Stagecoach Cumbria Plaxton Pointer 2 Dennis Dart 35249 PX56 CWPStagecoach Gold Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Scania N230UD 15922 PX13 DMOStagecoach Cumbria Alexander ALX400 Dennis Trident 18326 MX05 WHUReays, 4WJRWoodpecker Watchtree Nature Reserve F00355 D210bob DSC_3833Small Heath Watchtree Nature Reserve N000030 D210bob  DSC_3915Small Tortoiseshell Watchtree Nature Reserve N000029 D210bob  DSC_3901Small Tortoiseshell Watchtree Nature Reserve N000026 D210bob DSC_3913Wall Brown Watchtree Nature Reserve N000025 D210bob  DSC_4293Reays, 449UXMLarge Skipper Watchtree Nature Reserve N000024 D210bob  DSC_3927Wall Brown Watchtree Nature Reserve N000017 D210bob DSC_4286Wall Brown Watchtree Nature Reserve N000023 D210bob DSC_4285Small Tortoiseshell Watchtree Nature Reserve N000022 D210bob  DSC_3903Small Heath Watchtree Nature Reserve N000021 D210bob DSC_3907Small Tortoiseshell N000020 Watchtree Nature Reserve D210bob DSC_3895Six Spot Burnet Watchtree Nature Reserve N000019 D210bob DSC_3888Yellowhammer Watchtree Nature Reserve F00327 D210bob DSC_9670Woodpecker Watchtree Nature Reserve F00307 D210bob DSC_3831Woodpecker Watchtree Nature Reserve F00304 D210bob DSC_383668005 - WavertonSmall Yellow Underwing, Watchtree, Cumbria, EnglandCrofton Hall Archway, Thursby, Cumbria, UKWigton Signal BoxYellowhammer Watchtree Nature Reserve F00127 D210bob DSC_9672Abbey Junction station (1), 2017Abbey Town station (3), 2017Mealsgate station, 2017Wigton station (1), 2017Wigton station (2), 2017Wigton station (4), 201737403 153363 and 153301, Wigton, Cumbria. 11.01.2018.[2C41] 37402 + 9707Wigton Railway Station[2C44] 156424Rainbow at Wigton, 18/11/201737401 Evening sheep9707-WI-23092017-137403 Isle of Mull - CurthwaiteMaking new friends57007 68034 68032 68033 0Z17 WigtonYSV695 (M235TBV)Bog DogSt Andrew's Church, Thursby, CumbriaSpecial DeliveryIMG_20161226_144905IMG_20161226_144852Water Tower still in place at what used to be Curthwaite railway station on the Maryport and Carlisle RailwayWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal Box & DMU no.156454Wigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal BoxWigton Signal Box- Pure Sky- The Kingdom BelowAll Saints Church, Boltongate, CumbriaCumbria in bloom (52627)Tree sparrow142019 and 156429, Wigton Station. 23.01.2016.16776 S776RVUIMG_4474Monument in WigtonWigton StationFisons Kirkbride16776Holme Cultram Abbey, Abbeytown, now St. Mary's Church.Webcharlieface downLMS Class 4-6-0 No. 46115 'Scots Guardsman' at Wigton, Cumbria - 14th March 2015Scenes on the way to St BeesReays, YJ68CJYReays, KX56OVMSunny Intervals68005_2018.08.17_2_WigtonVauxhall Corsa LTD, PY13GAOStretchingReays, YJ16EKKReays, 44RCReays, TKU717Reays, KX56OVMReays, YJ16EHHWoodpecker Watchtree Nature Reserve F00294 D210bob  DSC_38121Reays, SN18HLZReays, YJ66FFVReays, YJ15EOVReays, KX56OVPReays, YJ15EOSReays, YJ17CWYReays, 4WJRReays, SW13VDFReays, L339BGAReays, L339BGAReays, YJ16EKKReays, YJ18AYHReays, SW13VEAReays, SJ66LMEWorkington transport Heritage Trust  X805SRM  Seen in WigtonReays Coaches, 44RCWigton HospitalReady for the weddingReed Bunting Watchtree Nature Reserve F00197 D210bob DSC_9709Goldeneye  Watchtree Nature Reserve F00175 D210bob  DSC_9654Wigton Signal Box & DMU no.153332Wigton Signal Box & DMU no.153332Wigton Signal Box & no.68018 Vigilant (Class 68)Wigton Signal Box Semaphore & no.68017 Hornet (Class 68)Wigton Signal BoxBuzzard F00150 Watchtree Nature Reserve D210bob DSC_9722Reed Bunting Watchtree Nature Reserve F00133 D210bob   DSC_97143740137401Beautiful Pies, Lake District, TebayAbbey Town station (1), 2017Wigton Railway Station1564243740237402 (B&W)37402IMG_20171223_121733IMG_20171223_121436cumb - cumberland ms 286 x 102 x 108 wigton depot 11-7-82Wigton signal and box.Rusty bridge.Rainy afternoon at Wigton.Holmcultram Abbeycumb - cumberland ms 506 x 534 wigton depot 11-7-829709+37401 2C45Holm Cultram Abbey (1)Holm Cultram Abbey (3)Holm Cultram Abbey (2)Evening in Cumbria37422-WI-23092017-1CCE -45714All Saint's Church of Allhallows, Fletchertown, Mealsgate, CumbriaIrvings of Carlisle 🚌 YJ13 HTL VDL Futura FHD2Wigton - CumbriaB15CWR (N946NAP)SN66WKJYK17JCUTFO532 (YN62AAU)SN66WKHB5CWR (N790VRM)Reay's MinibusesB6CWR (K786DAO)B10CWR (N961NAP)712GRM (YX60DXJ)7PXG (YJ57BPE)WavertonSpecial Delivery - Part 2St Mary's Church, Wigton, Cumbria.Wigton_HospitalIMG_20161226_144844IMG_20161226_144713IMG_20161226_144705IMG_20161226_144645IMG_20161226_144656001 - Abbeytown, Cumbria, UK - 1916.DirectionSkiddaw timelapse sceneLast of the summer #roses - pretty pink perfection :) Seen in the Rose Garden of Blaithwaite House, near Wigton in north #Cumbria 🌹😃🌹Red TractorBolton Low HousesLMS Royal Scot Class 7P 4-6-0 No 46115 Scots Guardsman in charge of “The Cathedral Express” at Wigton Station located between Carlisle and Workington.Direct Rail Services Class 37 (No 37409) diesel-electric locomotive at Wigton Station on the Cumbrian Coast railway line with Northern Rail's local service.Christchurch, Waverton, Cumbria, England.37069 & 37259 (0C46).153304 and 153331, Wigton Station. 21.07.2016.36.kirkbrideSt. Mungo's Church. Bromfield, CumbriaSkylarkAll Saints Church, Boltongate, CumbriaSt. Andrews Church, Aikton , Cumbria, EnglandP1010446 Wendy and Nanna in CumbriaApr 0666431 68025 68024 68023 0Z03 WigtonVolvo B10M Berkhof Axial - Reays - S192WANMAN Neoplan Starliner - Reays - 4WJRMercedes-Benz - Reays - 712GRMVolvo B12M Plaxton Paragon - Reays - 447UXMVolvo B10M Berkhof - Reays - T20DMB37259 and 37423 37423 YJ13 HTL VDL Futura 2 alongside R8 BUS Volvo Vanhool B12B AlizeeReays B4CWR at King Street, WigtonWigtonGreenhill HotelWigton ArrivalNY24se_DTM_2mNY24sw_DTM_2mNY24ne_DTM_2mNY25sw_DTM_2mNY14ne_DTM_2mNY25se_DTM_2mNY24nw_DTM_2mNY34nw_DTM_2mNY24sw_DSM_2mNY24nw_DSM_2mNY34nw_DSM_2mNY25sw_DSM_2mNY24ne_DSM_2mNY14ne_DSM_2mNY25se_DSM_2mNY24se_DSM_2mNY24ne_DTM_1mNY14ne_DTM_1mNY24se_DTM_1mNY24nw_DTM_1mNY25se_DTM_1mNY25sw_DTM_1mNY24se_DSM_1mNY24sw_DSM_1mNY24nw_DSM_1mNY24ne_DSM_1mNY25sw_DSM_1m3740937409DRS 9707Kali posing for the camera again feeling so much better after her grooming session #bedlington #bedlingtonterrier #terrier #dog #kaliKez looking beautiful after her Haircut #bedlington #bedlingtonterrier #terrier #dog #kez #perfectpawsProcters - North Yorkshire OSU 386 Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther 70 seater37409 + 37611 23,05,201537609 + 37423 20,05,2015M Sport WRC FiestaBuzzardPlay it again SamHolme CultramHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothHolme Cultram Abbey located in Abbeytown near SillothBurning sky20141116_162508IMG_20141109_132458847IMG_20141109_132445245IMG_20141109_132358021RainbowHoverflyThe last sunset of a Cumbrian Indian summer.