15911-0115911-0260087 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 21.05.2018Haslingden HaloHaslingden HaloWaiting for the call.Goodshaw Fold - Transdev 2753Goodshaw Fold - Transdev 2774Crawshawbooth - Transdev 2767Goodshaw Fold - Rosso 2731When The Mighty Have Fallen.The Red Fronted Nest Box.Caenoscelis subdeplanata Brisout de Barneville, 1882RawtenstallRawtenstallRawtenstall Rosso 464Rawtenstall Rosso 481Rosso Rawtenstall EclipseRosso Scania SolarPatchwork EclipseRawtenstall60087 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 17.05.2018RawtenstallGet Onboard... Get Online...Preston WandererThat Hotline BlingThe Valley LineRawtenstallEast Lancashire Railway (22)Out of the BlueRose Grove - 60087 on 6E32The Burnley Bus Company 2753 (PJ05ZVZ) 19042018Rosso 1733 (YJ07PDK) 19042018Rosso 2727 (LK51XGT) & 2729 (LK51XGX) 19042018Rosso 2729 (LK51XGX) 19042018bRosso 1715 (DX12OWB) 19042018bRosso 1715 (DX12OWB) 19042018aRosso 1708 (PO53OBN) 19042018Rosso 140 (YJ54UXU) 19042018cRosso 1603 (YN05GXV) 19042018Rosso 2727 (LK51XGT) 19042018bRosso 2732 (LK51XGE) 19042018Rosso 2785 (LF52USO) 19042018Rosso 2727 (LK51XGT) 19042018aRosso 1732 (YJ07PCY) 19042018cRosso 2729 (LK51XGX) 19042018aRosso 2782 (LF52UTM) 19042018Rosso 1727 (YJ07PBO) 19042018Rosso 1607 (YN06NXZ) 1904201860087 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Accrington 14.05.2018Spring in the Musbury Valley, Rossendale, Lancashire, UK - May 2018Rosso 2728 (LK51XGV) 1904201840081 Blackburn 20th November 1982.Dissused farm outbuildingsRossendale (Rosso) 1614 (YR58 SOU)66055 6M90 Avonmouth-Clitheroe empty cement, Daisyfield Junction Blackburn 08.05.201840012 Under the railway embankment archOld bark, No bark, New bark.Mytton Fold Golf Complex40012 Rawtenstall GF 5th May 2018.40012 Rawtenstall GF 5th May 2018.40012 Rawtenstall GF 5th May 2018.Bluebelles142 046 at Blackburn on 4th May 2018Dusk 30-04-2018Standard In The Mist80080 Standard Class 4 (BR) 2-6-4TMoon 30-04-201860056 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rishton 01.05.2018D213 Andania running round its train at RawtenstallD213 Andania about to depart Rawtenstall56078 and 56113, AccringtonGoodshaw ChapelBurnley Way on Hameldon HillDSC08684DSC08673DSC08657DSC08652DSC08637DSC08629DSC08625DSC08616D810 Test Shoot with GeorgiaBluePony~~ Gawthorpe Hall NTDeath by AgeRetro cameraWillow Warbler at Haslingden Grane, Rossendale, Lancashire, England - April 2018Judge Walmsley, Whalley New Road, Billington, Whalley, Lancashire40145The Swan Hotel, Whalley, LancashireThe Dog Inn, Whalley, LancashireVenus 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018Fly me to the moon 18-04-2018New Moon 18-04-2018De Lacy Arms, Whalley, LancashireInterior of St.Mary and All Saints, Whalley, LancashireParish Church of St.Mary and All Saints, Whalley, LancashirePetre Arms, Whalley Road, Langho, near Blackburn, LancashireMusbury RuinLeeds Liverpool canalRosso-WrtEcUrb-VolB7RLE-1731-YJ07PCX-180413-Rawt40 145 about to depart RawtenstallD213 Andania about to depart RawtenstallD213 Andania Rawtenstall 14-4-18.40145 Rawtwenstall 14-4-18.40145 at Rawtenstall40145 at Rawtenstall40012 AUREOL40 145 at Rawtenstall40 145 at RawtenstallMytton FoldRawtenstallWhalley Weir ( 2018 )IMG_20170527_103452IMG_20170527_103455IMG_20170527_103458IMG_20170527_103503IMG_20170527_104143IMG_20170527_104208IMG_20170527_111042RawtenstallRawtenstall20180505_124211-0120180505_143509-01LNER Thompson/Peppercorn Class K1 2-6-0Venus vs Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018B&W Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Woodland at Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Venus at dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-2018Venus at Dusk 30-04-2018Dusk 30-04-201834092 'City of Wells' West Country Class (SR) 4-6-234092 'City of Wells' West Country Class (SR) 4-6-260103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-260103 'Flying Scotsman' A3 Class (LNER) 4-6-2Moon & Jupiter 30-04-2018Jupiter + moons 30-04-2018Moon & Jupiter 30-04-2018Moon 30-04-2018Moon & Jupiter 30-04-2018Moon & Jupiter 30-04-2018Moon & Jupiter 30-04-2018The start of a new day.Rossendale Way East of Meadow HeadCrumbling Walls on White HillSpringfield Road approaching Hameldon HillApproach to Gawthorpe HallWoodland at GawthorpeGawthorpe Hall20180417_11305547853 19/1/03 Rawtenstall47853 19/1/03 Rawtenstall40012400134001340012 & 400134001240013400134001340106D9537 + D953150015 40145Kids yearsKids years56096-56302 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Accrington 18.04.201856096-56302 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rishton 19.04.2018D213, RawtenstallSetting moon vs street light 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-2018Venus 18-04-201847150 19/1/03 Rawtenstall40012, 40s at 60, Rawtenstall, 15 04 18.180413 40 at 60 (63)180413 40 at 60 (69)180413 40 at 60 (29)180413 40 at 60 (31)180413 40 at 60 (52)180413 40 at 60 (54)180413 40 at 60 (55)50 015 Valiant at RawtenstallD9009 ALYCIDON at RawtenstallD9009 ALYCIDON at RawtenstallD9009 ALYCIDON at RawtenstallD213 ANDANIA20180316_185045-01Educational Supplies UK -  Edusentials LTDIMG_20180412_073042_647