Gibson MillWood carving, Ewood, TodmordenHebden Bridge - West Yorkshire .Hebden Bridge  The  Albert , public house .Hebden Bridge - West YorkshireHebden BridgeHebden Bridge - West Yorkshire-Hebden Bridge - West YorkshireHebden Bridge /  West YorkshireHebden BridgeHebden Bridge / Rochdale Canal .Ronja by Hannelora Johansson, Hebden Bridge Town HallRonja by Hannelora Johansson, Hebden Bridge Town HallBy the canalticket - todmorden joc 1dticket - todmorden joc setrightticket - todmorden joc threehalfpenceticket - todmorden joc exchangeSounds Travel SO58NDSSounds Travel SO58NDSWest Yorkshire Steam (1)West Yorkshire Steam (2)29695IMG_20171108_231109_39529677IMG_20171107_224057_433IMG_20171106_222654_907IMG_20171106_070739_44720171103_224930IMG_20171101_233016_591IMG_20171031_223549_53420171030_224220IMG_20171028_154319_72820171027_220813Threading the valleyIMG_20171026_220248_35020171025_205624ticket - todmorden joc 2d66713 6M17 Redcar-Fiddlers Ferry Power Station coal, Gauxholme Todmorden 06.11.201720171105_15522720171105_15515920171105_15494220171105_15501520171105_15330520171105_152515IvresseRolls-Royce 25-30 Wraith James Young 3 Position Drop Head Coupe - 1939Pexwood Picuntitled-2312untitled-2310untitled-2305Two For The Price Of One.Autumn Biomass Reflections.TodmordenTodmordenuntitled-2303Tree & Moon60021 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Cornholme 30.10.201766701 6M17 Redcar-Fiddlers Ferry coal, Gauxholme 30.10.2017Hebden Bridge Pumpkin Festival 2017Hebden Bridge Pumpkin Festival 201743/52Bridge Clough Beck60021 6E32 Hebden BridgeLife AfloatBACUP CENTRESummitCocottes!Stubbing Wharfuntitled-IMG_20171024_230654_526untitled-2009Large Logo Grid In Autumn Colours (Michael McNicholas)Class 156 Out Of The Shadows (Michael McNicholas)IMG_20171023_210630_199Hebden Bridge Arts CentreInnovation, Hebden Bridgeuntitled-untitled-Hebden Bridge1Hebden Bridge2Hebden Bridge3Hebden Bridge4Hebden Bridge5Hebden Bridge6Hebden Bridge7Hebden Bridge8Hebden Bridge9Hebden Bridge10Hebden Bridge11Hebden Bridge12Hebden Bridge13Hebden Bridge14Hebden Bridge15Hebden Bridge16Hebden Bridge17Hebden Bridge18Hebden Bridge19Hebden Bridge20Hebden Bridge21Hebden Bridge22Hebden Bridge23Hebden Bridge24Hebden Bridge25Hebden Bridge26Hebden Bridge27Hebden Bridge28Hebden Bridge29Hebden Bridge30Hebden Bridge31Hebden Bridge32Hebden Bridge33Hebden Bridge34HDR Hebden Bridge 2HDR Hebden Bridge 3HDR Hebden Bridge 4HDR Hebden Bridge 5HDR Hebden BridgeHebden Bridge35IMG_20171021_221929_823Lydgate Viaduct Dmu 3.Lydgate Viaduct 2.untitled-5378untitled-4215Princess RapunzelTransdev Keighley 451 K100 TDVQueue de cheval/Pony tail29437Class 155 At Holme Tunnel (Michael McNicholas)Metrotrain 155 At The Other Portsmouth (Michael McNicholas)It has a certain ring to itHebden BridgeT'as de beaux yeux, tu sais! (5)29380untitled-2009Hardcastle Crags Waterfallsuntitled-a Well worn PathGibson Mill and Hebden BeckHebden Bridgeuntitled-untitled-2009untitled-2647untitled-2009Gibson Milluntitled-2658untitled-2652A wet day on Copy Pit 2.A wet day on Copy Pit.The Wood CollectorT'as de beaux yeux, tu sais? (3)Horsehold RoadHeptonstallRochdale Canal, MytholmroydHebden BridgeAutumnHoney FungusStoodley PikeBand at the Impact Festival, 14th Oct 2017, playing in support of charities supporting children affected by warThe Old Churchyard, HeptonstallT'as de beaux yeux, tu sais? (2)T'as de beaux yeux, tu sais? (1)untitled-untitled-5270untitled-2009untitled-2009Northern ExposureCalder AutumnClivigerClivigerTodmordenHebden BridgeOn The MoorsStanding StonesBridestonesRock FacesWalsden Railway Station, West Yorkshire.Rosina Mary - Todmorden.Looking Down on Hebden BridgeHeptonstallHeptonstallHebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden BridgeCragg ValeAutumn in Heptonstall Churchyard29198Heptonstall, YorkshireMill House, Jack Bridge Cottages, Blackshaw Head, Hebden Bridge HX7 7HS, UKF44-Black Darter-WH-170917 (4)F44-Black Darter-WH-170917 (5)F44-Black Darter-WH-170917 (6)IMG_20171001_134234_4172912357315 leads the Carnforth Steamtown to Barnetby ECS57315 t&t 47826 5Z29 Carnforth-Barnetby ecs, Copy Pit 29.09.201766707 6M17 Redcar-Fiddlers Ferry coal, Walsden 29.09.201720171105_15420320171105_15332420171105_15291120171105_15282920171105_15273720171105_152452Todmordendown by the beckUp the StreamHebden BeckGibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, near to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.untitled-2009Hebden Beck WeirManchester in the distance from the Pennine Way above LittleboroughLike ancient monuments - ruins at Cow's Mouth Quarry, LittleboroughGaggleAbove Hardcastle cragsHebden WaterHebden WaterBand at the Impact Festival, 14th Oct 2017, playing in support of charities supporting children affected by warPacer TodmordenUnit TodmordenI've been here before...IMG_20171010_231125_819IMG_20171005_233132_008Brackish waterWoodland raceMill pondMill pondGibson MillGibson MillPlatform 1 at Walsden Station.Arches on the BridgeIron Steps at Walsden.Pacer Train Approaching Walsden Station.Sprinter Train at Walsden.Platform 2 at Walsden.Iron Bridge at Walsden.66751 6E09 Liverpool BT-Drax biomass, Walsden 29.09.2017White 158 At Mytholmroyd (Michael McNicholas)The Keighley Bus Company (Transdev Yorkshire) 450 K50 TDV 'Charlotte' in Hebden Bridge with a B3 'Brontë Bus' service to Keighley via Haworth.The Keighley Bus Company (Transdev Yorkshire) 453 K300 TDV 'Emily' at Hebden Bridge Railway Station terminus with a B3 'Brontë Bus' service from Keighley.Packhorse Bridge, Hebden Water, Hebden Bridge YorkshireIMG_20170929_073313_642PICT0030 Bank of Alcomden Water