37403 153363 and 153301, Wigton, Cumbria. 11.01.2018.153301 and 153363, Wigton, Cumbria. 11.01.2018.Wigton Wonder Works1564243740237402 (B&W)37402374029709+37401 2C45All Saint's Church of Allhallows, Fletchertown, Mealsgate, Cumbria37403 Isle of Mull - CurthwaiteMaking new friends68033 68032 68034 57007 0Z17 WigtonB13CWR (N976NAP)B15CWR (N946NAP)SN66WKJYK17JCUSN16ORLTFO532 (YN62AAU)SN66WKHB5CWR (N790VRM)Reay's MinibusesB6CWR (K786DAO)Bog DogSpecial Delivery - Part 2St Andrew's Church, Thursby, CumbriaSpecial DeliveryIMG_20161226_144905IMG_20161226_144857IMG_20161226_144844IMG_20161226_144852IMG_20161226_144713IMG_20161226_144705IMG_20161226_144656IMG_20161226_144645DirectionWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal Box & DMU no.156454Wigton Signal Box & DMU no.153307Wigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxDirect Rail Services Class 37 (No 37409) diesel-electric locomotive at Wigton Station on the Cumbrian Coast railway line with Northern Rail's local service.37069 & 37259 (0C46).St. Mungo's Church. Bromfield, CumbriaCumbria in bloom (52627)68023 68024 68025 66431 0Z03 Wigton66431 68025 68024 68023 0Z03 WigtonMercedes-Benz - Reays - 712GRM37259 and 37423 37423 142019 and 156429, Wigton Station. 23.01.2016.Reays B4CWR at King Street, WigtonWigton16776 S776RVUWigton ArrivalMiserable WigtonNY34nw_DTM_2mNY34nw_DSM_2m3740937409DRS 9707WigtonWigton StationCavalonKali posing for the camera again feeling so much better after her grooming session #bedlington #bedlingtonterrier #terrier #dog #kaliKez looking beautiful after her Haircut #bedlington #bedlingtonterrier #terrier #dog #kez #perfectpawsFisons Kirkbride16776Holme Cultram Abbey, Abbeytown, now St. Mary's Church.37609 + 37423 20,05,2015WebLMS Class 4-6-0 No. 46115 'Scots Guardsman' at Wigton, Cumbria - 14th March 2015Holme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothIMG_20141109_132458847IMG_20141109_132445245IMG_20141109_132424593IMG_20141109_132418967IMG_20141109_132358021Cor! Stick 2 Chunkies On!RainbowScenes on the way to St BeesSouthern HawkerS.M & T Wigham Tymparon Ensign PX59 YTWCurrie European PY12 EFSD A Harrison PN03 AOTD A Harrison W256 RNN153352 and 153316 Wigton Station. 14.07.2014.153316 and 153352 Wigton Station. 14.07.2014.156444 37606 + 37611 19,06,201437606 + 37402 05,06,201420302 + 37606 26,05,2014WP_20140518_070.jpgStagecoach 20918 R918XVM at King Street, WigtonAbbey Junction station (1), 2017Abbey Town station (1), 2017Abbey Town station (3), 2017Abbey Town station (2), 2017Mealsgate station, 2017Wigton station (1), 2017Wigton station (2), 2017Wigton station (3), 2017Wigton station (4), 2017IMG_20171223_121733IMG_20171223_121436cumb - cumberland ms 286 x 102 x 108 wigton depot 11-7-82Wigton signal and box.Rusty bridge.Rainy afternoon at Wigton.Holmcultram Abbeycumb - cumberland ms 506 x 534 wigton depot 11-7-82Holm Cultram Abbey (1)Holm Cultram Abbey (3)Holm Cultram Abbey (4)Holm Cultram Abbey (2)Evening sheepEvening in Cumbria9707-WI-23092017-137422-WI-23092017-1CCE -45713CCE -45714CCE -45712Irvings of Carlisle 🚌 YJ13 HTL VDL Futura FHD2YSV695 (M235TBV)712GRM (YX60DXJ)7PXG (YJ57BPE)Turbine & TractorWavertonSt Mary's Church, Wigton, Cumbria.Wigton_Hospital001 - Abbeytown, Cumbria, UK - 1916.Skiddaw timelapse sceneWater Tower still in place at what used to be Curthwaite railway station on the Maryport and Carlisle RailwayLast of the summer #roses - pretty pink perfection :) Seen in the Rose Garden of Blaithwaite House, near Wigton in north #Cumbria 🌹😃🌹Red TractorWeetabix faceBolton Low HousesLMS Royal Scot Class 7P 4-6-0 No 46115 Scots Guardsman in charge of “The Cathedral Express” at Wigton Station located between Carlisle and Workington.Huey153304 and 153331, Wigton Station. 21.07.2016.- Pure SkyWigton Wanderer. 37 402 on a test run.- The Kingdom Below36.kirkbrideSkylarkSkylarkAll Saints Church, Boltongate, CumbriaAll Saints Church, Boltongate, CumbriaSt. Andrews Church, Aikton , CumbriaP1010446 Wendy and Nanna in CumbriaApr 06Volvo B10M Berkhof Axial - Reays - S192WANMAN Neoplan Starliner - Reays - 4WJRVan Hool TX16 Alicrons - ReaysVan Hool - Reays - 8KWXVolvo B12M Plaxton Paragon - Reays - 447UXMVolvo B10M Berkhof - Reays - T20DMBWandering from Windermere (82/57/15)YJ13 HTL VDL Futura 2 alongside R8 BUS Volvo Vanhool B12B AlizeeIMG_4474GREENHILL HOTELNY24se_DTM_2mNY24sw_DTM_2mNY24ne_DTM_2mNY25sw_DTM_2mNY14ne_DTM_2mNY25se_DTM_2mNY24nw_DTM_2mNY24sw_DSM_2mNY24nw_DSM_2mNY25sw_DSM_2mNY24ne_DSM_2mNY14ne_DSM_2mNY25se_DSM_2mNY24se_DSM_2mNY24ne_DTM_1mNY14ne_DTM_1mNY24se_DTM_1mNY24nw_DTM_1mNY24sw_DTM_1mNY25se_DTM_1mNY25sw_DTM_1mNY25se_DSM_1mNY24se_DSM_1mNY24sw_DSM_1mNY14ne_DSM_1mNY24nw_DSM_1mNY24ne_DSM_1mNY25sw_DSM_1mMonument in Wigton20150808_174801Procters - North Yorkshire OSU 386 Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther 70 seater37409 + 37611 23,05,2015Classic Way to TravelLMS  BLACK FIVE 44767 AT WIGTONcharlieface downM Sport WRC FiestaBuzzardModern windowPlay it again SamHolme CultramStudholm Cumbria in Winter.Holme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothBurning sky20141116_162508HoverflyThe last sunset of a Cumbrian Indian summer.who's your daddyMT03 Sport - G-CFCWLeaving the Wheyrigg HotelRingletD A Harrison SF06 GAA37218 + 37611 03,07,2014A D Boyes PY09 EKVA D Boyes PY09 EKVH6840 Rosalie Kate PO14 VELCrofton Lake in HDRCrofton Lake in HDRI spotted this heron in the bushes at Crofton LakeCrofton Lake in HDRCrofton Lake in HDRCrofton LakeCrofton LakeCrofton LakeCrofton LakeIMG_4048Abbeytown 040514 - DSC_0424Abbeytown 040514 - DSC_0422#criffel #solwayLost in the ReedsCurthwaite StationMaryport & Carlisle Scot#ladybird and #hollyhock#garlicmustard and #honesty#goosegrass and #treepeonyBlue, green and a little red. #bluebellsGarden companionSalix Tortuosa