073B-4962-99BB-A5D1ED4F0B7F3CF33026-2C21-46B6-8CF7-48E63737D5AF374F1A16-B5BD-440B-BB80-377A7943FE78Christmas scenes150115+150122 pause at Buckshaw Parkway working 2N99, 1629 Buxton to Preston.DSC03021_DxO  jpeg_2Moon 28th Oct 2108Distant TowerIMG_462420181018_143524_Richtone(HDR)IMG_20181017_202251_983Appletreewick 10 18Confused by the one way sign?20181012_112102_Richtone(HDR)20181009_144025_Richtone(HDR)20181009_144013_Richtone(HDR)20181009_143932_Richtone(HDR)20181009_143916_Richtone(HDR)20181009_121146_Richtone(HDR)20180511_16080020180901_133040WorkshopCCTVDiesel generator control panelDiesel generatorLooking over  Cathedral QuarterLooking over Blackburn rail stationLooking towards Thwaites BreweryOld signPlant roomRoof accessRoofSatellite dishes (council offices in background)SinkStaircase 1 (north)Staircase 2 (east)Staircase 3 (south)Workshop signage20181006_15045220181006_143219(0)20181006_14524620181006_143219Alma-Mill,-Blackburn-(UK)-2010Waterfall-Mill,-Blackburn-(UK)-2013Done the pretty, time for the gritty....48151 Brief Encounter Special - Hoghton 15/9/2018In Flanders Fields The Poppies BlowRoddlesworth ReflectionsBrief EncounterLMS Stanier 8F No. 48151 with West Coast Railways 1Z50 'The Brief Encounter' passing Bamber Bridge on the old Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway towards Blackburn on 15-9-18 ©Green SceneGreen Park Bowling ClubRoddlesworth Waterfall573-B10 YKT. Blackburn Bus Company.21200-LM18 UWV. Rotala Preston Bus.20180904_22462720180904_13085420180904_114347Sun & SceneCanopy Cleaning in Manchester - ACSUK Group LtdGreen Park Bowling ClubOld Canalside WarehouseWoodland river20180827_124641_Richtone(HDR)Blackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn CathedralBlackburn Cathedral40013 1Z4040013 1Z406V35 Clitheroe to Avonmouth Castle Cement bulk tanks drifts down the 1 in 100 Hoghton bank 6 early on 27th August 2018 hauled by GBRF GE Diesel Electric No. 66768 ©1Z40 Saphos Tours 'Cumbrian Mountain Whistler' climbs the 1 in 100 bank at Hoghton Lancashire on 27th August 2018 hauled by English Electric Type 4 No. D213 'Andania'©1Z40 Saphos Tours Crewe to Carlisle 'Cumbrian Mountain Whistler' climbs the 1 in 100 bank at Hoghton Lancashire on 27th August 2018 hauled by English Electric Type 4 No. D213 'Andania'  ©Blackburn Bus Company, 0401 [YJ04LYG] - Blackburn (22/03/18)[KU59BHN] - Blackburn (22/03/18)20180820_153453_Richtone(HDR)~220180821_09300020180820_140249_Richtone(HDR)Blackburn Bus Company, 2706 [B7BVD] - Blackburn (22/03/18)20180820_125203_Richtone(HDR)20180820_125149_Richtone(HDR)Blackburn Bus Company, 2757 [PJ05ZWD] - Blackburn (22/03/18)Window and Door B&WOld Canalside WarehouseArriva North West, 2745 [CX58EVU] - Bus & Coach World, Blackburn (22/03/18)Transdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B7TL 2758 PJ05 ZWEgarden of eden snake20180818_150105DARWEN [2] (234  Duckworth St, Darwen, Lancs  BB3 1PX) {NBC} May187AD66C86-4DA3-48F7-B90F-8E91828EC26A545F9AE7-877A-41E3-AFAE-B67FADC1385011F7B2FF-3885-486D-910D-0C643FC9AC7A87F23983-A3C6-4979-93D2-7EA45BA63044Never transport a Cockapoo and a blue paper roll in the same vehicle