ballet | leedsmacaw | leedsolde and new | leedsBarn with three green doors in Muker... my demo piece from a recent line and wash workshop with Gibside Art Group6641666513665336654566620KTA 93393KTA 93393Leos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-35.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-34.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-33.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-32.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-31.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-30.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-29.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-28.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-27.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-26.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-25.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-24.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-23.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-22.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-21.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-20.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-19.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-16.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-15.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-14.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-13.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-12.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-11.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-10.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-9.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-7.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-6.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-5.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-4.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-2.jpgLeos3XV v BP2XV 17022018-1.jpgSomething has tickled themThe women and children have beat a hasty retreatThe near side appear to be a little more motivatedFebruary sky90039 1A22Oo erIt's anybody'sIt's not face paint, it's a tattoo!Co ordinating the effortThe heat of the raceTaking to the water37071+37083 Leeds 1Z33 27th Dec 1991Parisienne walkwaysMarket trader Leeds Kirkgate Market.185115 at the foot of Marsh Lane Cutting, LeedsLeedsLeeds66528 + 66XXX at Hunslet66543 + 70017 at Stourton FlTLeedsEast Midlands Trains 43 465. Neville Hill Depot, LeedsEast Midlands Trains 41206. Neville Hill Depot, Leedsinflight | leedssimplicity | leedsLeedsLeeds37034 on 33 Leeds to guiseleyIce penguin number 99.45407 at Pepper Road bridge heading the Scarborough Spa Express144004 at Stourton402-YJ04 LYH. Keighley Bus Co.An old gentleman.LeedsLeedsIMG_20180213_193550_549_wmMostly first buses in leeds taken in the last few  days :D :DLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsHarrison ConsoleCharlie Bears bunnies☣ Gas bus in leeds today on demo to leeds is DD16 GAS☣ Gas bus in leeds today on demo to leeds is DD16 GAS☣ Gas bus in leeds today on demo to leeds is DD16 GASKirkgate/New York Street. Leeds 1....February 2018..Kirkgate Market - LeedsLeeds CathedralInside the Corn ExchangeHaving a rest.20170914_20580120180209_14195820180209_12562020180209_124906share_image_1518266831733share_image_1518266744545share_image_1518266553479share_image_1518266520296share_image_1518266486854share_image_1518265560782share_image_1518265493638A Walk through the treesTemple Newsam at LeedsElley Cartridge DisplayClose HelmetArmour for Man and HorseElland road Valentines fun fair.Stalling for timeLeeds MinsterBlue Hour ExpressUzi Sub-Machine GunChihal’ta Hazar Masha ArmourNi Mai Do Gusoku Armour39222 First LeedsSt EdmundsRevolvers (19th Century)Bacinet, with Mail Aventail2018. St Peters Street. Leeds 160214 First LeedsGaetano Berardi - Leeds unitedDB Cargo 60 066. LeedsArriva Northern 144 018. WoodlesfordArriva Northern 144 015. WoodlesfordArriva Northern 158 797. WoodlesfordWoodlesford Railway StationWoodlesford Railway StationStagecoach Yorkshire 47725 (YN10 AGV). Station Lane, WoodlesfordArriva Yorkshire 1932 (SN15 LNU). Station Lane, WoodlesfordArriva Northern 144 015. Woodlesford2018. St Peters Street. Leeds 1LeedsIMG_7915IMG_7917Class 70 On Shed.IMG_7491IMG_7495IMG_7497IMG_E7492The Parkinson Building, Leeds University, February 2018ERF EC14 - James RobinsonBlanch Chevallier Grenade Launcher (1916)Jousting Armour (c.1550-60)Mansion House Staircase, LeedsLeedsBelle IsleChandelier, Mansion House, Leeds63282 First Bradford90034 - Leeds - 5th February 2018Sunset from homeTransdev Harrogate 3620 on a peak time *36*Barwick in ElmetScholesLeeds in the Blue HourNew Roof - St John the Evangelist33889 First LeedsIMG_20180120_163845Sunrise over the ArmouriesA Bridge too FarFirst West Yorkshire YJ09OBYFirst West YorkshireFirst West Yorkshire YJ09FXDFirst West Yorkshire BN12WODFirst West Yorkshire BG12YKDFirst West Yorkshire YJ09NZYFlying Tiger YJ14BWVMegaBus YY65VXGCoastliner BT66MVSNorthern 333002Northern 158907Northern 158842First West Yorkshire SL16YOVFirst West Yorkshire YX66WKDFirst West Yorkshire SL16YOMArriva Yorkshire SN15LLJArriva Yorkshire YX17NFVArriva Yorkshire YX17NLKRoundhay Park(13x9)Northern 153351Arriva Yorkshire YJ61OBUArriva Yorkshire YX17LNRCityZap ML05ZAPRiding Redfined 36 BL65YYNNorthern Units in LeedsNorthern 333002DB/Virgin Trains East Coast 9001966540 Ruby6661766619 Derek W Johnson66623 Bill Bolsover70017FRA 613030FRA 613030MWA 81 70 5891 023 0Thompson Sub-Machine GunArmour for Man and HorseClose HelmetSuit of ArmourBuses picture taken this week.. In West Yorkshire in February 2018Buses picture taken this week.. In West Yorkshire in February 2018Buses picture taken this week.. In West Yorkshire in February 2018Moon Duo ~ 2Moon Duo ~ 3Moon Duo ~ 7Moon Duo ~ 6Moon Duo ~ 4Moon Duo ~ 1Moon Duo ~ 5Leeds 5 - Leeds Central LibraryLeeds 6 - City SquareMonochrome sunset from home6661770017HXA 370550HXA 370550Not a shaggy dog.142094 Northern_IMG_0161144014 Northern_IMG_0167150225 Northern_IMG_0148ShaffronHeavy Cavalry ArmourKalashnikov AK-47 (AKM)High Speed Danger Signs☣ Gas bus in leeds today on demo to leeds is DD16 GASSona Jobarteh ~ 3