Rochdale Canal Bridge no. 8Broadbottom LockHalifaxwyks - lte rm2208 piece hall halifax 10-1997 JLHalifax Post Office (now closed)Scar Head Tunnel and Abandoned Transport Depot.Scar Head Tunnel Portal, Sowerby Bridge.Scar Head Tunnel Western Portal.Rishworth Branch Line Former Trackbed. 1.Rishworth Branch Line Former Trackbed 2.Steps on the Rishworth Branch LineBridge over the Rishworth Branch 1.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 3.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 2.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 3.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 4.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 4.Bridge Over the Rishworth Branch 6.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 9.Rishowrth Branch former trackbed 11.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 12.Water Culvert on the Rishworth Branch.Rishworth Branch former Trackbed 13.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 8.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 9.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 10.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 14.Bridge over the Risworth Branch 11.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 15.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 16.Bridge over the Rishworth Branch 12.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 17.Beyond the Arch on the Rishworth Branch Line.Mileage Marker on the closed Rishworth Branch.Rishworth Branch former trackbed 19.Remains of Ripponden Railway Bridge 1.Remains of Ripponden Railway Bridge 2.Former Railway Crossing on the Rishworth Branch Line.Former Railway Crossing / Path on the Rishworth Branch.Former Railway Crossing / Path on the Rishworth Branch 1.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 5.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 6.Rishworth Branch Former Trackbed 7.Oats Royd MillPiece Hall PanoramaPiece HallBrighouse BasinChained swanHalifaxSowerby BridgeBull on the Bridge, Sowerby BridgeWhite Swan Hotel, HaifaxDown on to Bank House Tunnel, Halifax.Bank House Tunnel and the Hebble Valley, Halifax.Victoria Theatre, HalifaxHalifax Town HallThe Piece Hall, HalifaxTower of Halifax Town HallShaw Lodge Mills chimney, HalifaxSowerby Bridge WharfRochdale CanalThe Blind Pig, Sowerby BridgeCopley. CaderdaleDoorsThe Old CockSowerby Bridge WharfStravaigingFeeding timeSowerby BridgeHalifaxHalifaxHalifaxWestbound Class 141 In The Snow (Michael McNicholas)Class 156 In The Snow (Michael McNicholas)Atmospheric Pacer (Michael McNicholas)Halifax MinsterHalifax MinsterHalifax MInsterHalifax MInster2018-02-09-026.jpg2018-02-09-024.jpg2018-02-09-005.jpg2018-02-09-003.jpg2018-02-09-002.jpg2018-02-09-001.jpgPiece Hall Halifax 1Piece Hall Halifax 2Piece Hall Halifax 4Piece Hall, Halifax, bwPiece Hall stairwayHalifax MinsterHalifax MinsterCarved Wood. Halifax MinsterP1080307-1-2 Leeds train at Copley ViaductP1080307-1 Leeds train at Copley ViaductP1080304-1 Leeds train at Copley ViaductP2070136-1 The Copley railway viaductP2070096-1 Copley railway viaduct.P2070084-1 Copley footbridgeP2070038-1 Abandoned allotments, Sowerby Bridge.HalifaxHalifaxHalifax158787 Sowerby Bridge 03/02/20182018-01-29-036.jpg2018-01-29-035.jpg2018-01-29-034-2.jpg2018-01-29-034.jpg2018-01-29-033.jpg2018-01-29-031.jpg2018-01-29-030.jpg2018-01-29-029.jpg2018-01-29-028.jpg2018-01-29-027.jpg2018-01-29-026.jpg2018-01-29-025.jpg2018-01-29-024.jpg2018-01-29-019.jpg2018-01-29-018.jpg2018-01-29-017.jpg2018-01-29-013-2.jpg2018-01-29-013.jpg2018-01-29-012.jpg2018-01-29-010.jpg2018-01-29-008-2.jpg2018-01-29-008.jpgSowerby Bridge 004South Pennine HV17 KVP Norwood Green nr HalifaxEastbound Waste At Mytholmroyd (Michael McNicholas)HalifaxFirst West Yorkshire 32531First West Yorkshire 53301 on Route 579First West Yorkshire 32536 on Route 576LuddendenVillage lifeCaravan hangoutview across the fieldsCricket ground from abovefieldspicture perfect pitchSnow over Sterne Mills Bridge.Canalside Woodland at Copley.Trees alongside the Calder & Hebble.Snow on the Calder & Hebble at Copley 5.Snow on the Calder & Hebble at Copley 4.Snow on the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Copley 1.Copley Footbridge over a Wintry Canal.Steps to Copley Footbridge.There's a moose ina da hoose....Here's Some I Drank Earlier 🍺Old worsted mill in the valleyHalifaxBarge under the BridgeCopley Viaduct and the Canal.Path towards Copley Viauct.Calder & Hebble Canal Path at Copley 2.Calder & Hebble Canal Path at Copley 1.Flower at Copley on the Canal.Geese on the Canal at Copley.ALong the Calder & Hebble.Calder & Hebble Navigation, Copley.Canal At Copley, West Yorkshire.Copley Road Bridge.First daffs of the yearWibseyBang Road Pacer At Tenterfields (Michael McNicholas)Winter Class 156 At Mytholmroyd (Michael McNicholas)Looking down into Calderdale - Sowerby Bridge in the mistThe White BeareQueensbury ChurchyardPreston Docks Tanks From Under The Canopy (Michael McNicholas)Frosty Sowerby Bridge Station.Sowerby Bridge Station WinterGrand Central Glow At Cromwell Bottom.Sowerby BridgeSowerby Bridge 003YT 621 @ Halifax bus stationYT 316 @ Halifax bus stationYT 323 @ Halifax bus stationYT 322 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32694 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 66711 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 69485 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 69583 @ Halifax bus stationYT 357 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 69307 @ Halifax bus stationNX 53738 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 66777 @ Halifax bus stationYT 663 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 30907 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32532 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 66778 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32521 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32696 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 37074 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32520 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 69272 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 53303 @ Halifax bus stationYT 407 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 30925 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 30922  Halifax bus stationAY 1604 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 40793 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 31140 @ Halifax bus stationYT 314 @ Halifax bus stationYT 360 @ Halifax bus stationYT 322 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 30930 @ HAlifax bus stationFWY 30932 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 31777 @ Halifax bus stationYT 355 @ Halifax bus stationYT 315 @ Halifax bus stationYT 831 @ Halifax bus stationYT 854 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 37362 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 69468 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 37102 @ Halifax bus stationYT 833 @ Halifax bus stationLow Moor.P2070112-1-2 Wilson Bridge, Copley, Calderdale.P2070098-1-2 Copley railway viaduct.HalifaxPiece HallA wet February Saturday in the Piece HallBuses of the day... Been a good day in general :DMist and Snow in Queensbury ChurchyardUnion Croft ChapelShaw-Lodge-Mill,-Halifax-(UK)-2013--HipperholmeHalifaxAY 1051 @ Halifax bus stationYT 359 @ Halifax bus stationAY 1488 @ Halifax bus stationYT 358 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 37048 @ Halifax bus stationAY 1060 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 60843 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32695 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32541 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 53301 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 32522 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 60846 @ HAlifax bus stationFWY 69321 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 60848 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 66779 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 66710 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 60850 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 60845 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 37049 @ Halifax bus stationFWY 30897 @ Halifax bus station