The Great Escape - 5 of 800Black tailed godwitShapes of Spring - 4 of 800PochardTealTeal _MGL6160-1 2048CelandineShoveler _MGL6180-1 2048GarganeyGrey Heron RSPB Silverdale F00184 D210bob DSC_6356Marsh Harrier RSPB Silverdale F00183 D210bob DSC_0474Little Egret RSPB Silverdale F00182 D210bob DSC_0476Clock WatchingCarnforth TMD37 67637 402GoldfinchMale PheasantHeron  RSPB Silverdale D210bob F00181 DSC_7384April 2018 #13 - NickFemale Marsh HarrierMarsh TitBlue Tit Leighton Moss F00180 RSPB D210bob DSC_8783The Refreshment Room, Gorsaf Carnforth / Carnforth StationLittle Egrets fightingLeighton MossWest Highland Way April 2018Chaffinch RSPB Silverdale F00179 D210bob  DSC_6122Magpie RSPB Silverdale F00178 D210bob  DSC_7586Mute Swan RSPB Silverdale F00176 D210bob  DSC_7366Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)Coal Tit Leighton Moss RSPB F00174 D210bob DSC_8789Robin Leighton Moss F00173 D210bob  DSC_9208Still life: Northern 142018MAN on a ledge: Stagecoach 22877H5056 Molly Beth PO67 XUXH2704 Terri Jean PO66 UHNH2530 Aviana PO66 UBCH2704, H5056, H2707, H5053Goldcrest Leighton Moss RSPB F00171 D210bob DSC_7601Bearded Tits Silverdale RSPB F00170 D210bob DSC_7731Marsh TitNuthatchNuthatchCrossGreat Egret Leighton Moss F00167 D210bob DSC_9251Jay Leighton Moss F00166 D210bob  DSC_9217Black Bird Leighton Moss F00165 D210bob  DSC_9213Pond Life (1)coal tit 2018dunnock 1 2018great tit 2018greenfinch 2018marsh tit 3 2018marsh tit 7 2018nuthatch 1 2018nuthatch 3 2018nuthatch 2018treecreeper 1 2018treecreeper 2 2018water rail 2 2018water rail 9 2018water rail 18 2018850 - SR Lord Nelson Class 'Lord Nelson' Carnforth 198947 343 Carnforth 198946203 Princess Margaret Rose Carnforth 198946203 Princess Margaret Rose Carnforth 1989850 - SR Lord Nelson Class 'Lord Nelson' Carnforth 1989Furness Railway No. 2546203 Princess Margaret Rose Carnforth 1989Little Grebe RSPB Silverdale F00164 D210bob DSC_8626black-tailed godwit 4 2018 in flightgadwall 2 2018 maleavocet 2 2018 in flightavocet 4 2018 in flightgadwall 2018great white egret 4 2018 in flightgreat white egret 8 2018little grebe 10 2018 in flightshelduck 1 2018marsh harrier 2018shoveler 1 2018 maleshoveler 6 2018 femaleshoveler 7 2018 maleshoveler 8 2018 femalewater rail 2018black-tailed godwit 1 2018great crested grebe 2018black-tailed godwit 3 2018great white egret 11 2018 with fishgreat white egret 14 2018 with fishgreat white egret 16 2018little egret 1 2018little egret 4 2018little grebe 12 2018little grebe 14 2018 with fishwater rail 14 2018water rail 17 2018water rail 20 2018 headwater rail 23 201837 16547 23647 194An odd find47 776Left to rust37 516Carnforth depotAt rest47 24547 24547 85147 78747 76847 58057 31647 85147 851Spoonbills RSPB Silverdale F00163 D210bob  DSC_3998Water Rail Silverdale RSPB F00162 D210bob DSC_9129Chaffinch Leighton Moss F00159 D210bob DSC_9339Trowbarrow QuarryCoot  RSPB Silverdale F00158 D210bob DSC_7377Little Egret  RSPB Silverdale F00155 DSC_6791Under the starsPony at dawnMale ModelNorthern - 156451 - CarnforthSilverdale Residents-3/3Silverdale Residents-2/3Silverdale Residents-1/3VTWC - 221112 'Ferdinand Magellan' - CarnforthBearded Tits F00153 Silverdale RSPB D210bob  DSC_7815DRS/Northern - 37423 'Spirit of the Lakes' - Carnforth2594 XI, Volvo B12M Jonckheere MistralF00149 D210bob RSPB Silverdale DSC_697937403 2C3137403 2C31Rachmaninoff Concerto for Piano No.2The Dog Went TooCoal Tit RSPB Silverdale F00146 D210bob DSC_61274079 Pendennis Castle Carnforth R00142 D210bobRed Phonebox at Borwick47772 - Cab view North Facing.Bullfinch RSPB Silverdale F00136 D210bob DSC_6462IMAG3659Yealand Conyers Meeting HouseQuaker MemorialBoo Hiss!First Class Carriage, Virgin Trains, EnglandDunnockTeal RSPB Silverdale F00134 D210bob DSC_6602Little EgretSanta Special.cl47+ cl40  Crag Bank R01130 D210bobTreecreeper F00131 D210bob RSPB Silverdale  DSC_7008Avocet RSPB Silverdale F00128 D210bob DSC_3529Great white egret in iceTree of life37 66837 51637 51608 '555'Looking out acoss the sands of Morecambe Bay.Silverdale AONB - marsh grassCommon RedshankPond Life (2)Wigan Coal and Iron's engine LINDSAY Carnforth 1989850 - SR Lord Nelson Class 'Lord Nelson' Carnforth 1989850 - SR Lord Nelson Class 'Lord Nelson' Carnforth 1989Andrew Barclay 2343/1953 ‘British Gypsum No4’ Carnforth 1989Carnforth 1989Water RailInto the storm33 030A metal hulk47 355?Spare parts galoreA coach scrapyardLeft to rotCarnforth depotScrap stock47 776Awaiting the end?37 165former FGW mk.2Behind Carnforth depotConcrete giantsCarnforth coaling towerRailfreight in hiding47 832Carnforth at large37 706Carnforth depotTractors on shed47 76047 237The former Steam TownThe old and new37 712Provincial liveryCarnforth mk.2'sWarton ChurchI'll Be In The ShedBig Chair, Small DaffsLocal LandmarkGoing, Going.....House Sparrow1300 L & Y Steamtown R00140 D210bobTrouble At T'MillMarch Ice SwimIMG_20180304_1433434003345699 'Galatea' - 5Z47 - Carnforth45699 'Galatea' - 1Z47 - Carnforth147772 'Carnforth TMD' - 5Z47 - Carnforth