Midland Road LeedsSilhouette.Leeds ArcadesPylon Pond Newlands Lane Normanton Wakefield YorkshireHHA 370379HHA 3703796652066604HIA 369064HIA 369064HIA 369049HIA 369049KTA GERS97743On Hire to Virgin East Coast 90036 On Hire to Virgin East Coast 90036 New advertising at Leeds for Public owned LNER starting service on 24th June 2018New advertising at Leeds for Public owned LNER starting service on 24th June 2018Out of focus.Peregrine FAlconJuvenile Peregrine FalconRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceRachaels ear pierceYeadon Tarn trip 23 June 2018Silhouette.Leeds people' shadows.Climbing from Dewsbury.Transrail Heavyweight On The Cement.220618 1334 08405 08525 08632 Neville HillZM414 Airbus A400 over south LeedsZM414 Airbus A400 over south LeedsBiomass empties in the sunGolden in the grassGolden leaping for his ballGolden posingGolden having a shakedownAustins No. 1 about to depart Park HaltHunslet 1540 Picton at Moor RoadHomeward boundFrustration20180503_215416Hilton, LeedsHilton, LeedsHilton, LeedsThe Steakhouse, LeedsHilton, LeedsThe Steakhouse, LeedsThe Steakhouse, LeedsThe Steakhouse, LeedsHilton, LeedsHilton, LeedsHilton, LeedsHilton, LeedsDouble Headed West Coast In The Dull.Clagging Through The Cutting.Down the main shopping street in LeedsLeeds Dockpanelling from Heath Old Hall153380 155345 LeedsShiny water.LeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeeds sunsetWindows above the Trinity.jpg66546 on shunting duties at HunsletVictoria LeedsAppreciating Art 068You have been warned!SkipperHemlock in Stourton Grange at sunsetClassicLeedsLeedsThe night sky drawing in over Morley.Wasteland survivorsSunny Side Up6656166619 Derek W.Johnson MBE5420870811_2018.06.07_1_Brighouse70811_2018.06.07_2_Wakefield Kirkgate009010155345 forming the 2F09 0958 Leeds to Knottinglet at HunsletLeeds (1)Leeds (2)Leeds (4)66546 on shunting duties at StourtonSouth Leeds, 04.29am158901 on the 1Y13 1004 Leeds - Nottingham at HunsletLeeds city stationLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsScarborough Spa-1Yorkshire trip - June 2018LeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsMy Street, 30 second shot of a passing cloud.LeedsLeedsLeeds155345 forming the 2F09 0958 Leeds to Knottingley at Hunslet66546 on shunting duties at Stourton37516 Loch Laidon & 37669 head the Scarborough Spa Express at HunsletLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsTrain Please follow me and leave a comment if you like my work.  I would love to follow you back, but please no group advertisements.moton blur at Leeds city stationLines.Train spotting.29.11.82 31111 on ecs at Railway Street, LeedsWaiting for @LeedsDock Water TaxiMorleyMorleyMorleyMorleyMorleyBeautiful Leeds.27.10.82 47252 LeedsLegs Walking31243 Leeds 22.09.82A Duchess with real gritMy favourite streetdecks are these new hybrid streetdecks for leeds.. Don't rate the old ones but these are a very good improvement :)Leeds dockPistachio Rose Raspberry and butter cream 3 layered cake a gift from the wonderful #Artisanbakes of #wakefield - made my day!!!!150123 Leeds, Yorkshire170475 Leeds, Yorkshire142018 Leeds, Yorkshire43238 Leeds, Yorkshire170478 Leeds, YorkshireZZ top.54280Arriva Yorkshire 703 YD02 PXZ6650966532 P & O Nedlloyd Atlas6654166601 The Hope Valley66623 Bill Bolsover90029_2018.06.01_Leedsaviary-image-1528394078415June evening, south LeedsFly like a bird in the sky.More city centre homeless.Unfortunately a common everyday sight on our city streetsLeeds Dock by nightIMG_20171206_153941IMG_20171206_162057IMG_20171206_160616Leeds Dock - (Clarence Dock)29/07/1993 - Healey Mills (HM) depot, Wakefield, Yorkshire.29/07/1993 - Healey Mills (HM) depot, Wakefield, Yorkshire.29/07/1993 - Healey Mills (HM) depot, Wakefield, Yorkshire.70805 & 47804 1Z27Southbound at Goosehill.Leeds by nightArchitectural Ornaments-103278279.jpg29/07/1993 - Healey Mills (HM) depot, Wakefield, Yorkshire.Leeds Dock at duskMiloYorkshire Penny BankLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsCounty ArcadeRiver Aire, Leeds29/07/1993 - Healey Mills, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.Sunny side upDiversion droning6652420180601_174039Tonights Dog Walk....lovely sky and linesAn aged Crocodile Dundee in Leeds.Just what was Rod Stewart doing at Wakefield Kirkgate?Virgin East Coast 43318.  Leeds.  20th May 2018Hilton, LeedsMy view first thing today - well hello!My greeting as I waved as I left this morningElderflower time003004005006007008011012013014015Yorkshire sunsetLeeds, West Yorkshire as the sun sets to the west.Leeds (3)LeedsLeedsScarborough Spa-2Scarborough Spa-3Scarborough Spa-4Yorkshire trip - June 2018Leeds MinsterLeeds MinsterLeeds MinsterArriva Rail North 333006DiasciaPlaying hard to find70805 Wakefield Kirkgate, Yorkshire158870 Leeds, YorkshireDVT 82205 with Northern Sprinter 150145 at LeedsVTEC HST power car 43313 at Leeds665616660670002Colin Peaker (right) with German visitor Franz-Josef Krekelar at Wakefield Market.Appreciating Art 067First leeds 33487 on 52LeedsLeedsLeedsGranary Wharf 1Scarborough and District 881, A10EYD.A bright walk in south LeedsEarly evening sky6660120180601_18384820180602_003017A day in Leeds.144014: Woodlesford: WYK: 2018.04.1935018: Woodlesford: WYK: 2018.04.1935018: Woodlesford: WYK: 2018.04.19