NoooNo one at Carnival wears a wider smile than this womanTurn it down!20181020_23535547642G215 KRN. The Busman, Knutsford.631-FJ03 VWY-TM Travel,653-FN04 HSZ. TM Travel.35546-SK68 TVL. First West Yorkshire. .X681 YUG-Pendle Buses.YR10 BCF-Holmeswood.YX18 LAE. ADL200MMC.Leeds ~ 5048Warming upThe General is enjoying it allA Quiet MomentLeeds 9Leeds ~ 5041A happy camperThis young lady has all the colours in her outfitSomething has tickled herA_WJN_7336WJN_7321WJN_7322WJN_7324WJN_7323WJN_7325WJN_7327WJN_7328South Leeds sunsetThwaite Mills 20102018-2.jpg2018.. New Market Street. The Corn Exchange333003185117433161704759111115012815534117047515014417047517047517047515887115890491111185129158871158872150223144016150203185129New LeedsGreat stuffHold on, hold on!Inside the serpentAbandoned in LeedsForgotten LeedsDesign for tomorrowHawkwind ~ 1Hawkwind ~ 1Hawkwind ~ 2Hawkwind ~ 3Hawkwind ~ 4Hawkwind ~ 6Hawkwind ~ 7Hawkwind ~ 8Arthur BrownHawkwind ~ 9Hawkwind ~ 11Arthur Brown and Mike BattHawkwind ~ 10Hawkwind ~ 12Leeds Town HallOLY35rc-180928-15OLY35rc-180928-13OLY35rc-180928-12_smolOLY35rc-180928-08OLY35rc-180928-07And so it continues.....And so it begins.......SculptureSculptureUrban Decorationticket - wypte weekly metrocard 5-88ticket - yorkshire rider easy rider 45pJust good friendsPretty ladiesIt's just fun, pure and simple60066Sunset at Leeds StationLNER 91107 'Skyfall' at LeedsNorthern 333012 at LeedsTom Johnson. Hat trick debut.A recent commission piece... Langthwaite in the Yorkshire DalesLooking goodA nice portraitStaring daggersfungi in Roundhay park woods10A beautiful smileOiShe's just seen her materoundhay park sweet  fungiRoundhays  hidden BeautyfungiRoundhay park at night with fairy umbrellasfairy fungi sheltersRoundhay little red gems66778 at Hunslet on the 6M37 1125 Arcow Quarry to Pendleton passing the2F58 Knottingley to Leeds1327 Skipton Broughton Rd C.S to Doncaster D.C.E Sidings at HunsletThese fingers used to clickGreat sportsRoundhay  fungi2Roundhay park tall and proudwonders of Roundhay parkClothworker’s Court181015 66778 at Hunslet heading the 6M37 1125 Arcow Quarry to Pendleton158861 at Hunslet with the 1L37 1438 Leeds to Lincoln Central66620 with the 1145 Rylstone Tilcon to Bredbury Tilcon at Hunslet for a driver change66620 with the 1145 Rylstone Tilcon to Bredbury Tilcon at Balm Road, Leeds70015 HunsletMingus Big Band ~ 11Mingus Big Band ~ 7Mingus Big Band ~ 11Mingus Big Band ~ 14Mingus Big Band ~ 1Mingus Big Band ~ 15Mingus Big Band ~ 21L people.DSC_5487DSC_543608690 08908 Neville Hill (2)DSC_5375DSC_5400DSC_5320DSC_5324DSC_5259DSC_5279DSC_5247DSC_5205Songstress.Busker on Briggate.I am leaving you.20181010_11302920181010_11304920181010_11353120181010_11425720181010_11433520181010_11473520181010_11523820181010_11524920181010_11570220181010_12032020181010_12034020181010_12113920181010_12174020181010_12210420181010_12255320181010_12260420181010_12330920181010_12360220181010_12413220181010_124147Low point of view.Walk on by.13:3910741 Stagecoach in HullDouble 36...Pickle on squirrel watchCat on a hot thin roofCoffee & pastriesSoldiering On20181011_14373520181011_14521020181012_15265320181012_15270520181012_154158Leeds 8waterblue  lakeHawkwind ~ 5Spring GardenSculptureArriva Rail North 144005LeedsLeedsLeeds2018-10-13 (38) Black Knight statue Leedssunny setting seacroft parklands fieldsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeeds🍂🍁Mingus Big Band ~ 3Mingus Big Band ~ 2Mingus Big Band ~ 5Mingus Big Band ~ 4Mingus Big Band ~ 6Mingus Big Band ~ 8Mingus Big Band ~ 9Mingus Big Band ~ 13Mingus Big Band ~ 16Mingus Big Band ~ 17Mingus Big Band ~ 12Mingus Big Band ~ 18Mingus Big Band ~ 20A & A Travel X636 LLX LeedsSpinning ... endless spinning ...142092 at Leeds with 1B43, the 1951 departure for Preston.Arriva Rail North 170476 & 150140Echange de regards!Model railwayFriendsRainbox telephone boxWeirLockView from the bridgeMooringTaxi boatDarwin Deez ~ 1Darwin Deez ~ 2Darwin Deez ~ 3Darwin Deez ~ 4Tim McCoy, Darwin Deez and Caitlin Frame ~ 1Tim McCoy, Darwin Deez and Caitlin Frame ~ 2Caitlin FrameDarwin Deez ~ 5Darwin Deez ~ 6