Life On Mars.Industrial DeclineSeaton CarewSurfers SundownSaltburn320A6993 The Ship Inn Saltburn320A6992 The Ship Inn Saltburn320A6991 The Ship Inn SaltburnRedcar 4Redcar 5Redcar 3Stray SunriseStray SunriseStray SunriseBeam Me UpEston Hills summertimeWalk in the ParkOvergrown Ha-HaIn The Dol-DrumsOld IncineratorThink TankHorizontal ArchStone TroughAlien Lifeform?Monk's Walk Fungus 1Monk's Walk Fungus 2Foxy WeathervaneWilton Castle, Teesside.Single poppyVibrant new leafBeautiful bluePollinationANE-1570ANE-7406ANE-1511Billy ScarrowLips By LudoBilly Scarrow - Initial StageBiggles - Big AdventuresTime OutSculpting BigglesRedcar TankTank TweakingsIncredible WomenWomen's Football After WW1Spray TimeIncredible Women - Stage 1At The WheelLt. John William BellChecking Out The WavesWave SculptingLt. John William Bell - Stage 1Cenotaph FoundationMKM & NarniaPierrot sand sculpture earlyPierrot sand sculpture middle 2Pierrot sand sculpture middleBiggles sand sculpture earlyBiggles sand sculpture finishedBiggles sand sculpture middle 2Biggles sand sculpture middleTank sand sculpture earlyTank sand sculpture finishedTank sand sculpture middleIncredible Women sand sculpture finishedIncredible Women sand sculpture earlyBehind sand sculptures middleIncredible Women sand sculpture middle 2Lt John William Bell sand sculpture earlyLt John William Bell sand sculpture finishedLt John William Bell sand sculpture middle 2Lt John William Bell sand sculpture middleCenotaph sand sculpture finishedCenotaph sand sculpture middle 2Cenotaph sand sculpture middleNarnia amphitheatreDIY sand sculptureA thorn between two sizesAncient forest fogEndeavour awayEndeavour turbinesEndeavour buoyEndeavour fleetEndeavour pylonsPV Portunus and DSV Curtis MarshallWild flowersA splash of yellow!Fuchsia Campo ThilcoGuisborough Priory GardensB&W reflectionSaltburn Pier320A6990 The Ship at SaltburnSaltburn Sea FretSaltburn SunsetKestrelSaltburn SunsetBarren LandsPassing The Power StationAll The Bells And WhistlesOn TowEscorting The EndeavourMovement On The WaterWind me upSaltburn Pier SunsetArriva North East 1612 (NK67 EGC)North Gare LighthouseGuisborough PrioryFoggy BeaconBottle BarChop ShopBin BlockGull Gatheringguisborough prioryHawthornHawthornHawthornHawthornIMGP2456IMGP2455IMGP2448IMGP2447IMGP2445IMGP2442IMGP2438IMGP2437IMGP2435IMGP2433IMGP2417IMGP2414Buttercup flowersSt Georges Flag Eston HillsSt Georges Flag Eston HillsSt Georges Flag Eston HillsSaltburn PierBreakwaterSmall Copper ButterflyRedcar beachScott is StuffedGrey geeseGrey geeseGrey geeseTurning TurbinesEston Hills The NabEston Hills The NabEston Hills The NabEston Hills The NabST GEORGE LEE RIGBY ESTON HILLSSaltburn-by-the-sea pierLady Hewleys DriftEston Hills20180609_135022Detail Of Redcar TankLeg WorkThe Redcar Tank - Stage OneCenotaph - Rear ViewCenotaph With PoppiesWorking On The CenotaphPlate CameraSouth Gare Flowers 5Cenotaph sand sculpture earlySand sculpting toolsShovel levelChimney diagramPenguin launderetteTide is coming inFly on a flowerButterfly or flower!ContemplationLeaving The Tees EstuaryMoscow SpiritH M Bark EndeavourH M Bark EndeavourHM Bark EndeavourHM Bark EndeavourSouth Gare Flowers 1South Gare Flowers 2South Gare Flowers 3South Gare Flowers 4The Truth About Penguins!IMGP2428IMGP2427IMGP2424IMGP2420Kirkleatham WoodsWhite CarpetKirkleatham StablesGatehouseSt Georges Flag Eston HillsEston HillsBlue watersRedcar cemeterySouth Gare 23.5 1South Gare 23.5 2South Gare 23.5 3South Gare 23.5 4South Gare 23.5 5South Gare 23.5 6.jpgSouth Gare 23.5 7South Gare 23.5 8South Gare 23.5 9South Gare 23.5Cup StoneEston Hills,Grey geeseGrey geeseGrey geeseFishermen in RedcarBuying fresh fishA boat and a dogRedcar beachRTG_1318RTG_1317RTG_1316RTG_0957RTG_1312RTG_1311RTG_1307RTG_1306RTG_1301RTG_1299RTG_1294RTG_1291RTG_1287RTG_1286RTG_1283RTG_1281RTG_1278RTG_1272RTG_1271RTG_1266RTG_1265RTG_1263RTG_1262RTG_1261RTG_1256RTG_1252RTG_1249RTG_1243RTG_1238RTG_1235RTG_1225RTG_1224RTG_1223RTG_1219RTG_1217RTG_1214RTG_1213RTG_1209RTG_1206