Ennyd dawelMachlud yn y dref / Urban sunset - Blackpool142_038-02Fairhaven - 4Fairhaven - 5Fairhaven Lake & the Spitfire MemorialJubel, Trubel, HeiterkeitFairhaven - 1St Anne’s Pier - gwaith adfer / refurbishmentPalm ReaderIonian's John Allott spreads the ball-8822Oliver Fox with a pass back -9148Stone Priestley-Nangle sets up the ball-9049Thomas Burtonwood - The Taste of Defeat-9245Thomas Carelton makes a half break for Fylde-9020UCLAN Student gets creative incase of rain, when filming the game-8761Blackpool TowerBlackpoolBlackpool TowerSouth Pier, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolSouth Pier, BlackpoolLytham WindmillJimmy Armfield FuneralJimmy Armfield FuneralSt. Annes. Lytham.Windmill at St. Annes. Lytham.Lytham Windmill & Old Lifeboat StationEnglish Electric Series 2 Railcoach 612. Blackpool Corporation Transport.Cerbydau'n aros / Awaiting coaches, Blackpoolcandle-michael-cunliffe-mania-tattoo-blackpoolBlackpool Pleasure BeachSouth Beach, BlackpoolBlackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure BeachCC YJ65ETL @ St. Annes Square, Lytham St. Annes-on-the-SeaBT 718 @ Tower tram stop, BlackpoolBT 700 @ Blackpool Pleasure BeachBT 016 @ Tower tram stop, BlackpoolBT 648 @ Tower tram stop, BlackpoolBT 009 @ Blackpool Pleasure BeachOne from my mobile.  Jack frost all over my car one early morning with the street light only!BT 369 @ St. Annes Square, St. Annes-on-the-SeaSMSL 15570 @ St. Annes Square, St. Annes-on-theSeaBT 521 @ Halfway House, Squires GateBT 288 @ Starr Gate, Squires GateBT 523 @ Bank Hey Street, BlackpoolBT 555 @ Blackpool Victoria HospitalBT 555 @ Blackpool Victoria HospitalBT 431 @ Blackpool Victoria HospitalBT 401 and 429 @ Mereside TescoSouth Pier, BlackpoolSouth Pier, BlackpoolSouth Pier, BlackpoolSouth Pier, BlackpoolSouth Pier, BlackpoolBlackpoolBlackpoolBlackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool 12 May 2016-0083.jpgBT 523 @ Bank Hey Street, BlackpoolGREBE AND CHICK #18.JPGGREBE AND CHICK #17.JPGGREBE AND CHICK #15.JPGGREBE AND CHICK #13.JPGGREBE AND CHICK #12.JPGGREBE AND CHICK #20.JPGAros am gwsmer / Waiting for a customerOpenGreylag WashedDSC_0108The Trawl Boat Inn, LythamThe Railway Hotel, Lytham St AnnesBlackpool 2Lytham bridgeLytham WaterfallG-AWPUG-ANWBG-APTYG-ATOOG-AXDKG-AXSWG-BGHMG-BJXAG-BORLG-BRPLG-BSKWG-BUCTG-BXXTG-BXYOG-CEFMG-ENEAG-NWAAG-OWSTG-REDFG-RNCHG-SAWIG-SKYVG-UANTQUERY-wrecksLytham Windmill - 2Sunset River Ribble estuary looking from Lytham GreenAbandoned boat River Ribble estuary at Lytham - 2EMPRESS BALLROOM CEILINGEMPRESS BALLROOM BLACKPOOLBLACKPOOL WINTER GARDENS CERAMICWURLITZER EMPRESS BALLROOM BLACKPOOLSPANISH HALL BLACKPOOLBLACKPOOL OPERA HOUSEWURLITZER OPERA HOUSE BLACKPOOLRegent Cinema BlackpoolRegent Cinema PlasterworkRegent Cinema SeatingRegent Cinema Market BlackpoolRegent Cinema BlackpoolRegent Cinema and Market BlackpoolRegent Cinema SeatingMORECAMBE AND WISE STATUEBLACKPOOL WINTER GARDENSBLACKPOOL OPERA HOUSELytham - WindmillIonawr yn y parc / January in the parkCarrion crowCormorant headCormorant preeningGreat crested grebeHeron in flightParakeet coming out of nest holeBullocks YX57 BZMAldiPromenade, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolBlackpoolBlackpool BeachPromenade, BlackpoolCornhill Hotel, BlackpoolCornhill Hotel, BlackpoolBlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolRedshank (Tringa totanus)Black Headed Gull (Larus ridibundus)Greylag WingsMadame TussaudsBolton 86Boat 600Boat CarColour1775 RCK920TJ6760Stagecoach RibbleHMS BlackpoolGracelands, BlackpoolRace PhotographerThe Winner.Rob Danson leading at St Anne’s 10 Mile road raceSnake Eyes, by Francis GrayNo reflectionBird Reflectionlancs - clifton square lytham c1913Charnleys LaneSainsbury's, [YN65UMW] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Stagecoach Merseyside & Sth Lancashire, 15581 [PX59CTV] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Catch22 Bus, 378 [Y378GAX] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 331 [PF06EZO] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Travelstar, [YN16UAT] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 973 [PJ02PYG] - Blackpool (09/11/17) bBlackpool Transport, 554 [BJ15UVW] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Stagecoach Merseyside & Sth Lancashire, 15576 [PX59CTE] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 327 [PN04XDL] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 408 [SN16OVJ] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 360 [L600BTS] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 416 [SN17MFV] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 369 [J600BTS] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 531 [BF60UVP] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 414 [SN17MFP] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Stagecoach Merseyside & Sth Lancashire, 15473 [PX09AXC] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 533 [BF60UVS] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 530 [BF60UVO] - Blackpool (09/11/17)Blackpool Transport, 973 [PJ02PYG] - Blackpool (09/11/17) aCanllaw'r pier / Pier handrail - St. Annes on SeaWitches' knickersBlackpool TowerFiat luxstation closedIMG_20160821_173443IMG_20160821_173533BlackpoolGREBE #124.JPGGREBE #122.JPGGREBE #125.JPGGREBE #126.JPGGREBE #127.JPGBlackpoolBlackpoolBlackpool TowerBlackpoolBlackpoolBlackpoolHappy Dayz Amusement Centre, BlackpoolBlackpool IlluminationsBlackpool IlluminationsPromenade, BlackpoolBlackpool TowerBlackpool IlluminationsBlackpool IlluminationsBlackpool IlluminationsCentral Pier, BlackpoolSilcocks Fun Palace, BlackpoolSilcocks Fun Palace, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolStackedWelsh's Coaches VDL Futura2, W26 HOLSnow bunting FemaleSnow bunting MaleProtest yn erbyn ffracio / Anti-fracking protestBlackpool IlluminationsPromenade, BlackpoolBlackpool IlluminationsBlackpool IlluminationsPromenade, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolPromenade, BlackpoolAmerican Diner, BlackpoolBlackpool IlluminationsBT 413 @ Royal Oak, BlackpoolBT 631 @ South Pier, BlackpoolBT 630 @ South Pier, BlackpoolBT 010 @ Blackpool Pleasure BeachBT 329 @ Manchester Square, BlackpoolBT 550 @ Royal Oak, BlackpoolBT 532 @ Mereside TescoBT 526 @ Mereside TescoBT 248 @ Mereside TescoBT 331 @ Starr Gate, Squires GateXZ676Centenary Car 648ADL Enviro 400H CitySN16OVKReads Avenue, BlackpoolB75URNthe white ladyCK4518Coral Island, BlackpoolBlackpool TowerBlackpool TowerGolden Mile Amusements, BlackpoolBlackpool Transport - N588 GRN