Go North East Connections 4 5366 / BX63 BDOGo North East Red Arrows 6055 / NK62 EJFGo North East Northern 4963 / NL52 WVGo North East Whey Aye Five O 5246 / NK56 KHRGo North East Whey Aye Five O 5259 / NK56 KJOStagecoach in South Shields 27726 / NK11 BFNGo North East The Crusader 5329 / BJ10 VUOGo North East The Crusader 5310 / NK08 MXYGo North East indiGo 675 / NK16 BXSGo North East Cobalt Clipper 6109 / NL63 YCNStagecoach in South Shields 27727 / NK11 BFOGo North East 8261 / NK04 ZNCGo North East Connections 4 5363 / BX63 BCZGo North East Fab Fifty Six 6086 / NL63 YHOGo North East Tynedale Links 670 / NK16 BXMGo North East Prince Bishops 5436 / NK16 BXZGo North East Yellow Bus 3819 / S819 OFTOffshore Support: UNION LYNX (IMO 9178410 1999 2556gt) North ShieldsBishopwearmouth Cemetery SunderlandArt is your Human RightHeart BeatEarly Sunday MorningSun setting over the Tyne5303-NK08CHJ_Park Lane_35RiverMTS Vanquish and RORO4Sand Falcontynexwear - okms pbc98g sunderland rd south shields 10-7-82MV Carrier: SUNRISE ACE (IMO 9338840 2008 58685gt) North ShieldsTissot Le Locle18 Willington Key, River TyneSt Andrew’s, RokerJayRiver Wear, seen from WWT Washington Saline Lagoon Hide.10a Engineering yard, Davy Bank, on River TyneGo North East: 6319 NK67GMX Wright StreetDeckTHE LONG WAITClass 66: 66705 GBRF PelawGo North East indiGo 686 / NK66 CXBGo North East 5166 / W816 FBWGo North East Coast & Country 5399 / NK15 ENMGo North East 5248 / NK56 KHUGo North East Citylink 5385 / NL63 YAOGo North East Cobalt Clipper 6108 / NL63 YCMBulk Carrier: FEDERAL RIDEAU (IMO 9200445 2000 20659gt) Port of SunderlandGo North East 6100 (NL63YJD) - 06-12-17Go North East 6100 (NL63YJD) - 06-12-17 (02)Dignity AceJ33 AJD - Peugeot 205NG52 LPZ - Ford FiestaWalking the dogsWhere to watch the sun rise ... in comfort!Go North East 629 (NK61 EFY). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 5375 (NL63 XBF). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandArriva North East 7518 (NK09 FNE). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 688 (NK66 CXD). HeworthNexus Metro 4085. South HyltonNexus Metro 4089. South HyltonNexus Metro 4017. PallionNexus Metro 4032. PallionNexus Metro 4089. PallionNexus Metro 4031. South HyltonNexus Metro 4079, MillfieldNexus Metro 4072, MillfieldNexus Metro 4017, MillfieldArriva North East 1516 (NL63 VRM). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 4990 (YN51 MKX). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandNational Holidays NH17 PFH. Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandNexus Metro 4087. UniversityGo North East 4991 (YR02 ZYK). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 5336 (BJ10 VUM). Park Lane InterchangeGo North East 6087 (NL63 YHP). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 5291 (NK08 CGG). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 5375 (NL63 XBF). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 8325 (NKII FXH). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGo North East 5403 (NK15 ENR). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandGBRF 66 743. PelawRecently Added-950Super Moon_MG_0079untagHoegh KunsanOn the evening tideGo North East 5329 (BJ10VUO) - 03-12-17Go North East 5430 (NK16BYN) - 03-12-17MV Carrier: CITY OF PARIS River TyneTug: FORTH Svitzer Tugs River TyneSunrise at the HerdWherry Rock Pool Sunrise.First attempt at Light PaintingIMG_0063untagStagecoach North East 28031 (YR14CGX) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 24001 (SP57CNE) - 30-11-17 (02)Stagecoach North East 28036 (YP14TGF) - 30-11-17Go North East 5307 (NK08CHV) - 30-11-17Go North East 5290 (NK08CGF) - 30-11-17Go North East 628 (NK61DBZ) - 30-11-17 (02)Go North East 5331 (BJ10VUR) - 30-11-17Go North East 3971 (PJ02PYX) - 30-11-17Go North East 5371 (NL63XBB) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 28012 (YN63BXH) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 28026 (YR14CGG) - 30-11-17Go North East 8321 (NK11FXD) - 30-11-17Go North East 628 (NK61DBZ) - 30-11-17Go North East 5406 (NK15ENV) - 30-11-17Go North East 5468 (NK17GHZ) - 30-11-17Go North East 5464 (NK17GHU) - 30-11-17 (02)Go North East 5472 (NK17GJJ) - 30-11-17Go North East 5464 (NK17GHU) - 30-11-17Go North East 5474 (NK17GJU) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 24001 (SP57CNE) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 28010 (YN63BXK) - 30-11-17Go North East 5404 (NK15ENT) - 30-11-17Go North East 5471 (NK17GJG) & Stagecoach North East 28003 (YN63BXW) - 30-11-17Stagecoach North East 28027 (YR14CGK) - 30-11-17joh******co.ukThe DocksGraham's Sand Dawn View (Blue)Penshaw SilhouetteIn The MomentShake It LooseLoading at dawnNational Glass CentreMooredThe New Wear CrossingThe New Wear CrossingGo North East 639 (NK12HCF) - 26-11-17Stagecoach North East 24001 (SP57CNE) - 26-11-16Go North East 5471 (NK17GJG) - 26-11-17Go North East 5400 (NK15ENN) - 26-11-17Tyne & Wear: South Shields: CLOVER & WOLFWashington WIldfowl ParkSunset and Seaburn BeachBishopwearmouth Cemetery Sunderlandkallitype: seagullsIMG_0041untagGeneral Cargo Ship: FITBURG (IMO 9250397 2001 6378gt) Port of SunderlandGeneral Cargo Ship: HAPPY RANGER (IMO 9139311 1998 10990gt) Port of SunderlandJosh 2017Josh 2017Josh 2017Josh 2017St Mary HeworthJosh 2017Josh 201720170728_10102220170727_12022420170727_13395720170727_11364020170727_11272820170727_115443Josh 2017Between the Sisters (Mono).Dawn seascapeSunrise seascapeRoker beachRoker beach SunderlandThough She Be But Little, She Is Very StrongEyes On The PrizeStealing A MarchCommunity SpiritFancy FootworkBending Over BackwardsBlack And BlueSliding InHead To HeadHuman ShieldsMr WhippyGet Your Kits OutLevel PeggingArriva North East 7453 (YJ57BVD) - 18-11-17Go North East 5329 (BJ10VUO) - 18-11-17Go North East 5478 (NK17GJZ) - 18-11-17Go North East 8325 (NK11FXH) - 18-11-17Stagecoach North East 28027 (YR14CGK) - 18-11-17Go North East 5332 (BJ10VUS) - 18-11-17Go North East 5330 (BJ10VUP) - 18-11-17_MG_0097untagBig NormKing SeawaysMETROLANDHebburn CemeteryHebburn CemeteryNL63 YHP Park Lane Interchange 15.08.20174087 St. Peters 15.08.2017NK16 BYM Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017NK16 AZU Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017NK16 AZW Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017NK17 GJF Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017NK16 BYJ Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017Pearl Ace Tyne 141117Pearl Ace.. Tyne 141117Pearl Ace.... Tyne 141117Pearl Ace... Tyne 141117Pearl Ace. Tyne 141117Roker LighthouseNK08 CHO Park Lane Interchange 15.08.2017NK08 MYC Jarrow 15.08.2017North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.North Shields Xmas Market 17.Go North East: 6100 NL63YJD Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Y882 LPT - VW Lupo @ Fossway Shopping CentreY98 MJA - BMW 320Go North East 4965 (NL52 WVW). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandNexus Metro 4013. Park LaneNexus Metro 4017, PallionStagecoach North East 20551 (P551 ESA). Park Lane Interchange, SunderlandFreddie relaxingFreddie relaxingDSC_0288DSC_0270DSC_0266DSC_0265DSC_0261DSC_0232Bulk Carrier: CAMELLIA BLISS (IMO 9544085 2015 43006gt) North Shieldstynexwear - 03021 at swan hunters shipyard wallend 10-7-82Benfield Centre For Sporting Excellence, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.Benfield Centre For Sporting Excellence, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.Frozen Waterrobin20171126_18132220171126_181627Tyne & Wear: South Shields: TINKER SMITHSDusk on the TyneMarsden20171122_170059BOBT__49585-1BOBT__49586-1BOBT__49589-1Heads UpBarbersThe coastRoker lighthouseNK53 UOC Park Lane Interchange 15.08.20174033 Felling 15.08.2017NK56 KJO South Shields 15.08.2017Mouth of the TyneSouth Shields