Tarn HowsStill WatersWindermere JettyLake District FarmClaife Viewing StationTop of the PikesTop End Of Lake Windermere from Autumn leaves at AmblesideLake Windermere from Wray Castle ShorelineSkelwith ForceLake Windermere, CumbriaAmbleside, Cumbria15th September 2018. Rydal Water, Cumbria15th September 2018. Five and a Half Miles, Ambleside to Grasmere, CumbriaWindermere in 1983Top of Sallows, 8th September, 2018Towards Sallows from Sour Howes, 8th September, 2018Park at Ambleside, Cumbria, England, UKThe Old Market Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria, EnglandAutumn ColourLake District ( Wray Castle, Lake Windermere )Waterhead MorningWaterhead MorningHistorical Townend House and BarnLight on the FellsWindermere lake at Ambleside PierStreet Train, Boness on WindermereVolkswagen Kombi Campers at Boness on WindermereTourist Bus in Boness on WindermereLochs & Glens Coach in Boness on WindermereBoats at Boness on Windermere, Lake District, UK.Swan pleasure cruiser at Boness on Windermere, Lake District, UK.My cousin Daniel Birtwistle of Ulverston used to work on this boat. He was who introduced me to Flickr.FootpathWansfell PanoramaThe Highway Code in action.ReflectionsChillMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - MA14 ARF - Vauxhall Vivaro - 8 Seater MinibusIMG_2912Galava Roman Fort, AmblesideSt. Mary's Church, Ambleside, Cumbria, UKSunset at Lake WindermereBird or Plane?Duck Tales #2Duck Tales #2Duck Tales #1Black Crag, Lake DistrictWindermere -  (2 of 4)Windermere -  (3 of 4)WindermereCrowds gather in Ambleside ready for the Tour of BritainNab CottageLatterbarrow ObeliskAutumn morning on Windermere lakeFallen Sapling [Explored 6th Sept 2018]Bowness-on-Windermere a view of the lake (4)Dawn Mists over AmblesideLoughrigg TarnStagecoach Lakesider 13807 / BV17 CTYStagecoach The White Lady 17812 / S812 BWCStagecoach The Lakes Connection 10555 / SN16 ONXStagecoach 34704 / PX05 ENHStagecoach Lakesider 13802 (BV17 CTF) & 13807 (BV17 CTY)Stagecoach 18141 / PX04 DNFStagecoach The Lakes Connection 36105 / MX59 JCUStagecoach The Lakes Connection 10557 / SN16 OOAStagecoach The Lakes Connection 36104 / MX59 JCOLake WindermereLove BoatSweden Bridge LaneTranquil LoughriggLandscape.LandscapeSwanSummer at WindermereMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - M10 MGH - Mercedes Sprinter - 16 Seater MinibusMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - WX14 TTF - Mercedes Sprinter - 16 Seater MinicoachMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - M800 MGH - Mercedes Sprinter - 16 Seater MinibusHawksheadApproaching Stock Ghyll FallsUpon the climb to Stock Ghyll FallsWalking up Stock Ghyll Falls20180828_142526Elleray Hotel, Windermere, CumbriaQueens Hotel, Windermere, CumbriaWindermere Social Club, Windermere, CumbriaCraig Manor Hotel, Bowness, CumbriaBeresford's Restaurant and Pub, Bowness, CumbriaWestmorland Inn. Bowness, CumbriaRoyalty Cinema, Bowness, CumbriaAutumn in the Lake DistrictLow wood hotel .. ..very niceThe lone yachtsmanTeal on lake windermereBowness  lake windermereEsthwaite WaterMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - YE09 BXO - Mercedes Sprinter - 16 Seater MinibusMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - LB62 WDT - Mercedes Viano - 6 Seater MinicoachMountain Goat Ltd, Windermere - T300 MGH - Mercedes Sprinter - 16 Seater MinicoachRiver BrathayRiver BrathayKentmere from the Garburn passAn impossible thing after breakfastStorm on the LakeFleeting Light & RainsTarn Hows15th September 2018. The River Rothay, Ambleside, Cumbria15th September 2018. The River Rothay and the Fairfield Horsehoe, Ambleside, CumbriaElter WaterIMG_6460IMG_6463Super Strong Stuart!Poplar logs - All gone!Poplar Logs - and then there were noneA Distant PathPoppy on a pole, Lake District, UK.IMG_2912IMG_2912Windermere -  (1 of 4)IMAG0283IMAG0284IMAG0285IMAG0286IMAG0287IMAG0245IMAG02492018-08-18_1416{Q}_pt2018-08-18_14182018-08-18_14212018-08-18_14222018-08-18_14252018-08-18_14302018-08-19_14322018-08-19_14342018-08-19_14372018-08-19_14382018-08-19_14422018-08-19_14462018-08-19_14472018-08-19_1448(0001)2018-08-19_14502018-08-19_14512018-08-19_14562018-08-19_14572018-08-19_14582018-08-19_1461(0001)2018-08-19_14592018-08-19_14672018-08-19_14722018-08-19_14732018-08-19_14752018-08-19_14782018-08-19_14822018-08-19_14872018-08-19_14962018-08-19_14972018-08-19_14992018-08-19_15052018-08-19_15102018-08-19_15112018-08-20_15152018-08-20_15192018-08-20_15222018-08-20_15302018-08-20_15342018-08-20_15362018-08-20_15372018-08-20_15392018-08-20_15402018-08-20_15432018-08-20_15452018-08-20_15482018-08-20_15522018-08-20_15512018-08-20_15542018-08-20_15572018-08-20_15582018-08-21_15622018-08-21_15692018-08-21_15702018-08-21_15712018-08-21_15722018-08-21_15762018-08-21_15772018-08-21_15822018-08-21_15852018-08-21_15872018-08-21_15892018-08-21_15952018-08-24_16582018-08-24_16762018-08-24_16782018-08-24_16812018-08-24_16842018-08-24_16862018-08-24_16882018-08-24_16922018-08-24_1706_stitch2018-08-24_16952018-08-19_14412018-08-19_14532018-08-19_14762018-08-19_15092018-08-20_15232018-08-21_15752018-08-24_1697IMG_20180824_143543IMG_20180824_152333IMG_20180824_152455IMG_20180824_152935IMG_20180824_153200IMG_20180824_154321IMG_20180824_154633IMG_20180824_16183420180808_13451020180808_13514820180808_13515020180808_13515320180808_13520620180808_13520720180808_13521720180808_13521820180808_13524220180808_1352452018-07-11_14-30-52-932018-07-11_14-14-47-842018-07-11_13-00-41-662018-07-11_12-59-51-632018-07-11_12-58-17-60Stagecoach The Lakes Connection 10562 / SN16 OOGStagecoach The Lakes Connection 35193 / NK56 FFOPaul Banjo and Tinka47014-01Lake WindermereLake WindermereLake District 2Lake District 113806 BV17CTXSeagullSeagullSeagullDJI_0264-EditRothay valley in the Lake District33025, Windermere, 22 07 18.33025, Staveley, 22 07 18.Sea and CloudsLake District_Heidi