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Shields DownNight 1Night 6Night SkyNight TrafficOld Canal LocksStill WaterEvening TrafficChololate Stout Evening 2Fire sky at marinaCarnforth StationCCE -45736CCE -45737CCE -4569120170923_14530520170923_145310Bearded TitBearded TitBearded TitBearded Titdunnock 23 2017cormorant 19 2017heron 12 2017 in flightlapwing 42 2017marsh tit 11 2017redshank 86 2017snipe 62 2017snipe 64 2017 wingssnipe 70 2017snipe 71 2017lapwing 43 2017lapwing 46 2017little egret 50 2017 with fishnuthatch 37 2017 headlittle egret 55 2017 in flightredshank 93 2017redshank 96 2017snipe 59 2017snipe 68 2017snipe 75 2017snipe 76 2017 tailwagtail 1 2017Monster skull.Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire Optare Solo SR YD63 VKLKirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire Optare Solo SR YD63 VKLlapwing 39 2017little egret 53 2017 headlittle egret 51 2017marsh tit 13 2017meadow pipet 79 2017nuthatch 32 2017nuthatch 33 2017redshank 90 2017redshank 92 2017snipe 54 2017 tailsnipe 55 2017 tailSun bathing RobinBrief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (8) extraBrief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (9)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (8)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (6)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (5)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (4)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (3)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (1)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (2)Brief Encounter Carnforth Station Then and Now (7)Purple Heron RSPB Silverdale D210bob DSC_6310Robin RSPB Silverdale D210bob DSC_6452Purple Heron RSPB Silverdale D210bob DSC_6353401454014540145IMG_7035IMG_7037IMG_7046Robin RSPB Silverdale D210bob DSC_5963IMG_6999Carnforth Station61306 6960 4079 Greylag RSPB Silverdale DSC_3558350404 Pond Street Carnforth D210bob DSC_7931Brown HairstreakBrimstoneBrown HairstreakPurple HeronHornby Castle WeirSILVER, 1928 FORD MODEL A SV 4239SILVER, 1970 FORD ESCORT MKI FLK 933JGREEN, 1962 THAMES 5CWT VAN 613 HWPCREAM AND MAROON, 1948 FORDSON VAN JM 7880MAROON, 1961 FORD CONSUL MKII 422 VTEBLUE, 1960 FORD ANGLIA 105E 217 UXTGREEN, 1963 FORD CONSUL CLASSIC 669 DBOWHITE, 1963 FORD ZODIAC MKIII 5523 RURED, 1995 FORD PROBE M805 YLVRED, 1977 FORD ESCORT MKII SUA 689RBLUE, 1970 FORD ZEPHYR MKIV V4 CWX 346HGREEN, 1974 FORD ESCORT MKI STJ 680MBLUE, 1968 FORD ESCORT MKI DELUXE JTC 60FGOLD, 1982 FORD CAPRI OMG 340XGOLD, 1981 FORD CAPRI FEC 22WSILVER, 1981 FORD CAPRI AKF 243XGOLD, 1980 FORD ESCORT MKII KAW 206VGREY, 1959 FORD ZEPHYR MKII LBR 457GOLD, 1983 FORD SIERRA L A657 KNDGOLD, 1981 FORD ESCORT MKIII RMX 444XBLUE, 1975 FORD ESCORT RS 2000 HIA 7513WHITE, 1974 FORD ESCORT MKI SJM 813MRED, FORD ESCORT MKII RS CUSTOMBLUE, 1968 FORD CORTINA MKII CONVERTIBLE MUJ 789FCREAM AND MAROON, 1948 FORDSON VAN JM 7880GREEN, 1962 THAMES 5CWT VAN 613 HWPSILVER, 1976 FORD ESCORT 1600 GHIA NNB 666PBLUE, 1971 FORD ESCORT MKI MEXICO UFR 909KGREEN, 1987 FORD CAPRI 280 E307 HJFOtterpurple heronThe BullPurple HeronJay Leighton Moss D210bobBy the campfirelancs - 44871 carnforth mpd 6846441 Steamtown, Carnforth. 06.1970.