ticket - economic colliers ticket c1945ticket - economic 6p c1972Boats at Roker Marina mono and red onlyBird Sculpture Roker MarinaColours...Roker MarinaHeading home from the sea...On the evening tideGo North East 4937 (NK51OKW) - 24-02-18Go North East 5214 (NK54NVJ) - 24-02-18Low TideMarsden beach at low tideDesertedMarsden Grotto.Soil and trolleyWhere the giants play marblesFeeding frenzyMonkseaton High SchoolMarsden Low Tide.Marsden Rock.FootprintsPriory LightGo North East 8301 (NK09FVB) - 22-02-18Go North East 5479 (NK17GKA) - 22-02-18Go North East 6085 (NL63YHN) - 22-02-18Go North East 681 (NK66CWW) - 22-02-18Go North East 637 (NK12HCD) - 22-02-18Go North East 5209 (NK54NVD) - 22-02-18Ferry coming in this morning.AmelandMr WhippyGo North East 4976 NK53 UOCMultratug 17.. Tyne 210218Multratug 17 Tyne 210218Go North East 6100 (NL63YJD) - 21-02-18Princess SeawaysSouth Shields Skate park.Go North East 5331 (BJ10VUR) - 18-02-18Fog on The TyneIMG_0648Go North East 639 (NK12HCF) - 17-02-18Go North East 5204 (NK54NUX) - 17-02-18North Shields Sunset142_067-01142_023-01WhitburnAshington No.5Kitty's MillOffshore Support: HIGHLAND ENDURANCE (IMO 9249518 2003 3160gt) Port of SunderlandMisty Four Sisters Cliff Top View (Mono).4066-024060-014031-03Lizard PointJosh 2018Northern: 4285 SKO816H Daimler Fleetline/MarshallJosh 2018Offshore Support: MAERSK MARINER (IMO 8409381 1986 3949gt) South ShieldsEquinox Eagle... Tyne 110218BBC Kibo.. Tyne 110218Stagecoach North East 28010 (YN63BXK) - 11-02-18Josh 2018Josh 2018Go North East 5337 (HF06FUA) - 10-02-18Go North East 5214 (NK54NVJ) - 10-02-18Josh 2018Piers outLong exposure South ShieldsGo North East: 6064 NK62CLZ Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini HybridTwo BoatsGo North East: 4968 NK53UNU Scania L94UB/Wright7219 D216 FYM32722 K722 PCNArriva North East: 4661 NK07FZD Scania CN94UB OmniCity5201 NK54 NUU20730 K730 DAOGo North East 654 (NK15GDF) - 07-02-18Go North East 5441 (NK16AZW) - 07-02-184867 S867 ONLRock Platform (2)Scarlett Manx.. Tyne 060218Scarlett Manx Tyne 060218Scarlett Manx...Tyne 060218Scarlett Manx. Tyne 060218Rock Platform5203 NK54 NUWThe Boating Lake20840 P840 GNDIMG_0099untagThe Retreating Tide32651 N351 YFLGlovis Conductor... Tyne 050218Glovis Conductor Tyne 050218Glovis Conductor.. Tyne 050218ALMOST AT THE END OF SOUTH SHIELDS PIERNSA_0810NSA_0813NSA_0814NSA_0820NSA_0821NSA_0826NSA_0001NSA_0005NSA_0024NSA_0029NSA_0047NSA_0085NSA_0087NSA_0090NSA_0117NSA_0127NSA_0130NSA_0132NSA_0133NSA_0161NSA_0164NSA_0165NSA_0185NSA_0187NSA_0188NSA_0199NSA_0213NSA_0237NSA_0267NSA_0289NSA_0291NSA_0294NSA_0308NSA_0311NSA_0313NSA_0318NSA_0319NSA_0335NSA_0345NSA_0437NSA_0353NSA_0403NSA_0410NSA_0421NSA_0422NSA_0435NSA_0440NSA_0448NSA_0459NSA_0469NSA_0483NSA_0498NSA_0500NSA_0505NSA_0537NSA_0542NSA_0548NSA_0562NSA_0574NSA_0578NSA_0581NSA_0583NSA_0584NSA_0587NSA_0600NSA_0611NSA_0624NSA_0625NSA_0628NSA_0629NSA_0643NSA_0671NSA_0698NSA_0702NSA_0741NSA_0792NSA_0795NSA_0796NSA_0798NSA_0804Four Seasons...NK54NVGSunderlandYJ10MFONK11FXDHerd Groyne Lighthouse-2Go North East 6100 (NL63YJD) - 03-02-18Go North East 5335 (BJ10VUV) - 03-02-18 (02)Go North East 5335 (BJ10VUV) - 03-02-18Arriva North East 7619 (NK61EBJ) - 03-02-18Go North East 5327 (NK58DWE) - 03-02-18Go North East 5335 (BJ10VUV) - 03-02-18 (03)Cleadon HillsNK08CHVNK61 EFYBMWBSA B31Rudge20180201_204958Rule BritanniaVespa 200VespaLambretta LI 150 S2Super Moon Over A Light House and Choppy Seas heading for Bed after a long Night being Photgraphed ...Marsden Bay.Moon setting over South Sheilds From The DFDS Boat 01/02/2018Go North East 3975 (PJ02PZB) - 31-01-18Go North East 5334 (BJ10VUU) - 31-01-18Go North East 5326 (NK58DWD) - 31-01-18 (02)6-inch naval gun, Tynemouth Priory, North TynesideBeachStrolling AheadThe RockGo North East: 5327 NK58DWE Mercedes CitaroGeneral Cargo Ship: ARKLOW FOREST (IMO 9527685 2011 2998gt) Port of SunderlandGo North East: 5329 BJ10VUO Mercedes CitaroOffshore Support: FUGRO SEARCHER (IMO 9504011 2010 1929gt) Port of SunderlandGo North East 5326 (NK58DWD) - 31-01-18Go North East 3974 (PJ02PZA) - 31-01-18Oratory of St Mary, Tynemouth Priory, North TynesideTynemouth Long Sands, North Tyneside4014-014004-014004-024086-014025-014038-014045-014021-01Herd Groyne Lighthouse Winter ColoursCullercoats Bay, North Tyneside5288-NK08 CFZ. Go Ahead North East.692-YJ13 HNX. Go Ahead North East.28027-YR14 CGK- Stagecoach North East. Enviro300 bodied Scania Gas Bus.Fog SignalSouter LighthouseBeach WalkersWaters Edge ChatGo North East 5477 NK17GJYGo North East 5258 NK56 KJNGo North East 5320 NK58DVWGo North East 5321 NK58DVXGo North East 5326 NK58DWBGo North East 5246 NK56 KHRsun and railingRed dawn ..Bulk Carrier: FEDERAL MAYUMI (IMO 9529578 2012 20465gt) Port of SunderlandNon-identical twins