Transdev Rosso Volvo B7TL LF52USO - BlackburnPrestonbus Mercedes 21201 LM18UWW - BlackburnTyrers Scania K114 EB4 TYR2R - BlackburnTyrers Coaches EOS COA6H - BlackburnNational Express Volvo B11RT BF68LBJ - BlackburnRosso 1720 (PO59MLU) 20092018Rosso 1707 (PO53OBM) 20092018bRosso 1715 (DX12OWB) 20092018Rosso 1712 (PJ53UHV) 20092018Rosso 1714 (DX12OWA) 20092018Rosso 1734 (YJ07PDO) 20092018Rosso 1719 (PO59MLN) 20092018Rosso 1726 (YJ07OZU) 20092018aRosso 1707 (PO53OBM) 20092018aRosso 1725 (DX12OVW) 20092018The Burnley Bus Company 2014 (LN51GOJ) 20092018bThe Burnley Bus Company 2014 (LN51GOJ) 20092018aStanley St, AccringtonRosso 2790 (LF52USY) 20092018bRosso 2784 (LF52USN) 20092018dRosso 2784 (LF52USN) 20092018bRosso 2784 (LF52USN) 20092018aRosso 2790 (LF52USY) 20092018aRosso 710 (YJ04LXT) 20092018dRosso 710 (YJ04LXT) 20092018bRosso 710 (YJ04LXT) 20092018aTransdev Rosso YJ68FVX.70802 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rose Grove 12.11.2018Accrington Market Hall Remembrance Day 11.11.18untitled-She shows the fallen the way to peace.Moving People Accrington P577EFL.Transdev Rosso 279, YJ68FWD.70805 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rose Grove 09.11.2018The Blackburn Bus Company (Transdev Lancashire) 3601 X1 VTD in Accrington Bus StationAutumnal Disused Railway LineHameldon QuarryBRCW class 104 DMURainbow over Haslingden Grane, Rossendale, Lancashire, UK - November 201834092 22884 City Of Wells Rawtenstall stn ELRTyrers Coaches YN07EYRTyrers Coaches YN07EYRBrand NEW Transdev Rosso Optare Versa 280 YJ68 FWEEast Lancs RailwayTransdev Rosso PoTN 292 YJ68FVW in Accrington working on the 464.GWR in LancashireClass 104 R00409 50455 Rawtenstall D210bob DSC_9275Woodland shootNew for Transdev Rosso and on its first day for 464 services is 283 YJ68FWH in Accrington.332303323133235332393324133253332543325533256332583325933260332623326333264332653327820181027_113931Woodland Shoot20181025_182731East Lancashire RailwayIn Retrospect22883 4270 Being tested for use as Britains new satellite launcher Rawtenstall stn ELRSR Bulleid West Country Class 4-6-2GWR 4200 Class 2-8-0TGWR 4200 Class 2-8-0TGWR 2800 Class 2-8-0GWR 2800 Class 2-8-0GWR 4200 Class 2-8-0TDay out in Lancashire :)Arden Hall, AccringtonRosso buses around rawtenstall :)Haworth Art Gallery, AccringtonLMS Stove R keeping my lovely wife Heather warm whilst I carry out final assessment of one of our trainee drivers on 45108.Market Hall, AccringtonAccrington Market Hall.The Burnley Bus Company 705 (YG52GDO) 15082018bThe Burnley Bus Company 705 (YG52GDO) 15082018aRosso 1719 (PO59MLN) 15082018Rosso 2781 (LF52UTL) 150832018Rosso 2732 (LK51XGE) 15082018Spiders by the lampVictoria-Mill,-Burnley-(UK)-2010-EV15WAYDerelict in Rawtenstall!Alma-Mill,-Blackburn-(UK)-2010Clowbridge Grey Phalarope66747 6V35 Clitheroe-Avonmouth cement, Whalley 28.09.201812322 Bury R00378 D210bob DSC_4604Grey Phalarope at Clowbridge Reservoir, Lancashire, England - September 201856078 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 25.09.2018Rose Grove 50 years on – it's changed a bit, hasn't it…20180923_164536Great Harwood Bus RallyRose Grove 50 years on – but do you really want to know…?The Blackburn bus company 229Former first Huddersfield 30821R641 HYG is Ex first Huddersfield’s 30821Former first Huddersfield 30821 and Former Harrogate & district 365Ex National ExpressPreston bus 40030 and Ex-first bus 30821Former first Huddersfield 30821West riding 164Former Harrogate & district 365Former Harrogate & district 365Ex Burnley 37Yesteryear coach’s Leyland atlantean FBS 14L “Charlotte”TM Travel Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatine 2 P337 ROO 1124Pennine Motor Services Dennis Dart Wright Handybus J317 XVX D4Pennine Motor Services Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer R717 YWC D15Travel Dundee Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown V176 ESL 7176Down but still biting.Transdev Rosso Wright Eclipse Urban Volvo B7RLE 1712 PJ53 UHVTransdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B7TL 3602 X2 VTDTransdev Burnley & Pendle Wright Renown Volvo B10BLE 1043 B3 TDVLast light on the 'Halo'47832 at Accrington47854 at Accrington573-B10 YKT. Blackburn Bus Company.60047 Padiham Power Station 13.11.1992You could be Blinded by the light.Ruin by Hameldon WoodCottages, Stone FoldDescending towards HuncoatKing's HighwayGreat HameldonSimpson's Bridge - Church - OswaldwistleYJ07 PBO, Rosso Wright bodied Volvo 1727, Blackburn, 31st. August 2018.B10 YKS. Blackburn Bus Co. Wright bodied Volvo 567, 31st. August 2018.FJ58 LSZ, Blackburn Bus Co. Wright bodied Volvo 1863, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.YJ16 DVW, Blackburn Bus Co. Optare Versa 231, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.LM18 UWZ, Preston Bus Mellor Strata bodied Mercedes, leaving Blackburn Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.PN02 HVX, Lancashire United Volvo 1099, Blackburn, 31st. August 2018.Brewery Bridge No. 102 HDROld Canalside Warehouse40012 AUREOL40012 AUREOLWeasel 3untitled-56Bokeh BluebellsMusbury Valley56094-56087 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rishton  30.08.2018Curlew, Dunlin and Lapwing.Rosso 1713 (OIG3707) 19072018bRosso 2781 (LF52UTL) 19072018cRosso 2733 (LK51XGJ) 19072018bnEO_IMG_20180904_173456nEO_IMG_20180904_181403nEO_IMG_20180904_181652nEO_IMG_20180904_181954nEO_IMG_IMG_7816nEO_IMG_IMG_7860Rosso 1717 (PO59MLK) 20092018aRawtenstall RoseWoodland shootEast Lancs Railway 4270Red Moss.Burnley Way.IMG_20181024_123956The BonfireSimply autumnDuchess of Sutherland 6233LMS Stanier Coronation Class 8P 4-6-270801 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Accrington 19.10.2018Haworth Art Gallery, AccringtonDunkenhalgh Hotel & Spa20181013_210750Rosso 2788 (LF52USW) 15082018aHalo SunsetThe HaloWorkshopCCTVDiesel generator control panelDiesel generatorLooking over Blackburn rail stationLooking towards Thwaites BreweryOld signPlant roomRoof accessRoofSatellite dishes (council offices in background)SinkStaircase 1 (north)Staircase 2 (east)Staircase 3 (south)Workshop signageImperial-Mill,-Blackburn-(UK)-2010Raza Jamia Masjid (Mosque) AccringtonBurnley_CTW0041_CTW0054_CTW0035_CTW0037_CTW9965_CTW9966_CTW9969_CTW9976_CTW9981_CTW9985_CTW998825279Ex Lothian Atlantean BFS14LFriendly catDisused AqueductViaduct pillarsFormer first Huddersfield 30821Ex first Huddersfield R641 HYG 30821 seen in Accrington Morrison’s petrol station.Preston bus 40030Prestonbus 40030Former Harrogate & district 365Yesteryear coach’s Leyland atlantean FBS 14L “Charlotte”Ex National Express 7176Wine a bitPizza shackSR Bulleid West Country Class 4-6-2Street Art Ashton-under-LyneFlying Scotsman3Flying Scotsman2Flying Scotsman137885 7E34 Ashton in Makerfield-Preston Docks-Lindsey, Accrington 18.11.1993Dog and Partridge, Baxenden40012 AUREOL40012 AUREOL40012 AUREOLWeasel 4Weasel 2Garden VisitorIMG_0503BHIMG_0507BHIMG_0508BHIMG_0509BHBR Standard Class 4 2-6-0BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T66745 6S94 Wembley-Irvine Caledonian Paper china clay, Daisyfield Junction Blackburn 29.08.2018Rosso 2718 (PN02XBT) 19072018cRosso 1715 (DX12OWB) 19072018Rosso 143 (YJ05JWD) 19072018