Bowling Green...and a posh houseGillingham's Volvo Plaxton Paramount, HDZ 8683Stanley Plantation PathGate into Stanley PlantationRepaired area - No more mud!Hadrian's Wall North ditchGorse coming into flowerTrail beside the working landscapeNewly installed fingerpostLitter collected today!!!!!!Go North East 5216 / NK54 NVMDirect Rail Services 68033Direct Rail Services 68034Aydon CastleGo North East: 5300 / NK08CHFTyne Valley Leopard HVK185N 1981A light to lead the wayPCL Travel 601 / LG02 FFRDB Cargo UK 66100Northern 156444St. Andrew's Chapel, Hexham Cemetery, Northumberland, England, UKGo North East 5304 / NK08 CHLHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamHexhamSt. Mary's Church, Hexham, Northumberland, UkGo North East Tynedale Links 618 & 619Early start on the TrailSunrise beside Hadrian's Wall VallumSunrise beside Hadrian's Wall Vallum (2)Walking west on the TrailThe Trail in Stanley PlantationLooking upWall collapseWalking eastThe litter picked up todayScotRail 156509Go North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJHexham, Northumberland, August 1981Go North East 5229, Go North East Venture 650 & Arriva Cross Pennine 4660Go North East Tynedale Express 5299 / NK08 CHDGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6047 / NK12 GCYGo North East Tynedale Express 5302 / NK08 CHHArriva 4660 / NK07 FZCGo North East Tynedale Links 618 & 667Remnants of recent snow on TrailTrail in Stanley PlantationTrail in wooded section of Staney PlantationHadrian's Wall VallumGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6077 / NK62 FGJMy FrisbeePark LifeHexham AbbeyGo North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJStatues & Altars at Chesters Fort Museum, EnglandTunnel visionGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6045 / NK12 GCVHexham Abbey, EnglandDirect Rail Services 68034 “Victorious” & 68004 “Rapid”37602 + 37558 DilstonNorthern 142015Northern 142025No escape...Hexham Sele FireworksHexham Bonfire NightHexham Bonfire and FireworksHexham Tyne BridgeFrosty start (1)Frosty start (2)Fireworks 1Fireworks 2Fireworks 3Fireworks 5Fireworks 4Bonfire Night 2017Go North East 6048 / NK12 GCZAutumn ColoursMercedes By NightGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5301 / NK08 CHGFallowfield Mine, AcombGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5302 / NK08 CHHGo North East AD122 636 / NK61 FMDGo North East Tynedale Links 5303 / NK08 CHJGo North East 633 / NK61 FEXDSC03756DSC03755DSC03754DSC03752DSC03751DSC03750DSC03749DSC03747DSC03746DSC03745DSC03744DSC03730DSC03680DSC03631DSC03606DSC03627X-T1 low lightDepartureArriva Eco Green 1582 / NK64 EEVGo North East Tynedale Xpress 5300 / NK08 CHFGo North East Tynedale Links 619 / NK55 RUWLets get this party started...... Rock n' Roll !Go North East Tynedale Xpress 5299 / NK08 CHDFace to faceWest Coast Railways 57316Northern 142070Go North East: 6083 / NK13EJOGo North East Tynedale Links 668 / NK16 BXJGo North East AD122 635 / NK61 FJPWalking west beside Hadrian's Wall North ditchThe Rat Inn, AnickLitter picked up today on walk of my sectionHadrian's Wall North ditchHexham Abbey Christmas TreeAltars at Chesters Fort MuseumLucky NumbersValley ViewpointHexham Firework and BonfireCar inside light trailAutumn's colourHadrian's Wall North ditch walking west on TrailHexham Abbey, HexhamHexham Abbey, Hexham, NorthumberlandDecember image in the 2018 National Trails CalendarNetwork Rail 43014 “The Railway Observer”River Tyne Salmon RunDSC03743DSC03742DSC03741DSC03740DSC03738DSC03737DSC03735DSC03733DSC03732DSC03729DSC03727DSC03725DSC03724DSC03723DSC03722DSC03721DSC03720DSC03719DSC03718DSC03748DSC03667DSC03668DSC03670DSC03671DSC03672DSC03674DSC03676DSC03677DSC03678DSC03679DSC03665DSC03664DSC03657DSC03656DSC03666DSC03662DSC03658DSC03660DSC03653DSC03652DSC03649DSC03648DSC03647DSC03646DSC03645DSC03644DSC03643DSC03641DSC03638DSC03636DSC03635DSC03634DSC03633DSC03654DSC03655DSC03613DSC03612DSC03611DSC03610DSC03608DSC03607DSC03614DSC03615DSC03616DSC03617DSC03618DSC03620DSC03621DSC03622DSC03623DSC03624DSC03625DSC03626DSC03628The Trail in Stanley Plantation - walking westWalking west on the Trail - beside the VallumTree on the South mound of the VallumAydon Castle, NorthumberlandAydon Castle, NorthumberlandAydon Castle, NorthumberlandHadrian's Wall running down to the bridge abutment on the east bank of the North Tyne, the point at which it crossed the riverRoman bridge abutment on the east bank of the North Tyne, the point at which Hadrian's Wall crossed the riverRoman masonry at the North Tyne river crossing of Hadrian's WallCocklaw Tower, NorthumberlandCorbridge, Northumberland1785 Bridge over the North Tyne at Chollerford, NorthumberlandGo North East Tynedale Links 5210 / NK54 NVE43058 - HexhamArchwayGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6080 / NK62 FJEHEXHAMDOUBLE BOUNCEHST IN ROMAN COUNTRYDMU 142 092 at Hexham, Northumberland.Hadrian's Wall North ditch walking east on TrailWalking west towards the site of Milecastle 24Stanley Plantation - nature repairing tree felling operationsStanley Plantation walking towrds remaining section of standing treesIn Hadrian's Wall North ditchHeavenfield - the last gate on my section47522It's a Tyne Valley 10 from Len