Old Leeds employerArriva Northern Trains 144 014, Woodlesford, West Yorkshire, February 2018First leeds 35266 first day in service..Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds155_341-01Arriva West Yorkshire, 1532 [YJ61OBF] - Leeds (20/01/18)First West Yorkshire, 35234 [SL16RHJ] - Leeds (20/01/18)First West Yorkshire, 36256 [BG12YJN] - Leeds (20/01/18)First West Yorkshire, 37092 [YJ08GWF] - Leeds (20/01/18)First West Yorkshire, 33483 [YX66WJG] - Leeds (20/01/18)First West Yorkshire, 32692 [YJ06XLK] - Leeds (20/01/18)Transdev York, 3612 [LY03ZAP] - Leeds (20/01/18)Borrowed Time?Late evening Leeds.Experimenting with colourTallest muralLeeds selective colour reflection.This is such a cool kit to build :) Defo going to start a guard detachment using them :)The lampFirst West Yorkshire, 35235 [SL16YOW] - Leeds (20/01/18)Arriva West Yorkshire, 1944 [SN15LPC] - Leeds (20/01/18)Mansion House, Roundhay Park, LeedsLeedsWood PigeonMoorhenDuck, Duck, DuckPacer SunsetStonechat MaleStonechat FemaleSoon to be withdrawn are leeds Scania beasts on 18/02/18A visit from a nosy neighbour20180219_11540520180219_11540920180219_12490620180219_12551520180219_12551920180219_12552320180219_125924share_image_1519057556801share_image_1519057608377share_image_1519057622408share_image_1519057691694share_image_1519057717270share_image_1519057728145share_image_1519057755070share_image_1519057765900share_image_1519058007178share_image_1519058018281share_image_1519058057086share_image_1519058044898share_image_1519058086016share_image_1519058097878share_image_1519058109252share_image_1519058133290share_image_1519058145959share_image_1519058191391share_image_1519058202480share_image_1519058264955share_image_1519058335742share_image_1519058274605share_image_1519058557747share_image_1519058347621share_image_151905856984020180219_125920First West Yorkshire, 66756 [YJ05KNX] - Leeds (20/01/18)20160723_142429Arriva West Yorkshire, 1527 [YJ61OBA] - Leeds (20/01/18)Arriva West Yorkshire, 1609 [YJ06WML] - Leeds (20/01/18)Leeds 17 February 2018 063bwBoar Lane, LeedsGet a move on!, you slackers!Putting the finishing touches togetherHold on a sec, we're racingSeeing blueballet | leedsmacaw | leedsolde and new | leedsBarn with three green doors in Muker... my demo piece from a recent line and wash workshop with Gibside Art Group6641666513665336654566620KTA 93393Something has tickled themThe women and children have beat a hasty retreatThe near side appear to be a little more motivatedFebruary sky90039 1A22Oo erIt's anybody'sIt's not face paint, it's a tattoo!Co ordinating the effortThe heat of the raceTaking to the waterParisienne walkwaysMarket trader Leeds Kirkgate Market.185115 at the foot of Marsh Lane Cutting, Leeds66528 + 66XXX at HunsletMeadow PipitNew Briggate / North Street, Leeds2018-02-15_10-14-38LeedsKTA GERS 97774144004 at StourtonFullSizeRender-61Icy morning on the Leeds-Liverpool canalAn old gentleman.LeedsMostly first buses in leeds taken in the last few  days :D :DDiscoveryLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeeds Civic Hall, Calverley Street, LeedsCharlie Bears bunnies☣ Gas bus in leeds today on demo to leeds is DD16 GASKirkgate/New York Street. Leeds 1....February 2018..Kirkgate Market - LeedsRear of the Corn ExchangeThe Corn Exchange20180209_14195820180209_125620share_image_1518266744545share_image_1518266520296Altared imageA Walk through the treesA quiet SundayTemple Newsam at LeedsElley Cartridge DisplayClose HelmetArmour for Man and HorseOne tackler becomes twoBracing himselfPrincess And Ethel.Stalling for timeA tad highSpilled itLeeds MinsterLMG 08/15 Machine GunUzi Sub-Machine GunChihal’ta Hazar Masha ArmourNi Mai Do Gusoku Armour39222 First Leedsfake grass installation Leeds 3Caught!No way through thereTrying to avoid the sixSt EdmundsRevolvers (19th Century)Bacinet, with Mail AventailWWI Weapons60214 First LeedsHitting the deck!He still might get away with itMoving in for the tackleDB Cargo 60 066. LeedsArriva Northern 144 018. WoodlesfordArriva Northern 144 015. WoodlesfordArriva Northern 158 797. WoodlesfordWoodlesford Railway StationWoodlesford Railway StationStagecoach Yorkshire 47725 (YN10 AGV). Station Lane, WoodlesfordArriva Yorkshire 1932 (SN15 LNU). Station Lane, WoodlesfordArriva Northern 144 015. Woodlesford2018. St Peters Street. Leeds 1St Peters Street. Leeds 1IMG_7915IMG_7917Silver Sixty At Pepper Road.Class 70 On Shed.IMG_7491IMG_7497IMG_E7489IMG_E7492IMG_E7493The line beckonsJousting Armour (c.1550-60)Mansion House Staircase, LeedsLeeds Neville Hill 55H.Cromwell heads for ScarboroughIt's not clean, but he's stopped the attackA loose tackle90034 - Leeds - 5th February 2018Sunset from homeTransdev Harrogate 3620 on a peak time *36*Barwick in ElmetScholesLeeds in the Blue HourNew Roof - St John the EvangelistHe'll take some stopping from thereThe last defenderIMG_20180120_163845Sunrise over the ArmouriesA Bridge too FarFirst West YorkshireFirst West Yorkshire YJ09FXDFirst West Yorkshire BN12WODFirst West Yorkshire BG12YKDFirst West Yorkshire YJ09NZYCoastliner BT66MVSNorthern 333002Northern 158907Northern 158842First West Yorkshire SL16YOVFirst West Yorkshire SL16YOMArriva Yorkshire SN15LLJArriva Yorkshire YX17NFVNorthern 153351Riding Redfined 36 BL65YYNNorthern Units in LeedsNorthern 33300266540 Ruby665696661766619 Derek W Johnson66623 Bill Bolsover70017FRA 613030FRA 613030MWA 81 70 5891 023 0Thompson Sub-Machine GunArmour for Man and HorseSuit of ArmourLeedsBelle IsleFlying Tiger YJ14BWVFirst West Yorkshire YX66WKD