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BaildonRobin in the Snow, Gill Beck, BaildonUp the ChevinBaildon MoorHeading for Harrogate.Mr & Mrs Chomsky-1000 SP.jpgRobin Red BreastSal’s birthday cake for Alex and Ellie3526135261Mrs Chomsky-1.jpgLook Back in Hunger.Watching DogEbony.Dead tree roots slithering in the mud like a slimey nest of snakesCow & Calf Rocks, IlkleyBeware of the GullsCow & Calf 07022018-1.jpgCC as AA-2.jpgOtley 15022018-3.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-45.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-44.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-43.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-42.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-41.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-40.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-38.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-36.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-35.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-34.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-32.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-28.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-26.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-27.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-24.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-22.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-23.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-20.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-19.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-18.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-17.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-15.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-13.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-11.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-12.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-10.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-9.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-8.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-7.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-4.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-1.jpgLeeds Uni v Ilkley Town 13022018-2.jpgOtley-5.jpgOtley-3.jpgOtley-2.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-23.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-16.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-7.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-6.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-5.jpgGolden Acre Park-30Golden Acre Park-35Golden Acre Park-37Adel Dam-51Adel Dam-52Adel Dam-60Adel Dam-62Adel Dam-64Adel Dam-66Mandarin Duck, Aix galericulataMallard, Anas platyrhynchosGreat Spotted Woodpecker, Dendrocopos majorHorsforthYeadonJRG OOB 1.jpgEN0A5333.jpgEN0A5321.jpgEN0A5294.jpgEN0A5248.jpgEN0A5218.jpgEN0A5175.jpgEN0A5162.jpgEN0A5142.jpgEN0A5068.jpgEN0A5048.jpgEN0A5016.jpgNo way through for pedestriansBlackbirdEN0A3594.jpgEN0A3341.jpgEN0A3311.jpgEN0A3308.jpgG-GDFG20180308_16372520180317_13034120180317_131103333014YX66 WAO-Fourways Coaches. Enviro200. Leeds. 14 March 2018.TinshillGraffiti22/2/18 Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire22/2/18 Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor, West YorkshireLord of the Flies (2018)Cow & Calf 07022018-4.jpgOtley-6.jpgDe-Icer at Leeds Bradford AirportWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-27.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-26.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-25.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-24.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-22.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-21.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-18.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-15.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-13.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-12.jpgWPL3XV v BP2XV 10022018-9.jpgGolden Acre Park-23Golden Acre Park-26Golden Acre Park-27Golden Acre Park-28Golden Acre Park-31Adel Dam-68Ireland WoodA Day out with the drones in Yorkshire, His n HersA Day out with the drones in Yorkshire, His n Hers333006View From The CabEnd Of The RoadTimble InnClifton nr Otley  Sat MorningOtleyFemale Goosander and chics.Pattern drawn by a home made Micro:bit buggy using a simple loop of JavaScript function blocks333002 Baildon 27.01.2018Nissan GTRYucky weatherGuiseley 0-0 Boreham Wood, 17/18EN0A3559.jpgEN0A3545.jpgEN0A3535.jpgEN0A3517.jpgEN0A3501.jpgEN0A3463.jpgEN0A3407.jpgEN0A3356.jpgEN0A3260.jpg333015333015333015333016333016BirdG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFGG-GDFOG-GDFOG-GDFOG-GDFOG-GDFOG-GDFOG-PRPOG-PRPOG-PRPOIMG_8585IMG_8589IMG_8591IMG_8592IMG_8594IMG_8595IMG_8596IMG_8600IMG_8601IMG_8602IMG_8603IMG_8604IMG_8605IMG_8606IMG_8607IMG_8610IMG_8611IMG_8612IMG_8614IMG_8615IMG_8616IMG_8617IMG_8618IMG_8619IMG_8620IMG_8621IMG_8622IMG_8623IMG_8624IMG_8626