Cat clawBurnley & Pendle Volvo B7TLPilkingtonBus Plaxton Pointer 2 Dennis Dart R9 PLKTransdev Lancashire United Optare Versa 225 YJ16 DVOPilkingtonbus Alexander RL Volvo Olympian N721 LTN60056 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Holme Chapel 20.02.20182755-022759-042753-05Long exposures with lee filters and Nikon.Long exposures with lee filters and Nikon.Long exposures with lee filters and Nikon.Pendle Hill Burnley Lancashire 17th February 2018Burnley Lancashire 17th February 201860056 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Holme Tunnel 06.02.2018Valentine's Day 2018610-SN64 CTX. Burnley Bus Co.180207_122243_P2070266 - Version 2View of Accrington roof tops.60085 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Holme Chapel 12.02.201856094-56105 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Holme Chapel 08.02.2018Briarcliffe, LancashireWhite outYorkshire morningHostile takeover.Scarred and broken.Horses grazing.lancs - lms 12929 rose grove shedBurnley v Man City'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 30.01.2018Misty woodlandSnow and skyRoad through the snowMoorland roadSeat in the snowSnowy fieldAccringtonAccringtonAccringtonAccringtonAccringtonAccringtonAccrington60085 crosses Accrington ViaductHome made brothFJA_7881FJA_7879FJA_7874FJA_7872FJA_7868FJA_7865FJA_7863FJA_7859FJA_7857FJA_7856FJA_7850FJA_7847FJA_7842FJA_7837FJA_7835FJA_7833FJA_7832FJA_7830FJA_7886FJA_7889FJA_7891FJA_7892GNH 258F, Daimler CVG6 RoeLumbTurf Moor, Burnley FC (2)Burnley Wharf Plaque, BurnleyBalustradeWaterThe Burnley Bus Company (Transdev Lancashire) 268 YJ17FVO leaving a very wet Accrington with an eastbound 'Mainline' M3 service.56096-56113 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Rose Grove 09.01.2018Drowning with a hint of mist.Cats and their toysMinistry of Ale, Burnley, LancashireReal Ale Factory, Burnley, LancashireThe Brickmakers Burnley LancashireThe Inn on the wharf, Burnley, LancashireThe Turf Burnley LancashireWhich way??? Or: in the middle of NowhereRossendale Transport 101 Y568 LRN in Accrington Bus Station.First West Yorkshire, 32694 [YJ06XLM] - Burnley (01/08/17)Rossendale Transport, 113 [LK03NJZ] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0601 [SN64CSU] - Burnley (01/08/17)First West Yorkshire, 69482 [YJ09NYV] - Burnley (01/08/17)Rossendale Transport, 128 [PG04WGV] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0273 [YJ17FVU] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0602 [SN64CSV] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0215 [YJ12MZY] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0271 [YJ17FVS] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0608 [SN64CTK] - Burnley (01/08/17)Rossendale Transport (Rosso) 154 FJ08BYN in Accrington with a 484 service to Bury. This bus is named after the well known and popular Rossendale Male Voice Choir.Burnley Bus Company, 0258 [YJ17FVZ] - Burnley (01/08/17) aBurnley Bus Company, 0273 [YJ17FVU] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 2751 [PJ05ZVX] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 2772 [BF63HCK] - Burnley (01/08/17) blancs - lms 12278 rose grove shedTransdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 🎄🎄🎄Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 🎄🎄🎄Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 🎄🎄🎄Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 🎄🎄🎄Transdev Lancashire United Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B7TL 3605 X5 VTDPilkingtonbus Plaxton Pointer 2 Dennis Dart R15 PLKMisty woodlandHolmeswood Coaches, [YB06VOK] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0709 [YJ04LXS] - Burnley (01/08/17)St. Leonard's, PadihamSt. Leonard's, PadihamAll Saints and St. John the Baptist, Weat BurnleySt. Leonard's, PadihamSt. Andrew's, BurnleyGeneral Baptist Chapel, BurnleyBaptist Chapel, BurnleyPadiham Road Methodist, BurnleyBurnley Bus Company, 0244 [YJ17FWF] - Burnley (01/08/17) aFirst West Yorkshire, 69308 [YJ09FWC] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0611 [SN64CTY] - Burnley (01/08/17) aMagical lightCobblesSinging Ringing TreeEntwistle in the mistPendle in winterFollow usBurnley Bus Company, Dennis Trident, 2011 LN51GKD on Route 9 to Accrington in Grimshaw Street, Burnley on Tuesday 12 December 2017. Ex First London TN33048, Go Ahead London PDN3 and Nottingham City TransportThe Commercial Hotel, AccringtonSunriseFirst frost60096 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Walk Mill 11.12.2017Watching me, watching him.Snow covered PendleSnowy woodlandSnow sceneRoughleeWeslyan Methodist Church, BrierfieldBrierfield Baptist ChapelHenry Gilbraith Ltd Albion Reiver Reg No KUP 432DBurnley from Walker Hey footbridgeCanal at Centenary WayCooper StHammerton StParadise StTrafalgar mill walkway60096 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Hapton 04.12.2017Tacky Light At Accy.60096 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Accrington 06.11.2017ticket - hyndburn transport 28-4-9460021 6E32 Preston Docks-Lindsey, Gannow Junction Burnley 28.11.2017A winter scene in LancashireWoodland walk.Autumn lowerhouseAutumn sun reflections.Rosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017bRosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017cRosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017aTransdev Blazefield 2750 (PJ05ZVW) 07092017bTransdev Blazefield 2750 (PJ05ZVW) 07092017aWaterford Street.Cobbled street of HaworthIMG_1707untitled-2345Transdev Burnley & Pendle 247, YJ17FWK.Transdev Burnley & Pendle 611, SN64CTY.A Curious Consistuntitled--9untitled--2Monochrome Jubilee At Walk Mill.Going Away At Walk Mill.untitled--3untitled-Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham, Lancashire, England - November 2017Kelvin-Fenton-Mill,-Burnley-(UK)-2010IMG_20171107_161619_662Long walkLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyBeautiful sunriseUrban sunriseSinging Ringing Tree20171105_14344220171105_14452320171105_14245620171105_14214720171105_14042620171105_14022220171105_13561820171105_1400342774-03180207_141457_P2070312 - Version 2Near Nelson, Lancashire'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art'Primary Metallics' Free Your Mind Art on the hillsBurnley Bus Company, 0246 [YJ17FWH] - Burnley (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 2706 [B7BVD] - Burnley (01/08/17) bBurnley Bus Company, 2750 [PJ05ZVW] - Burnley (01/08/17)Northern 142012Burnley Bus Company, 2706 [B7BVD] - Burnley (01/08/17) a48151 At Accrington. 10/05/2003St. Luke the Evangelist, BrierfieldPrimitive Methodist Chapel, BrierfieldFormer chapel, BrierfieldBrierfield Baptist ChapelSt. Mary's, NelsonSome Lancashire countryside for a change!The houses in between...MimicryLiverpool Canal BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyBurnleyLiverpool Canal, Burnley20171105_135622BurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnley20171105_13380220171105_13373920171105_13303020171105_13302120171105_133324