View from Corporal LaneHalifaxHalifax Piece HallHalifaxHalifaxIMG_20180920_132349_947IMG_20180920_132153_000IMG_20180920_132006_724IMG_20180920_131722_89420180920_12133920180920_121045IMG_20180920_120233_090Sowerby Bridge 011DonkeyNorland Scarecrow Festival: Noah's ArkNorland Scarecrow FestivalWallHalifax Piece HallHalifax Piece Hallpolar bear with WTF HUMANS sign on melting iceberg by SDB Designs painted by Sean BroadbentHalifaxView from QueensburyLittlemoor ParkHighgate MillsMemorial to Mary Simpson (d. 1765) in Coley ChurchColeyBloody RowEnd of the road.Victoria Theatre, HalifaxFor SaleThorntonNorland Scarecrow FestivalAll in the FamilyHalifaxHalifaxHalifaxA view of Wainhouse's Tower in Halifax.Lady working at carpet loom in Halifax in the sixties2_Time_for_Walkies_KTB-img4956-1img-img5156-KTB_4986_7_8KTB_4995_6_7KTB_9525N is for ... NER 777Norland Scarecrow Festival 2018Norland Scarecrow Festival 2018N is for ... Noddy and his friendsN is for ... NumskullsN is for ... Ninja TurtlesQueensburyHob Lane TopSowerby BridgeSheep at NorlandCattle at Ball Green, SowerbyN is for ... NurseN is for ... Nelson's ColumnN is for ... Nanny McPhee againN is for ... NeptuneN is for ... NintendoN is for ... NoddyWainhouse Tower from NorlandSun shining low over Siddal #1Sun shining low over Siddal #2.Mystery door at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax.Sowerby Bridge 010N is for ... Noddy HolderN is for ... Noel GallagherN is for ... NHS 70th anniversaryN is for ... Night WatchmanN is for ... NemoN is for ... Nanny McPheeN is for ... Ninja TurtleN is for ... Naked (Nude, Navel, Nipples)More cat steps, off Old Lane, Halifax.NorlandVaccary WallsDenholmeSowerby BridgeShedsDonkeysElderberriesRosehipsCat steps, looking up from Old Lane to Woodside Crescent, Halifax.Cat steps, looking down from Woodside Crescent to Old Lane, Halifax.The Rushcart leaves Sowerby Cricket ClubSowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival 2018Hebden Bridge Hillmillies at Saw HillHebden Bridge Hillmillies at Sowerby Cricket GroundSowerby Bridge Morris DancersSowerby Bridge Morris DancersTravelling Red Devil's support-7855The Fax mascot looks away as the Salford fans celebrate a try-8047Salford defensive line-7659Robert Lui tries to stop Kieren Moss-7804Rob Lui breaks the Halifax line-7844Niall Evalds breaks for the Red Devils-8058Luke Burgess takes on Adam Tangata and Jacob Fairbank-7768Lama Tasi reaches over to score-8209Lama Tasi powers through a tackle to score-8194Lama Tasi celebrates after scoring for the Salford-8217Kris Whelham scores-8095Junior Sa'u-7722Junior Sa'u tries to get through Chester Buttler and Will Sharp-7886Junior Sa'u takes on Will Sharp-8301Junior Sa'u powers over in the corner-8243Junior Sa'u gets past Scott Murrell and takes on Will Sharp-7877Junior Sa'u celebrates-8264Joy and despair as Salford score again-8007Josh Wood is stopped-7822Jackson Hastings passes to Mark Flanagan-7997Jackson Hastings goes into score-8319Jackson Hastings gets past Liam Cooper to set up Derrell Olpherts hat-trick try-8159Jackson Hasting goes past Liam Cooper to score-8314Fax fans celebrate their try-7691Ed Chamberlain with a conversion attempt-8136Ed Chamberlain goes into score for the Red Devils-7937Ed Chamberlain gets an offload away-8362Derrell Olpherts scores his second try-8084Daniel Murray struggles to stop Ben Johnston-7704Chester Butler monsters Rob Lui -7741Chester Butler breaks the Salford defence-7665Brandon Moore can't believe the ref awarded Sa'u's try, and to be fair he had a point!-8270Ben Nakubawai takes on the Fax defence-8019Ben Nakubawai scores-8034Ben Johnston's tribute to his father-7746Ben Johnston is stopped by Niall Evalds and Lama Tasi-7712As good as it gets for Fax - Sam Wood scores after great work by Ben Heaton-7686Derrell Olpherts goes into score his hat-trick try-8171Border ReiversEclipse Jazz Band:TromboneEclipse Jazz Band: TrumpetHewenden ViaductN is for ... Ned FlandersN is for ... NewtonN is for ... NessieN is for ... NapoleonN is for ... NelsonNativityN is for ... Nell GwynneN is for Nestle's Quality StreetN is for [Little Miss] Neat, [Mr] Nonsense, [Mr] NoseyN is for ... Nasser HussainN is for ... NHS Neonatal NurseN is for ... NewbornN is for ... Noah's ArkN is for ... Noah's ArkN is for ... Noddy and Big EarsN is for ... Norah BattyN is for ... Norland NanniesN is for ... New YorkHalifax HillsWalk to Norwood followed by whole roasted grouseOld Lane Mill's Boilerhouse, Old Lane, Halifax.Old Lane Mill, Old Lane, Halifax.Old Ovenden Railway Station. Old Lane, Ovenden, Halifax.All Souls Church, Haley Hill, Halifax.HalifaxBradfordSweeting towersTotally AwesomeCalder and Hebble NavigationCalder and Hebble NavigationDSC 000144-1DSC00089-1 Help yourself...DSC00086-1DSC00082-1DSC00077-1 Field House, Sowerby, ukDSC00091-1DSC00110-1DSC00113-1Path heading towards Coley HillSmall TortoiseshellRailway between Halifax and BradfordCalder and Hebble NavigationSalterhebbleOvenden Halifax West Yorkshire 2nd September 20176134 - CVSAR - WX65 GWO - 101_24836135 - CVSAR - WX65 GWO - 101_24816125 - WYFRS - YG17 FKM - 101_24976124 - WYFRS - YG17 FKM - 101_25006121 - WYFRS - YJ61 BVE - 101_25066127 - Privately Owned - Volvo V70 Ambulance - 40122598 (2)6126 - Privately Owned - Volvo V70 Ambulance - 40135996 (2)6123 - WYFRS - YJ18 XKG - 40094927 (2)6122 - WYFRS - YJ18 XKG - 40291104 (2)6120 - WYFRS - YJ61 BVE - 101_2516234: Shibden Hall TowerCelery what ??Eye contact with Ashton Sims.Goitstock Wood, 11th August, 2018Goit Stock Falls, 11th August, 2018Hewenden Viaduct, 11th August, 2018Near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018Black Moor, near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018-004Black Moor, near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018-002Black Moor, near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018-001Black Moor, near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018-005From Black Moor Road, 11th August, 2018-001Carl Fox and Jess Begon, 11th August, 2018From Black Moor Road, 11th August, 2018What Might Have BeenReady To PounceShibden ParkFood For ThoughtGlazed ExpressionsHow's The New Bat Working Out?The Scoreboard Never Lies150142150128IMAG0242Luke Burgess, Brandon Moore and Liam Cooper-7870HalifaxView towards WykeFarm Buildings above Wood Fall BeckEastern approach to HalifaxCandleCouncillors Lynda & Paul Cromie - WreathCouncillors Lynda & Paul Cromie - CardQueensbury Running Club - WreathQueensbury Running Club - CardCivic Society - WreathCivic Society - CardBlack moor, near Cullingworth, 11th August, 2018Throwing The BatGeorge Pearson