Yellow SkySnowy ViewsRainbowMoody SkyWest Park66724 You Had Me From Goodbye CoverAutumn Clock Tower View.Racing north.HIGHLAND CHIEFTAIN'S PASSINGSt. Peters Sundown.Amber's Stare.800101 Darlington. 30.01.2018.Pease House, DarlingtonEdward Pease Blue Plaque, DarlingtonSundial, St Cuthbert's, DarlingtonManfield Yorkshire220021-DT-21012018-143310-DT-21012018-1Waiting for the road.Arriva Durham County | NK09 EKA | 1425 | DarlingtonArriva Durham County | NK09 EKA | 1425 | DarlingtonMk.4 DVT No. 82229 (i)Darlington 19 at Darlington garage late 1981Darlington Railway StationParkgate Bridge (West), East Coast Main Line, DarlingtonDarlington Coat of ArmsParkgate Bridge (East), East Coast Main Line, DarlingtonStation Approach, DarlingtonEast Coast Main Line, DarlingtonEast Coast Main Line, DarlingtonDarlington Station, Victoria Road Approach43300 Nameplate, Virgin East Coast 43300, Virgin East Coast 43300, The Bandstand in the Snow (Mono).Autumn Moods.55019DarlingtonMy Wee Scoot37007, Brafferton, County Durham, August 1981Red Sky Over The Boating LakeLeaving Darlington.67027-DT-19112017-1H2743 Margaretta Jane PO67 VLTH2743 Margaretta Jane PO67 VLTH2743 Margaretta Jane PO67 VLTC1 Great Northern Atlantic number 2830Take the A-TrainBarclay’s Bank, High Row, Darlington73970-73967-DT-10102017-1Scarlet Band NT05NBMClock Tower Bell Plaque, Darlington StationClock Tower Bell, Darlington StationHole in the Wall, DarlingtonMajestic Theatre, DarlingtonGeorge Butterfield Plaque, DarlingtonFallen Trees & Autumn Leaves (Portrait).GC 180105 @ Darlington train stationAutumn Sunrise at St. Cuthbert's.Hi-Res R1024N551VL Gulfstream G550_B020154NER V Class Atlantic 2931142063MRA 50100314208918510966601142065On the return leg.8000xx 800029 800030 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017142020142020Dinsdale - October 2017.9111237884 Darlington. 18.10.2017.The Illuminated Clock Tower.Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-096Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-099Arriva North East 1424 NK09EJZ Darlington.dinsdale stationdinsdale stationWest ParkParkgate Junction - January 2018.Albert Hill - Early 1980'sJan 25Jan 23Jan 22Darlington Forge.Skerne Bridge.2018-01-26_04-27-222018-01-26_11-15-592018-01-24_04-59-03untitled-2500Arriva Durham County | NK05 GXB | 4648 | DarlingtonArriva Durham County | YJ59 GKC | 2858 | DarlingtonArriva Durham County | NK05 GXM | 4657 | DarlingtonArriva Durham County | WX61 HSL | 4813 | DarlingtonArriva Durham County | NK13 CFF | 4803 | DarlingtonSnow storm.Croft on Tees - January 2018.Speeding north through the snow.Snow snapDarlington 11 late 1981Darlington Brick Train2018-01-17_05-38-062018-01-17_03-11-122018-01-17_11-20-312018-01-15_07-49-382018-01-10_01-21-36Killers of the King by Charles Spencer66728 Stunning Lightshow for a 13th Birthday Party @ Sadberge Village Hall2018-01-03_04-08-47Special Mirror DessertEx WorksLion TattooSigns of the past.Snowy Croft.Winters afternoon at Croft.2017-12-28_03-27-41darlingtondarlingtonIMG_9249IMG_92517EAF474E-DFAE-495B-A4D9-4A0E186982432017-12-19_11-49-082017-12-18_06-34-28G-FFRA2017-12-15_12-24-26Recently Added-875G-FRAPSpeeding North.Christmas Lunch.2017-12-12_05-52-28Sunday late shopping in Darlington . love buying presents ......codur - darlington transport 52 x 41 depot 10-7-822017-12-09_03-39-28ticket - united auto threehalfpence2017-12-06_12-18-172017-12-05_05-45-48Darlington West CemeteryDarlington West CemeteryDarlington West CemeteryDarlington West CemeteryRecently Added-1112Darlington West CemeteryDarlington West CemeteryDarlington West Cemetery2017-12-02_08-15-34Harvey2017-11-28_05-33-112017-11-27_05-08-212017-11-27_11-49-082017-11-24_11-33-32ticket - united 10-9-942017-11-22_11-30-272017-11-21_12-06-15Darlington Indoor MarketMajestic Darlington142062-DT-21102017-1ANE-7536ANE-2863ANE-1593CrossCountry Class 22*, DarlingtonStation Clock, DarlingtonEast Coast Main Line Underpass, Darlington StationEnterprise Travel (Darlington) | N329 RGB | DarlingtonHodgsons Coach Operators (Barnard Castle) | N1 BUS | DarlingtonNorth Eastern Railway Public WarningType Bull Wynd, Darlington43112 DarlingtonTPE 185126 @ Darlington train stationNT 142087 and 142091 @ Darlington train stationTPE 185119 @ Darlington train stationCRF 67023 and 67027 @ Darlington train stationXC 221138 @ Darlington train stationXC 221141 @ Darlington train stationNT 142071 @ Darlington train stationVTEC 91126 @ Darlington train stationDRS 66305 @ Darlington train stationVTEC 82217 @ Darlington train stationCool artwort on The Forum Darlington2017-11-06_03-56-21G-FFRA Dassault Falcon 20DC Cobham_B020128G-FRAW Dassault Falcon 20C Cobham_B020063Square Dance47759 at DarlingtonAutumn at Croft.Wandering Duck restaurantG-JMCP Boeing 737-3T0(SF) West Atlantic Airlines_A280066G-JMCP Boeing 737-3TOF West Atlantic Airlines_A280115G-PULA Dassault Falcon 2000LXS Centreline_A28002520160416_173844833_iOSImperial ExpressRockliffe Hall - 5th holeDarlington railway station looking northHYA 37 70 6791 011-12200082211418000xx Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017801201 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017385015 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017801201 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017800030 800022 800026 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017800030 Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/2017Hitachi Newton Aycliffe 16/10/201737xxx_1978_05_Darlington_A3_400dpi91119Just a glimpse.East Coat Racer.Turning trees.9111191113Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-104Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-105Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-107Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-108Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-125Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-077Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-078Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-080Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-109Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-083Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-098Croft Nostalgia Weekend 2017-1012017-10-17_11-48-24Arriva North East 1428 (NK09 EKD)ANE-2860aArriva North East 7538 (NK15 DZP)ANE-4643Arriva North East 1427 (NK09 EKC)ANE-4654Arriva North East SK17HHLANE-4812ANE-2849Arriva North East SK17HHLArriva North East 4646 (NK05 GWZ)2017-10-14_01-30-172017-10-14_01-29-32tickets - united setrightstickets - united 24-5-862017-10-12_10-11-102017-10-11_11-59-13low hail bridgelow hail bridge