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My sisters 12yr old dog606683527769344Julia Holter ~ 3Julia Holter ~ 10Julia Holter ~ 7Julia Holter ~ 5Character on the street in LeedsFirst leeds 35521The spy?Hunslet 2387 on the Middleton Railway Santa SpecialHunslet 2387 on the Middleton Railway Santa SpecialInter City 125Splash Gordon.Jog on.Narrowboat approaching locks in ArmleyStar Wars with a live musical accompaniment20181207_20504820181207_200242A wry smile ...Leeds West Indian Carnival  (50th)Darkness and light.Straight ahead!35203 and 35213 drove this week37668 buses drove this weekIn the shadeDemolition by the ArenaDoodling fractal treesDown by the canal.Charge of the light brigade.Swan lake?2016-01-16 15-38-29 - 0069.jpg2016-01-16 15-36-08 - 0068.jpg2016-01-16 15-35-55 - 0067.jpg2016-01-16 15-35-07 - 0066.jpg2016-01-16 15-34-51 - 0064.jpg2016-01-16 15-32-25 - 0063.jpg2016-01-16 15-16-57 - 0062.jpg2016-01-16 15-15-46 - 0061.jpg2016-01-16 15-15-01 - 0058.jpg2016-01-16 15-14-41 - 0057.jpg2016-01-16 14-46-04 - 0056.jpg2016-01-16 14-43-24 - 0054.jpg2016-01-16 14-42-30 - 0052.jpg2016-01-16 14-42-07 - 0051.jpg2016-01-16 14-42-01 - 0050.jpg2016-01-16 14-41-30 - 0049.jpg2016-01-16 14-41-21 - 0048.jpg2016-01-16 14-39-49 - 0047.jpg2016-01-16 14-37-40 - 0045.jpg2016-01-16 14-37-08 - 0044.jpg2016-01-16 14-37-01 - 0043.jpg2016-01-16 14-21-57 - 0039.jpg2016-01-16 14-20-10 - 0038.jpg2016-01-16 14-15-32 - 0037.jpg2016-01-16 14-15-11 - 0035.jpg2016-01-16 13-33-37 - 0031.jpg2016-01-16 13-32-27 - 0024.jpg2016-01-16 13-31-19 - 0023.jpg2016-01-16 13-31-00 - 0022.jpg2016-01-16 13-30-33 - 0013.jpg2016-01-16 13-29-51 - 0009.jpg2016-01-16 13-22-59 - 0008.jpg2016-01-16 13-22-40 - 0007.jpg2016-01-16 13-22-16 - 0006.jpgStrum.Concentration.In love in Leeds.Miserable bugger busking on Briggate in Leeds.Christmas buskar on Briggate in LeedsFeed Me!Coupling up Hunslet 2387 at Middleton Park Halt on a dull grey dayLeedsLight up, light up as if you have .......Plume of smoke.Oi sharpey, this way!Leeds, Triathlon CityLeeds, Leeds Leeds!Top class sport at LeedsGritting the teeth and digging deepA beautiful young lady's portrait.Female street portrait.Trinity Shopping Center, LeedsDecember oak leavesHunslet 2387 at work on the Middleton RailwayHunslet 2387 on the Middleton RailwayTugging Through The Crud At Methley.The Belgian lad will come pastThe Leeds side streets that you slip downYour leader and eventual winner, Richard MurrayFirst leeds 32697 drove todayFirst leeds 32697 drove todayHunslet 2387 Brookes No 1 on the Middleton RailwayHunslet 2387 Brookes No 1 on the Middleton RailwayDB to LeedsOn the mean streets of LeedsCome on Bish!Racing for secondRichard Murray leads them allLeeds's very own Jonathan BrownleeOn the right legSanta at the Middleton RailwayHunslet 2387 Middleton RailwayA warm day at LeedsWorking togetherMario Mola, he is very often the man to beatRight hand downTightly bunchedRacing hardParks of Hamilton BF68LFG - National ExpressCoastingJonny Brownlee heads them upRiding past the Three Legs in Central LeedsFeeling the strainShachar Sagiv leads this groupMidfielders66559 Stourton35501-SK68 TNX. First West Yorkshire.36256-BG12 YJN. First West Yorkshire.36255-BG12 YGM. First West Yorkshire.It's hurtingLeedsEn route to victory, Vicky HollandBetween the signsRomana Gajdosova on  abright day at LeedsHome town lady Jess LearmonthWe are LeedsWinter sunshineLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeeds Marsh LaneKirsten KasperNothing between these two at the momentThey've got the whole street to themselvesWelcome to LeedsAlice BettoCome on Jess!Cutting out the hard yardsGo Vicky!Local lady Jess LearmonthTaylor SpiveyVicky Holland leads Georgia Taylor BrownNovember morn...35521-SK68 TSY. First West YorkshirePickle's portraitThis will be how the elite womens race will endElena Danilova at LeedsPizza deliveryPizza deliveryPizza deliveryPizza deliveryLeeds[1D23] 91119 + 82201[5G80] 158815Julia Holter ~ 937127 buses drove this week36237 buses drove this week37668 buses drove this weekGino - The Springs Leeds.LeedsCitu BridgeLeedsLeeds144021 Leeds 30.11.201890029 Leeds 30.11.201891105 Leeds 01.12.201891108 Leeds 01.12.2018First leeds 36255First leeds 36255Leeds City StationLeeds City StationLeeds City StationLeedsWhoever wants to be a hero ought to drink BrandyLeeds Town HallChristmas lights at ‘The Light’ LeedsChristmas lights at ‘The Light’ LeedsChristmas lights at ‘The Light’ LeedsChristmas lights at ‘The Light’ LeedsBig wheel LeedsLeeds owlsKirkgate MarketKirkgate MarketLeeds CathedralLeeds CathedralLeeds Cathedral46115 heading the Scarborough Spa Express at Stourton66519 + 70001 at HunsletLeedsLeedsimg16843   OJD137R    Leeds.Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita ~ 1Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita ~ 2Seckou Keita ~ 1Catrin Finch ~ 1Seckou Keita ~ 2Catrin Finch ~ 2Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita ~ 3Seckou Keita ~ 3Catrin Finch ~ 3Seckou Keita ~ 4Catrin Finch ~ 4Seckou Keita ~ 5Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita ~ 4Seckou Keita ~ 6Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita ~ 5Catrin Finch ~ 5Seckou Keita ~ 7