66705 4M09 Drax-Liverpool BT empty biomass, Gauxholme 22.06.201866728 6M37 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Gauxholme 22.06.2018 (2)66776 6M59 Roxby Gullet-Collyhurst Street empties, Gauxholme 22.06.2018A Brush with the Summer Solstice60076 6M32 Lindsey-Preston Docks bitumen, Copy Pit 22.06.2018Birchcliffe Woods, Hebden Bridge, evening June 2018Hall Royd BiomassBore and Chip33207-37516 1Z25 Carnforth-Scarborough 'The Scarborough Spa Express' Dean Farm Copy Pit 21.06.201831207-31210 7E60 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Copy Pit 05.06.1991Puddle duckGloomy hebden bridgeBritanniaLee QuarryLee QuarryLee QuarryStubyleeBeautiful mareAnd the rain comes downOld House66789 'British Rail 1948-1997' 6M59 Scunthorpe Roxby Gullet-Collyhurst Street empty spoil, Gauxholme 13.06.201866723 'Chinook' 6M59 Scunthorpe Roxby Gullet-Collyhurst Street Manchester empty spoil, Gauxholme 11.06.201866752 'The Hoosier State' 6M37 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Gauxholme 11.06.2018F44-Wall Brown-WC-050618-6F44-Wall Brown-WC-050618-12Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 32018-06-10-009.jpg2018-06-10-008.jpg2018-06-10-007.jpg2018-06-10-006.jpg2018-06-10-005.jpg2018-06-10-004.jpg2018-06-10-003.jpg2018-06-10-002.jpg2018-06-10-001.jpgPecket Well PanoSummertime SpecialRochdale CanalTodmordenGeeseFreddie the FunambulistLarge Numbered Ped Going Away (Michael McNicholas)Telephoto Red Bank Vans At Hebden Bridge (Michael McNicholas)Diversion Through The Station (Michael McNicholas)View of Birchcliffe Chimneys, HebdenLooking down Marlborough Road, evening 6th June 2018St Thomas BecketEaves Wood and Colden CloughEaves Wood and Colden CloughHeptonstallRochdale Canal66713 Hebden BridgeBacup west - Rosso LF52 UTL/ 2781Bacup - Rosso LF52 UTM/ 2782Black 5 On Horsfall Viaduct.158757 Hebden BridgeShire Cruisers on Vacation in Hebden BridgeCross Lanes Methodist Church Graveyard - Above Hebden BridgeBacup - Rosso DX12 OWA/ 1714Bacup - Rosso LK51 XHA/ 2731Heptonstall Old ChurchHebden Bridge Station on strike day, 24th May 2018Heptonstall, West YorkshireHeptonstall, West YorkshireClass 180 Hebden BridgeK300TDVHebden BridgeHebden Bridge Station158872Heptonstall158850Hebden BridgeTransdev Rosso 612 Wardle nr RochdaleTransdev Rosso 721 Wardle nr RochdaleGreen CorridorGreen Valleyuntitled-86259Heptonstall Old ChurchJe ne crains personne...Heptonstall Old ChurchHebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden Bridge, Rochdale Canal May 2018Alan and his artHebden BridgeThe Rochdale Canal at Hebden BridgePistachio milkshake with a viewHebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden BridgeLittleboroughbridestonesDown On The FarmA Moment Of SolitudeRapped On The PadsChurch TimesTodmordenTodmordenTodmordenHow green is my valley !Cloud BustingA Pennine JourneyThe Turbine-atorsHare RunningSun SpotHare CourseRun To The HillsCLIC Sargent At Cornholme.Red Shed At Summit Tunnel East.Binliner Over The Canal.FrondWRandbib (14 of 67)WRandbib (12 of 67)Going-Away Grid At Gale (Michael McNicholas)Hebden BridgeHebden Bridge56096Abandoned single decker busThe Abandoned Petrol StationTodmordenTodmordenTodmordenLate Evening Speedlink At Hebden Bridge (Michael McNicholas)The Rochdale canal at Todmorden, with beautiful overhanging blossomBacup.CowmCowmCowmGeneral views over Bacup.Bacup.Hebden BridgeHebden BridgeHeptonstallHeptonstallDMU Scene At Hebden Bridge (Michael McNicholas)Wide Angle 108 At Weasel Hall (Michael McNicholas)Evening Units At Littleborough.Calderdale Way Relay RecceHebden BridgeClothesline 1979Hebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden BridgeMilestoneOrange Pacer On Horsfall Viaduct.Machpelahcourageous swim in uk's waters in mid-april66711_1804_Hebden_Bridge56113_1804_Hebden_Bridge158792_1804_Hebden_Bridge158752_1804_Hebden_Bridge153316_1804_Hebden_BridgeRochdale CanalHebden BridgeHebden BridgeDuck and DrakeThis is the front of a binroyd door showing the grilled la jalousie frontage by SDB Designs144016158861_1804_Hebden_Bridge158871_1804_Hebden_BridgeHebden_Bridge_SB_1804150269_1804_Hebden_BridgeBeer o'clock!55009 40013 40122 0Z03 Todmorden40122 40013 55009 0Z03 Todmorden16.4.18 Hebden Bridge 1Heptonstall, YorkshireHeptonstall, YorkshireHeptonstall, YorkshireHeptonstall, YorkshireHeptonstall, YorkshireHeptonstall, YorkshireThe Picture House, Hebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden Bridge, Yorkshirefork in the road60056158844Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Calderdale Way Relay- Leg 3Ab Top QuarryGaddings Dam Sunset150147Hebden BridgeThe Calder Valley66769MAN TGS 35.420Beauté fatale!Time machineTrue GritSoaking Up The SunTodmorden66737 4M37 Drax-Tuebrook Sidings empty biomass, Summit Tunnel west 15.05.2018Substance Over StyleThe Spring Sailsuntitled-2849Forest City In A Forest.Widdop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleWiddop and GorpleStoodley PIkeTodmordenTodmordenTodmordenTodmordenCowmGeneral views over Bacup.General views over Bacup.Calder ValleyStoodley PikeEvening Class 101 At Gale (Michael McNicholas)Sprinter Glint At Mytholmroyd (Michael McNicholas)TipperThe Pet Coke At Hebden Bridge (Michael McNicholas)IMG_20180421_234223_44220180420_135018_Richtone(HDR)68001 1Z88 Norwich-Carlisle charter, Lydgate Viaduct 21.04.201866726 6M38 Arcow-Bredbury stone, Gauxholme 19.04.2018St-James-Square,-Bacup-(UK)-2014Ab Top QuarryHebden BridgeThe original Hebden BridgeTodmordenEnd of the lineTram lineThe Dark SideWhat's in Your Shed?Terry's SchoolThe Lion RoarsGimme ShelterNo Room To Move