Dawn: MP6 @ Hoghton: 14/12/18untitled-Blackburn Transport 655 (V655HEC).Attic Conversion Almost Finished aFestive Preston Markets (almost)66755 'Tony Berkeley O.B.E. Cherry Tree 8-12-18.47810 'Crewe Diesel Depot' Cherry Tree Jct 8-12-18.Phone picsPhone pics70812 Cherry Tree Blackburn 30-11-18.Wings over waterNovember lightBay HorseA Siesta - Blackburn Art GalleryThe Main Gate - Corporation Park, Blackburn20181121_09403820181121_093951Sir Tom Finney Splash StatueInvincibles PavilionSir Tom Finney StandPoppyThe Great War (WW1) MemorialSir Tom Finney Splash StatueSir Tom Finney Splash StatueAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor Park32305-0120702-0140628-0120707-0420702-02Pippa in Mono365/316 IconRotala Preston Bus 40515 YN08MOF another recent repaint into fleet livery returns to Deepdale depot from its morning school duty.Autumn shadows at Avenham Park, PrestonThe Belvedere in Avenham ParkRailArmistice day 2018How much is that doggy in the window?Non Stop Oldies Badge from the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2, 24-07-2018.Autumn Stairway37219 1Q18 Bamber BridgeRotala Preston Bus 40632 PN03ULV on Lancashire County Council schools services.Rotala Preston Bus 40605 BX62FUU on Archbishop Temple duties.Ribble near PrestonMellow fruitfulness..33232332333323633237332383324333244Woodland ShootVegan Muffintree66755 at Hoghton66712 at HoghtonSt John's Minster, PrestonBrioche et champignonsStagecoach PX59CZSPreston Bus PN57NFFPreston Bus BJ15TWGPreston Bus SK16GXTStagecoach PX06FYDPreston Bus PE13JZALate flower and visitor.Stagecoach SN63MZJStagecoach PX58FXKPreston Bus PO56RSVPreston Bus SK16GXTStagecoach PX59CVAStagecoach Gold YN65XEEPreston Bus SK16GXUStagecoach PX06FXZPreston Bus PE13JZAPreston Bus PN08SVPAutumn leaves66755 Cherry Tree Blackburn 6-10-18.Woodland pathRotala Prestonbus 40209 LJ03MVZ leaves Deepdale on a Lancashire CC schools service.Rotala Prestonbus 40503 FJ57CZG leaves Deepdale on Fulwood High School duties.Done the pretty, time for the gritty....PipistrelleEarly Autumn in Lancs48151 Brief Encounter Special - Hoghton 15/9/2018Winkley Square, Preston.Carnival MaskBrief EncounterClass 8f, 48151 works 1Z50 'The Brief Encounter' Carnforth to Carnforth through Pleasington station 15.09.2018Cobbled Back AllyThe burnt out pub - urbexRotala Preston Bus 40605 BX62FUU is another recent B9TL transfer from the Wessex operation in Bristol working on 23 services from the City Centre to Sherwood.busX189 RRN, Preston Bus East Lancs bodied Dennis Trident 40589, 31st. August 2018.SK16 GXS, Preston Bus Wright Streetlite 32304, 31st. August 2018.PO62 LNN, Preston Bus Wright bodied Volvo 40609, 31st. August 2018.PJ05 ZWD, Blackburn Bus Co. Wright bodied Volvo 2757, Preston, 31st. August 2018.56113 56090 6J37 BrownhillStagecoach in Preston 47789 PO56RSU16327 and 16325204 PO56 JDJ208 PN57 NFA 11Preston Bus (Rotala), 20701 [PN08SVK] - Preston (22/03/18)Preston Bus (Rotala), 20878 [KX14FJV] - Preston (22/03/18)Preston Bus (Rotala), 20767 [PN52ZVS] - Preston (22/03/18)Preston Bus (Rotala), 40594 [V194EBV] - Preston (22/03/18)210 PN57 NFD 11Class 47, D1733 (47853) on the rear & Class 40, D213 (40013) 'Andania' on the front work 1Z41, The Cumbrian Mountain Express, Crewe to Carlisle through Bamber Bridge 27.08.2018Class 40, D213 (40013) 'Andania' & Class 47, D1733 (47853) on the rear work 1Z41 The Cumbrian Mountain Express Crewe to Carlisle through Bamber Bridge 27.08.2018D213 D213 Cherry Tree 27-8-18.40013 1Z40 Bamber BridgeD213 (40013) - 1Z40.66768 - 6V35.Close to my heart.Preserved Preston 204 (HCK204G) 09072018cPreserved Ribble 1036 (PCK618) 09072018dPreserved Ribble 1036 (PCK618) 09072018bPath Improvements, Grimsargh Wetlands aThe Three AmigosPhone picsPhone picsPhone picsSir Tom Finney Splash StatueInvincibles PavilionSir Tom Finney Stand & Alan Kelly Town EndDick, Kerr Ladies MemorialSir Tom Finney Splash StatueAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkAutumn in Moor ParkDeepdaleSir Tom Finney Stand40606-0370802 Bamber Bridge 12-11-18BBC North West Tonight Annabel Tiffin reporting live from PrestonIMG_20181021_173041TestbedAutumn in Deepdale, PrestonIn the looking glass72:18 ExhibitionMiller ArcadePast TimesOpen door - Miller ArcadeSt John's Place in PrestonAvenham LampsIMGP2478.JPGCool headIMG_4624Preston Bus Station20181017_213116~2IMG_20181016_202654_783River Darwen20181012_112102_Richtone(HDR)20181009_144025_Richtone(HDR)20181009_144013_Richtone(HDR)20181009_143932_Richtone(HDR)20181009_143916_Richtone(HDR)20181009_121146_Richtone(HDR)Spruced up gate entrance at Moor Park, PrestonPreston Bus PN08SVPStagecoach YN67YKPStagecoach PE13LSNTreeTreeLeeds Liverpool CanalWaterfall-Mill,-Blackburn-(UK)-2013Kiss me on the Mountain.2018-10-02_10-01-082018-10-02_10-00-142018-10-02_09-58-202018-10-02_09-56-152018-10-02_09-55-25The Ribble from the Tram Bridge.Wired Every BeakendMushroomLMS Stanier 8F No. 48151 with West Coast Railways 1Z50 'The Brief Encounter' passing Bamber Bridge on the old Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway towards Blackburn on 15-9-18 ©In the looking glassPreston Football StadiumCircus Zyair truck in PrestonRibble 1451 (LEO 736Y)Green Scene40603-BX62 FNV. Rotala Preston Bus.Pleated inkcapRecently repainted into fleet livery is Rotala Preston Bus 40030 BU52UWE leaving Deepdale depot on Preston area schools services.Never Mind the SunSun & SceneIf OnlyLights OutPX62 CCK, Stagecoach Scania/Enviro 15821, Preston, 31st. August 2018.PX59 CSZ, Stagecoach Scania/Enviro 15575, Preston Bus Station, 31st. August 2018.56113 56090 6J37 Gregson LaneLongridge - 'Co-operative Hall' (May18)Longridge - doorway to former 'Reading Room' at former Central Premises of Longridge Society (May18)Longridge - marking the former Central Premises of Longridge Society [2007] (May18)Stagecoach Ribble 15578 PX59CTKStagecoach Ribble 19044 SN56AWUStagecoach in Preston 18596 V196EBVStagecoach in Preston 47779 PN57NFFStagecoach Ribble 34679 PX54EJOStagecoach in Preston 18590 V190EBVStagecoach in Preston 18591 V191EBVRoe deer and heron playing hide and seek47478 PX07 HAU47479 PX07 HBAClass 66, 66745 'Modern Railways The first 50 years' works 6S94 Wembley Eur Frt to Irvine Caledonian Paper through Pleasington 29.08.2018Stagecoach Merseyside & Sth Lancashire, 24172 [PO59MXF] - Preston (22/03/18)D1733 (47853) - 1Z40 - Bamber Bridge66768 Pleasington 27-08-186V35 Clitheroe to Avonmouth Castle Cement bulk tanks drifts down the 1 in 100 Hoghton bank 6 early on 27th August 2018 hauled by GBRF GE Diesel Electric No. 66768 ©1Z40 Saphos Tours 'Cumbrian Mountain Whistler' climbs the 1 in 100 bank at Hoghton Lancashire on 27th August 2018 hauled by English Electric Type 4 No. D213 'Andania'©1Z40 Saphos Tours Crewe to Carlisle 'Cumbrian Mountain Whistler' climbs the 1 in 100 bank at Hoghton Lancashire on 27th August 2018 hauled by English Electric Type 4 No. D213 'Andania'  ©47853 1Z40 Bamber BridgeD213/40013 1Z40400131733 - 1Z40.20180821_155742_Richtone(HDR)~2Bistrot Pierre's Preston Restaurant2018_234Preserved Preston 204 (HCK204G) 09072018bPreserved Ribble 1036 (PCK618) 09072018cPreserved Ribble 1036 (PCK618) 09072018aPreserved Fishwick 7 (521CTF) 09072018ePreserved Fishwick 7 (521CTF) 09072018fPreserved Fishwick 7 (521CTF) 09072018dPreserved Fishwick 7 (521CTF) 09072018c