09-BDB-216-BDK-763-BKF-954-BKF-2Manfreight Scania NG R450162-MO-841141-MN-342DGZ 7064RX07 PZDWA12 AHG80-BGR-8P16 WBSW867 CCKYJ05 EYXELE 2M51R14 ENRNK17 LFEYR02 OGHA17 SMRBusy M62YH14 XHOS88 MFSMX11 DTUYK63 UEZYN17 MVLOO05 RBKFJ15 UPOSKL 11661R300 CGBBX59 BLKRONEZMIRJAMReed Bunting3 Eastrington January8 Eastrington January9 Eastrington January10 Eastrington JanuaryBlue Tit- Cyanistes caeruleusBlue TitFemale ChaffinchChaffinchChaffinch, Goldfinch, Starling, Tree SparrowReally? Catkins in December!Carp LakeA perfect placeSunshine leavesPhase 2 extensionPhase 2 Extension (Northern) B/WFurther down the North pathTeaselsThe North path.Turret hide and the moonGeese in flightTurbines and geeseWinter coloursMute swans in flightFrost at the WetlandsWildfowl galore on Village Lake.Turret HideAn icy morning at North Cave WetlandsWetlands signGoldfinchLong Tailed TitThe geese take flightHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleRobinEuropean RobinDunnockDunnockDunnockSwans landing at North Cave wetlands47 North Cave Wetlands48 North Cave Wetlands51 North Cave Wetlands50 North Cave WetlandsThe little bridge over the beckTime to go homeTeasel41 North Cave Wetlands42 North Cave Wetlands44 North Cave WetlandsUnder the motorway, go away rainSong Thrush (Turdus philomelos)Something for the weekend?The line of orangesWhat ewe looking at?Another beautyHello beautifulLast part of the journeyYou've come a long way Andy!Farm kitShall I pour, or will you?I've stopped counting the bricks nowNot the A63On reflection, I didn't appreciate having the chopLike a bridge over bubbled waterYorkshire Outlet CentreThe North Pole (and his sisters)DA62 OZK & DG63 WYOFH VS FMYX66 NJU17-BKF-537 North Cave Wetlands38 North Cave Wetlands36 North Cave Wetlands39 North Cave Wetlands40 North Cave WetlandsP400 MCTNX08 EAYYN67 NWD35 Black and White34 Black and WhiteC17 DGDND63 HVKL999 LHL31 North Cave Wetlands32 North Cave Wetlands34 North Cave Wetlands35 North Cave Wetlands33 North Cave WetlandsHY65 ZKPOU57 BAANK13 THXFX13 EHYYJ05 FUPYX67 TNEPN17 OMRYR13 ZWFYL17 UREBC66 NNU26 North Cave Wetlands27 North Cave Wetlands29 North Cave Wetlands30 North Cave Wetlands28 North Cave WetlandsBV17 HLPP19 BORThe long and the short of itYN15 ZTZ21 North Cave Wetlands25 North Cave Wetlands23 North Cave Wetlands22 North Cave Wetlands24 North Cave WetlandsLX17 CWZMX05 DWUNV65 UVBAE14 DXFNK17 LFFKR14 KVGEO15 SGZYN15 ZTYYX15 YRCYR66 PNUYK58 ZNUBJ16 VBC16 North Cave Wetlands17 North Cave Wetlands19 North Cave Wetlands20 North Cave Wetlands12 North Cave Wetlands13 North Cave Wetlands15 North Cave Wetlands14 North Cave WetlandsGreen is the colour8 BTLFD66 VLOYN17 OAHDK14 LFGYT12 ABKFX67 NXB6 North Cave Wetlands7 North Cave Wetlands9 North Cave Wetlands8 North Cave WetlandsThe pipes and the bales180111Reedbed Lake1 North Cave Wetlands2 North Cave Wetlands3 North Cave Wetlands4 North Cave Wetlands5 North Cave WetlandsAK52 DWYBouncing to HullSF09 DXTCaveCrabley CreekST15 DAFYJ59 KNBWX64 VAJGY09 XEXT5 RMVYN61 AVEYX66 AXFYN07 BXYAX17 FFHOS LB 621Massey Ferguson 6290Massey Ferguson 5611E4 RTL & RA67 RASYC64 LNAAB16 KBEV44 VLTPE61 UXVThis WorldPower StationPastel SkyYC64 OKKSunset on The Trent4 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke21 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke1 Eastrington January2 Eastrington January4 Eastrington January5 Eastrington January7 Eastrington January11 Eastrington January6 Eastrington January12 Mud stopped camera ramble Eastrington January49 North Cave Wetlands46 North Cave Wetlands52 North Cave Wetlands43 North Cave Wetlands45 North Cave Wetlands36 Black and White18 North Cave Wetlands10 North Cave Wetlands1 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke2 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke3 Santa Post Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke5 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke6 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke7 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke9 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke10 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke11 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke12 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke13 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke14 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke15 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke16 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke18 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke19 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke20 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke22 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke24 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke25 Tamron 90mm Gilberdyke