Oxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesWhos that ?Under the arches.Colourful Eaglescliffe.Ayumn arrival at Eaglescliffe.SOT-27725Go North East 6311 (NK67 EBD)Stg-14-YJ07VRKANE-2803ANE-1415ANE-1415aMating Glasswings.Newport BridgeInfinityInfinty ReflectInfinity Rainbowticket - cleveland transit 07-4-87RemembranceHorse&Coach2819Butterfly on single flowerMark EmmersonEndeavour bargeGull boomsGull crescentRunic sticksFirework FlowerInfinite Ambition 2017Worth the wait.Butterfly #54.Butterfly WorldButterfly WorldButterfly WorldButterfly WorldButterfly WorldButterfly WorldDSC_0632DSC_0633DSC_0631DSC_0634DSC_0635DSC_0636DSC_0637DSC_0638DSC_0639DSC_0640DSC_0641DSC_0642DSC_0644(Replaced title as it was corrupt)DSC_0647DSC_0648DSC_0649DSC_0650DSC_0651DSC_0652DSC_0653DSC_0655DSC_0657DSC_0658DSC_0659DSC_0661DSC_0662DSC_0665DSC_0666DSC_0667Infinity FireworksGuy Fawke's 2017Waiting an Infinity!Infinity Bridge after sunset.River Toy Tragedy!142084 Allens West 13/10/2017BIA 910076 & 910078_B020201-2Class 66 66023 DB Cargo_B020182Class 66 66194 DB Cargo_B020237G-FFRA Dassault Falcon 20DC Cobham_B020128G-FRAW Dassault Falcon 20C Cobham_B020063N551VL Gulfstream G550_B020154Topping Up The TeesLook What The Tide’s Dragged In!Lady In WaitingSwans, Gulls And DucksSynchronised SwansArtistic GuanoLines And ReflectionsSafe HavenThin is The Veil66742 66053 Eaglescliffe. 30.10.2017.43465 and 43484 43484 185126 Eaglescliffe. 30.10.2017.BRITISH RAIL 37511 STOCKTON HAULAGEANE-1423ANE-1423aInfinity Bridge, Stockton on TeesPink Sky Over ElmtreeReflections to InfinityClass 37 37025 & 37421 Colas_A230102Class 37 37025 & 37421 Colas_PA230106Class 37 37025 & 37421 Colas_PA230114Class 66 66423 & 66304 DRS_A230013G-JMCP Boeing 737-3T0(SF) West Atlantic Airlines_A280066G-JMCP Boeing 737-3TOF West Atlantic Airlines_A280115G-PULA Dassault Falcon 2000LXS Centreline_A280025Newport Autumnal SunsetButterfly #53.InfinityArriva North East 1453 (NK10 CFX)SOT-22064Stagecarriage 13 (BN12 EOX)ANE-1472Arriva North East 2829 (YJ08 XBK)Arriva North East 2851 (YJ58 CBV)ANE-1464ANE-1460Arriva North East 2804 (YK08 ERX)ANE-1471Go North East 6310 (NK67 EBC)ANE-1447On the return leg.Dinsdale - October 2017.Butterfly #52.SOT-22061Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees66702 66764 Stockton-on-Tees. 17.10.2017.180105 Happy Hag66555 Thornaby StationPink Cattleheart #4.dinsdale stationdinsdale stationOxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesSleeping Swanmushroomstrees in lineacross the fieldsacross the fieldsriver teesbridgeColour My World With Nature's Jewels ( HDR )All Saints Church Crathorne, North Yorkshirelow dinsdale roadchurchploughed fieldRecently Added-746middleton st georgeOxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesOxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesOxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesRecently Added-609Oxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesOxbridge Lane Cemetery Stockton on TeesButterfly #51.Durham Road Cemetery Stockton on TeesOut of Yarm's way_Z1A8326.jpg_Z1A8326-2.jpg_Z1A8324.jpg_Z1A8323.jpg_Z1A8321.jpg_Z1A8314.jpg_Z1A8312.jpg_Z1A8311.jpg_Z1A8310.jpg_Z1A8308.jpg_Z1A8307.jpg_Z1A8306.jpg_Z1A8304.jpg_Z1A8302.jpg_Z1A8300.jpg_Z1A8264.jpgIntercity Train  - Paul Walker (1825 Anniversary Remix)Durham Road Cemetery Stockton on Tees66140 DB Cargo Lackenby to Scunthorpe 6D37 at Moorhouse 24092017_9240026Class 66 66124 & 66136 & 66221 DB Cargo_9220146Butterfly #50.Class 33 33207 Class 33 33207 The Wild Beauty Of NatureBR Class 20 20093 - Thornaby T.M.D.Witch QueenButterfly #49H2677 Dorothy Mary PO66 UWMClass 66 66423 & 66304 DRS_A230016Class 66 66735 GBRf_A230035ANE-1460Inky WatersWater MeterWhere The Wind BlowsHaving A RummageCollectables?Sort That Lot Out._Z1A8318.jpg_Z1A8305.jpg_Z1A8299.jpg_Z1A8297.jpg_Z1A8295.jpg_Z1A8290.jpg_Z1A8287.jpg_Z1A8284.jpg_Z1A8282.jpg_Z1A8280.jpg_Z1A8279.jpg_Z1A8275.jpg_Z1A8294.jpg_Z1A8278.jpg_Z1A8273.jpg_Z1A8272.jpg_Z1A8271.jpg_Z1A8269.jpg_Z1A8270.jpg_Z1A8266.jpg_Z1A8293.jpg_Z1A8265.jpgWater skinCormorant puffedCormorant blockCormorant scratchCormorant tiltFoam skullIslands In The StreamClass 66 66051 DB Cargo_9220142Class 66 66136 DB Cargo_9220155Class 43 43480 & 43423 Grand Central_9210088Class 66 66136 DB Cargo _9210068Class 66 66136 DB Cargo_9210078Class 66 66140 & 66051 DB Cargo_9210128A selection of phone images :)A selection of phone images :)A selection of phone images :)A selection of phone images :)_MG_3687_MG_3677_MG_3679River WatchRusty ScrewFlapperFloating PerchItchy And ScratchyCommon DarterPersonal PontoonSep 24codur - flying lawn mower middleton st george 1965 JLPretty much sums up the last 15 miles!!!Class 60 60044 Class 66 66148 DB Cargo_9120032