Local Walking RoutesPendle Hill Burnley Lancashire 17th February 2018180207_134614_P2070303 - Version 2180207_130954_P2070017_JMB - Version 2180207_122243_P2070266 - Version 2A Legacy of the Beeching Railway Cuts    (1)Way throughIMG_7823Near Nelson, LancashireWycoller - fairy doors (6)Wycoller - moss and spore shootsWycoller - fungusWycoller - fairy doors (5)Wycoller - fernWycoller - duck downWycoller - mallard manqueWycoller - vaccary walls (2)Wycoller - vaccary wallsWycoller - barbed wire and sheep's woolWycoller - treeWycoller - panopticonWycoller - neolithic clam bridgeWycoller - leavesWycoller - lichenWycoller - fairy doors (4)Wycoller - fairy doors (3)Wycoller - fairy doors (2)Wycoller - wicker horseWycoller - clapper bridge (3)Wycoller - clapper bridge (2)Wycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall, info boardsWycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall (5)Wycoller - catkinsWycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall, mullioned windows (2)Wycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall, inglenook fireplace and keyhole nicheWycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall (4)Wycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall, mullioned windowsWycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall (3)Wycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall (2)Wycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall, ingle nook fireplaceWycoller - 16th CE Wycoller Hall stairsWycoller - 13th CE aisled barnWycoller - 13th CE aisled barn (5)Wycoller - 13th CE aisled barn (3)Wycoller - 13th CE aisled barn (2)Wycoller - clapper bridgeWycoller - pack horse bridge (5)Wycoller - pack horse bridge (2)Wycoller - pack horse bridgeWycoller - snowdropsWycoller - vaccary field boundary (4)Wycoller - vaccary field boundary (3)Wycoller - vaccary field boundary (2)Wycoller - vaccary field boundaryWycoller - vaccary field boundary (5)Wycoller - lichensPendle Hill from TwistonLast Remains of The Cotton Mills of TrawdenSnowy atomAvec le temps va...Mist over Foulridge ReservoirTreeflectionsMisty ReservoirLocal Nature AreaTop of Pendle hillDrowning with a hint of mist.Reflections of derwent waterThe Pendle Witch WayColneNew Years CelebrationsBurnley Bus Company, 0257 [YJ17FVY] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0273 [YJ17FVU] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0602 [SN64CSV] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0215 [YJ12MZY] - Nelson (01/08/17)Burnley Bus Company, 0271 [YJ17FVS] - Nelson (01/08/17)Barnoldswick shool nativity IMG_20171230_0007WalkerNorthern 142012Northern 142012Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Transdev Day Tripper on 21/12/17 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Pendle in winterThe Wallace Hartley, ColneTrawdenSnow, frost, and rock A winter sunsetWatching me, watching him.RoughleeSt. Luke the Evangelist, BrierfieldPrimitive Methodist Chapel, BrierfieldFormer chapel, BrierfieldWeslyan Methodist Church, BrierfieldBrierfield Baptist ChapelBrierfield Baptist ChapelSt. Mary's, NelsonBethel Independent Methodist Chapel, ColneBethel Independent Methodist Chapel, ColneColneColneColneColneColneColneColneLaneshaw Bridge20170828_13535520170828_13540620170828_135414Happy Bench Monday.GisburnColne Methodist ChurchSt. Mary the Virgin, GisburnSt. Mary the Virgin, GisburnA winter scene in LancashireSome Lancashire countryside for a change!Woodland walk.The only way is up...Snow this morningWinter arrivesSnowman funLiving on the EdgeAutumn sun reflections.Football on the hills20170727_13341420170727_133354Waterford Street.La pensΓ©e du jour!IMG_20171107_161619_662ColneColneColneColneColneColneColneColneColneColneA tire d'ailes!Liverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyLiverpool Canal, BurnleyPendle HillView from within The AtomWycoller Packhorse BridgeWycoller Packhorse BridgeIMG_20171105_144153IMG_20171105_140319IMG_20171105_125954IMG_20171105_110240Burnley Canal RoadMorning walkFairy DoorClapper BridgeReedley Marina, BurnleyReedley Marina, BurnleyReedley Marina, BurnleyMisty bridgeGolden sunrisePRS 2012 artist experience guitarSubtle tones of autumnHospital sunrise20170924_12194920170924_12332920170924_14013020170924_142926DSC_5022.jpgDSC_4926.jpgDSC_4921.jpgDSC_4880.jpgHigherford Packhorse Bridge, LancashireHigherford Packhorse Bridge, LancashireIMGP9479IMGP9475IMGP9471IMGP9470IMGP9469IMGP9464IMGP9463IMGP9455IMGP9452IMGP9451IMGP9450IMGP9449IMGP9448IMGP9446IMGP9443IMGP9442IMGP9441IMGP9440IMGP9439IMGP9438IMGP9437IMGP9436IMGP9434IMGP9432IMGP9431IMGP9429IMGP9427Lancashire and first bradford 60853Lancashire and first bradford 60853Lancashire and first bradford 6085320170924_12182420170924_12194920170924_12225920170924_12231720170924_12322020170924_13585320170924_135948180207_130927_P2070015_JMB - Version 2crook roofWhich way??? Or: in the middle of NowhereBurnley Bus Company, 0264 [YJ17FVK] - Nelson (01/08/17)Reedley Marina, BurnleyPennine Barn, near Downham, LancashireBeautiful AutumnLancashire landscapeFence at the end of the lake.Pendle hillHow not to park a bicycle.Nature covers the face of the fallen..My Mobilgas petrol tanker Dinky toy20170924_12323120170924_12332920170924_12511720170924_135437