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Leeds. 19th January 2018.Arriva Rail North 58843 2E51 1417 Manchester Victoria - Leeds via Bradford.  Leeds.  19th January 2018Arriva Rail North 158755.  Leeds.  19th January 2018Arriva Rail North 158755.  Leeds.  19th January 2018On Vicar Lane at LeedsHutchin' UpLike the back end of a bus20171125_00223520171125_00212720171125_00220120171125_0021492018-01-19_10-13-022018-01-19_09-29-29[132/365]43384 Cross Country_IMG_008591103 VTEC_IMG_0092142044 Northern_IMG_0090144012 E Pacer Porterbrook Northern_IMG_0102150275 Northern_IMG_0082158817 Northern_IMG_0094158904 Northern_IMG_0086333016 Northern_IMG_008191130 VTEC_IMG_0072155342 Northern_IMG_0077Flower_IMG_0118ticket - wypte metrocard weekly 10-83Leeds!Leeds!Leeds!Leeds!Another nice morningLeeds reflectionsCity Square at LeedsAn office building at LeedsDrinking, after LeedsPHPSunny morning on the Leeds-Liverpool canal.Sunny morning on the Leeds-Liverpool canal.Bangkok @ NightIMG_5641They'll take some cleaningCity living at LeedsThe River Aire through LeedsCatedral de LeedsAngel Inn - LeedsStarting out from LeedsClose by Office Lock at LeedsThe Three Towers at Leeds66413 carrying out shunting duties at StourtonLeeds and Liverpool CanalLawnswood Cemetery LeedsCentral Leeds on Boar LaneBoar Lane at LeedsLeeds station South Entrance and the River AireLawnswood Cemetery LeedsArsehole For Tea Anyone ? ......Leeds Kirkgate Market . West Yorkshire , England , UKFarsleyPudseyPudseyFarsleyFarsleyFarsleyFarsleyStanningley196266061 hauling the 0500 Alexandra Dock Jn TC to Neville Hill Up Sidings + 66413 at Stourton (2)D200 at Leeds, August 1983Stepping outGaudi...... at Leeds!!Henry Moore at LeedsLeeds town hall through the treesCounty Arcade, LeedsLeeds Town HallDangerous CliffsDangerous CliffsLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtLeeds ArtHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubHalo NighclubCuirassier ArmourSterling L2A3 Sub Machine GunArmour (Ni Mai Do Gusoku)Machine Guns Old and New66503 Railway Magazine6656866568665686656866603666056661070004 Coal Industry Society70004 Coal Industry Society70007158848158848FSA 608413FSA 608413HIA 369043HIA 369043HIA 369043KTA 97714KTA 97772KTA 97772GBam0001GBal0010GBal0009GBan0001GBal0008A breath of fresh airCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-257.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-429.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-504.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-511.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-542.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-224.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-642.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-422.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-681.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-77.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-421.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-181.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-200.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-50.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-619.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-507.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-6.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-648.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-81.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-338.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-373.jpgCorinthians v BP2XV 13012018-185.jpgBrilliant ROCK busker on Briggate Leeds 1.Brilliant ROCK busker on Briggate Leeds 2.Brilliant ROCK busker on Briggate Leeds 3.ShelterRyo Takahimo Do Gusoku ArmourMail and Plate ArmourHotchkiss Modèle 1914 Machine GunLeeds 1Leeds 4150114 Northern_IMG_0104333013 Northern_IMG_0080Kyles 21stKyles 21stKyles 21stKyles 21st66413 at Stourton70004 Coal Industry Society (3)Corinthians v BP2XV 13012018-502.jpg