A Brief GlimpseA Brief PassSpick And SpanA Brief Encounter With SunshineTosside. Wednesday 7th February 2018.untitled-_edited-166097 6E97 Newbiggin-Tees Dock empty gypsum, Long Preston 05.09.2018British Railways 47285LMS 5407British Railways 92220 EVENING STARAug 2866421 6K05 Carlisle-Crewe engineers, Long Preston 31.08.201866761 starts the slog from Settle Junction3 Decker PulpitFour Poster Shed31415,,66116 Settle JunctionSettle Semaphores66761 and its shadow at Settle JunctionAug 1460021/70813Jul 7837668 37516 Long Preston 1Z21 (1DX_0171)66304 Settle Junction 6K05 (8753)66423 - 6X05.Out To Pasture35018 British India Line37 601 and 50 00766745 6S94 Wembley-Irvine Caledonian Paper china clay, Long Preston 23.05.2018untitled-1988.06.28.18 Plough Inn1988.06.28.16 Plough InnSettle Junction.43014 43013 Long Preston 1Q13Cheeky cow...Boland StreamThe Way To Go66756 'Royal Corps of Signals' 6M37 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Tommy Hall's Barn Long Preston 15.12.201766144 6E95 Newbiggin-Hull empty gypsum, Long Preston 15.12.201766144 6E95 Newbiggin-Hull empty gypsum, Settle 15.12.201766160 6E95 Newbiggin-Hull empty gypsum, Long Preston 08.12.2017Settle JunctionLythe FellFreight on the S&C.This Way66111 4M00 Mossend-Clitheroe empty cement, Long Preston 15.09.2017LMS Jubilee Class 45690 'Leander'40145 1Z21 Carnforth-Scarborough, Long Preston 24.08.201735018 5M50 Carnforth-Carnforth via Blackburn loaded test run, Tommy Hall's Barn Long Preston 17.08.201766754 6M38 Arcow Quarry-Bredbury stone, Long Preston 17.08.2017150203 Giggleswick, YorkshireUK - Settle Junction - 66 426 - DRS 6Q30 12.46 Carlisle Yard - Crewe Basford HallThe return Settle JunctionBig log train.Settle for Peg-EcstasyButterfly at Little BarnNot A Lot Right With This Picture.66779 6M37 Long PrestonWheel Wall - Mono.Loaded test run.1Q13Valley ViewYorkshire Landscape with Field Barn and Forest - Near Wigglesworth.Lancashire Field Barn in MonoLancashire Field Barn - Near Paythorne, Lancs.Boland StreamRuined Barn on Clapham Common66750 6M33 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Long Preston 01.03.2017Steak and Mash Boars Head Long Preston NYForest Of Bowland, UK37140 6M90 Milford-Carlisle coaltainers, Settle Junction 09.05.1998Amongst the PuddlesThe Fellsman - LNER PowerA rousing start.The Duke.untitled-_edited-246229 Settle Jct 1980 Keith Sanders47245 Settle Junction66116 approaches Settle JunctionAug 13Fence on Saddle FellTeenley Croft, Wigglesworth, Skipton BD23 4RW, UKRathmell, Settle BD24 0LQ, UK66304 Long Preston 6C89 (9071)Jun 7366 728 - 6M38 - Long Preston 19-6-201845212 5M50 Giggleswick 19-6-201845212 5M50 Long Preston 19-6-201845212 5M50 Long Preston 19-6-2018Jun 1066432 - 6K73 - Long Preston82 227144 02291 10366727 6M37 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Long Preston 23.05.201860103 5Z60 - Tommy Hall's Barn - 17/5/201837421-37254 1Z83 Carnforth-Derby test train, Tommy Halls Barn Long Preston 18.05.2018Grimpette !Settle Junction Signal Box & DMU no.144001 The Penistone LineSettle Junction Signal Box66727 6M31 Hexthorpe-Arcow Quarry empty stone, Long Preston 09.05.2018Hoots Macdonald. Leg Injury. Gisburn Forest. Feb 2014MIND YOUR HEADSide-on A4 On Giggleswick Bank.The Quick Way From Cheshire To North YorkshireBacking A WinnerFull Bling At Long Preston.Settle to Carlisle Railway journey, Yorkshire, EnglandDouble Headed Hoovers At Long Preston (2)Double Headed Hoovers At Long Preston (1)Merrybent Hill6X05 Among The Bracken.The Logs In The Cutting.Up the Hill to Blea Moormushrooms66168 4M00 Mossend-Clitheroe empty cement, leaving Settle 19.03.2018Late RunnerMar 05Mar 03180224_140134_P2240472 - Version 2Tosside CrossroadsPostbox BD23 89Postbox BD23 67180224_154810_P2240569 - Version 2180224_154748_P2240520 - Version 2180224_154747_P2240517 - Version 2180224_154648_P2240509 - Version 2180224_154646_P2240506 - Version 2180224_154644_P2240504 - Version 2180224_154614_P2240496 - Version 2180224_154338_P2240483 - Version 2PICT0043 Dunsop FellPICT0044 House Lane, SlaidburnPICT0039 New Bridge, Roman Road, Croasdale FellPICT0042 Hind Slack Rig, Croasdale FellPICT0041 Roman Road, Croasdale FellPICT0040 Croasdale Fell, Lancashire20173/20100, Settle Junction, March 1989untitled-70000 Brittania - Hellifield 2-3-1370000 Brittania - Hellifield 2-3-13The Flying Banana!The Flying Banana!DSC_380566104 4M00 Mossend-Clitheroe empty cement, Settle 08.01.2018 - CopyHalsteads Farm and IngleboroughStocks Reservoir and Bowland KnottsChristmas 2017A nice day outGypsum And A Sprinking Of Snow.Passing The Pacer.4472 Flying Scotsman Leaves Settle Junction. 27/04/199148151 Santa Special Long Preston 3/12/201748151 Santa Special Long Preston 3/12/201768030 6K05 Carlisle-Crewe engineers, Long Preston 16.11.201760085 6J37 Carlisle-Chirk Kronospan, Long Preston 16.11.2017Bolton by Bolanduntitled-5untitled-2288untitled-2285IMG_20170910_094943Sprinter and SemaphoresLong Preston, Pre Worboys Direction Road SignWigglesworth, Pre Worboys Direction Road SignLMS Jubilee Class 45690 'Leander'Class 158, 158792SlaidburnSlaidburnWhistle While you WorkBack To The Future4498 Sir Nigel Gresley accelerates away from Settle Junction.Approaching Hellifield66156 Long Preston, YorkshireA Step-UpSettle Junction North Yorkshire 11th July 2017Settle Junction North Yorkshire 11th July 2017Return of 'The Waverley'20170708_06433020170708_06514820170708_071155_HDRIMG_20170708_064913_72966748 Settle JunctionSettle Junction1Z45 0833 York - Carlisle 'The Dalesman' 19-06-1770000 Settle Jcn.  03/12/1994IMG_2157IMG_2158ChickenChickenSunset over young willow treesuntitled-1467untitled-1416untitled-1377May 73May 8766779 6M37 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Long Preston 11.05.2017Bolton-by-BowlandGWUK - Hark To Bounty, Slaidburn, Post 1974 Lancashire47580 Long PrestonWest Coast Railways ECS66719 Long PrestonStocks Reservoir walkStocks Reservoir walkStocks Reservoir walk117. Hike and Beer Thursday 27.04.17Old Cow ShedIMG_20170401_13583460103 LONG PRESTON 2Settle to Carlisle Railway (86)Settle to Carlisle Railway (87)Aire Valley Railway  (81)Aire Valley Railway  (82)Aire Valley Railway  (85)gisburn forest 😎 #abroadliving #cyclingphotos #cyclinglife #mountainbiking #mountainbiker #focusraven29er #focusbikes #jiwabasikal #imcyclist #cyclingdad #greatbritain #unitedkingdomFlying Scotsman - Settle to Carlisle Re-opening Special 31/03/17Mar 73War memorial at Slaidburn66724 6M33 Arcow Quarry-Pendleton stone, Anley Crag Settle 15.03.2017Eyesore on DovenanterPassing Trains Across The Fields (Michael McNicholas)66066 6E53 Ribblehead-Hunslet stone, Long Preston 22.02.20172Z22 0825 Appleby - Skipton 16-02-1760163 'Tornado'Giggleswick station Spring 1984Settle Junction.37142-37520 6M90 Milford-Carlisle coaltainers, Settle Junction 06.07.1996SolitudeFrosty Morning In Settle47xxx @ Settle Junction 1988Ribble Valley misty morningRibblehead ViaductWinter Stone At Tommy Hall's Barn.A Derelict Farm High on the MoorsPostbox BD23 82DSCN1453DSCN1440Slaidburn, a Rural Time Capsule.Slaidburn Main Street.A Last Resort Evening Meal.A Meal Fit For a King.Gisburn Forest MTB trail. #autumnlandscape #livelovecreate @gisburnforesthubIt's not Endurocross through the Andalucía Mountains but still awesome. @gisburnforesthub #orangefive #orangebikes #mtbuk #livelovecreate