Elton gone.Hunslet sunset2F68 1915 Knottingley-Leeds at HunsletHunslet 2387 starts the climb to Middleton Park, Middleton Railway, LeedsLooking for some audience participationCelebrating!Wahey!Un-Marked X5Hunslet 2387 emerges from Old Run Road bridge, Middleton Railway, LeedsHunslet 2387 climbing towards Old Run Road bridge, Middleton Railway, LeedsHunslet 2387 built 1943 leaves Moor RoadBuxomHaving a good time at PrideA face in  the crowdBill Ryder-Jones ~ 10Our Girl ~ 1Our Girl ~ 3Our Girl ~ 2Our Girl ~ 4Our Girl ~ 5Our Girl ~ 6Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 1Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 3Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 2Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 7Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 6Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 8Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 5Bill Ryder-Jones ~ 9Sainsbury's always have a good turnout at PrideLady of SainsburySeeing the funny sideRhyming in the streetc.06/1965 - Leeds, West Yorkshire.c.06/1965 - Leeds, West Yorkshire.c.06/1965 - Leeds, West Yorkshire.LinkA little glance to the leftGot you first!32449Just a sunflower.Leeds First FridayOn the moveLapping it upThe parade beginsTake my picture! Take my picture!Here come the girlsMore for the Leeds Pride eventDon't worry, she was dressedOoh hello!Morning dewBalloon DancerOn Briggate at LeedsGetting the bar readySteamy.04.03.1982 - 08748 Neville Hill West JnLeeds - LondonNorthern WastelandLeeds66543665516656766601 The Hope Valley66601 The Hope Valley700027000870015Looking North across LeedsStuntman Liam4763066337LeedsBB Statue at ER-1.jpg12-05-64 TNW743 AEC Regent III in Cobourg Street.06-64 Leyland Titans 315DUA, 5227NW, NNW384 in Leeds.06-64 8738UA  AEC Reliance in Leeds.06-64 LUA446 AEC Regent III at Leeds Central Bus Station.DSCN5266DSCN5271DSCN5279DSCN5303DSCN5232DSCN5249LeedsTwilight of the Pacers...Sax appeal 2Love.Happy face.2F50 Knottingley to Leeds at HunsletLeedsLeeds Bridge HouseLeedsLeedsLeedsLeeds66752 at Beza Street, HunsletLeedsLeedsHeave Ho!He's never going to push it inLeeds DockTowers next to the canal in LeedsAsda Leeds Bridge WashtecMetal Detector Find (Unidentified)Ice On Car WindowIce On Car WindowLeeds47502 leaving Leeds on the 1220 to Liverpool, passing 08.08.19744593There But Not There 07092018-13.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-11.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-12.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-9.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-7.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-8.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-6.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-4.jpgDSCF5702 Lucas Radebe Testimonial - South African After Party - Doctor Khumalo144020 Rothwell Country ParkIdeaallotments behind inglewood drivesouthparkway / blackshops new buildsTop of southparkway gatehouse new buildsContrails or flying lizard?Henry Moore in Leeds.Through a mucky windowDSCN5284DSCN5260DSCN5261DSCN5262DSCN5263DSCN5264DSCN5267DSCN5268DSCN5269DSCN5270DSCN5272DSCN5273DSCN5275DSCN5277DSCN5278DSCN5280DSCN5281DSCN5282DSCN5285DSCN5286DSCN5287DSCN5288DSCN5290DSCN5291DSCN5292DSCN5295DSCN5296DSCN5297DSCN5298DSCN5299DSCN5304DSCN5289DSCN5294DSCN5197DSCN5200DSCN5201DSCN5202DSCN5203DSCN5204DSCN5206DSCN5207DSCN5208DSCN5209DSCN5210DSCN5211DSCN5212DSCN5213DSCN5214DSCN5216DSCN5217DSCN5218DSCN5219DSCN5220DSCN5221DSCN5222DSCN5223DSCN5225DSCN5226DSCN5227DSCN5229DSCN5230DSCN5231DSCN5233DSCN5234DSCN5235DSCN5237DSCN5238DSCN5239DSCN5240DSCN5241DSCN5243DSCN5244DSCN5245DSCN5246DSCN5247DSCN5248DSCN5250DSCN5254DSCN5256DSCN5257DSCN5258DSCN5255DSCN52591L21 1038 Leeds to Lincoln at Hunslet20180909_Leeds and Whitby Sunday 9 sept_1137Leeds 16LeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsA sick RolandAt the side of Beza Street bridge, HunsletSep 07Sep 06Sep 08DJI_0025-Edit-Edit15.09.82 47302 Hunslet (Beza Street bridge)Light show on buildings near Millenium SquareDSCN5159DSCN5160DSCN5161DSCN5162DSCN5164DSCN5166DSCN5167DSCN5168DSCN5169DSCN5170DSCN5171DSCN5172DSCN5175DSCN51771Z48 0607 Cathedrals Express Radlett - Carlisle at Hunslet2018-09-10_11-21-402018-09-10_11-20-5903.07.82 47319 at Neville Hill, LeedsThere But Not There 07092018-10.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-5.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-3.jpgThere But Not There 07092018-1-2.jpg