Rosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017bRosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017cRosso 153 (FJ08BYM) 07092017aTransdev Blazefield 2750 (PJ05ZVW) 07092017bTransdev Blazefield 2750 (PJ05ZVW) 07092017aCobbled street of HaworthIMG_1707untitled-2345Transdev Burnley & Pendle 247, YJ17FWK.Transdev Burnley & Pendle 611, SN64CTY.MimicryJubilee Class 45699 Galatea, Accrington.West Yorkshire Steam (1)West Yorkshire Steam (2)A Curious Consistuntitled--9untitled--2Monochrome Jubilee At Walk Mill.Going Away At Walk Mill.untitled--3untitled-Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham, Lancashire, England - November 2017Kelvin-Fenton-Mill,-Burnley-(UK)-2010Liverpool Canal BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyBurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleySinging Ringing Tree20171105_14344220171105_14452320171105_14245620171105_14214720171105_14043220171105_14022220171105_13561820171105_14003420171105_135622BurnleyBurnleyBurnleyBurnley20171105_13380220171105_13373920171105_13303020171105_13302120171105_13332420171105_13293620171105_13273020171105_132832FB_IMG_150988828218120171105_13223220171105_132223IMG_20171105_1102405790 - Lancs - PN10 KXM - 005ticket - burnley x pendle electronicOrange DawnBurnley Milepost, River Calderuntitled-2009Millers of LongtonPRS 2012 artist experience guitarClass 155 At Holme Tunnel (Michael McNicholas)untitled-2647untitled-2009Gawthorpe.Fence at the end of the lake.Red sky in the morning,   Then rained all dayCommon Buzzard in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK - September 2017How not to park a bicycle.untitled-untitled--2ClivigerClivigerBurnleyNature covers the face of the fallen..Gilbraith Tankers Leyland Octopus tanker Reg No 533 WTDReflections57315 leads the Carnforth Steamtown to Barnetby ECSTransdev Lancashire United 'Pride of the North' Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Volvo B7TL 2754 PJ05 ZWAGilbraith Transport Albion Caledonian Reg No 628 LTD.Waterford Street.IMAG0171Rossendale Transport (Rosso) 151 FJ08BYH in Accrington Bus Station.Long walkLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyBeautiful sunriseUrban sunriseIMG_20171105_144153IMG_20171105_140319Burnley Canal RoadBurnley Central Rail StationBurnley Canal RoadBurnley Canal RoadSeala Harmonica Band, BurnleyMorning walkGlimmer of colourReedley Marina, BurnleyReedley Marina, BurnleyReedley Marina, BurnleyReedley Marina, BurnleyMisty bridgeGolden sunriseEvening stroll along Calder at BurnleyLambert-Howarth-&-Sons,-Finsley-Gate-Mill,-Burnley-(UK)-2010Rossendale Transport (Rosso) 219 DX12OVW in Accrington Bus Station with a 464 service to Rochdale.Rossendale Transport (Rosso) 128 PG04WGV leaves Accrington Bus Station with a 484 service to Bury.Rain on the windowMy 1950's Guy lorry Dinky toySubtle tones of autumnHospital sunriseuntitled-Lancashire landscapeGawthorpe.Gawthorpe.Gawthorpe.Gawthorpe.Gawthorpe.Pendle hillUrban rainbowRainbow this morningSunset roadBurnleyBurnleyBurnleySoft lightHarvest Moon 20017Big spiderRe-edit caterigg force at autumn105 PINE STREET[2]Lazy catPilkingtonbus Alexander ALX400 Dennis Trident V622 DJAPilkingtonbus Alexander ALX400 Dennis Trident V622 DJAAcer treePilkingtonbus Alexander RL Volvo Olympian N721 LTNPilkingtonbus Alexander RL Volvo Olympian N721 LTN78030 at the Thompson Park RailwayInclement weatherGilbraith Transport Albion Caledonian Reg No 628 LTD.Me at grasmere added rainbowPub lunchTwo classics very nice