Irving’s of Carlisle - YN11 AWU B7R next to YN60 FMV York Pullman Volvo B12BIrving’s of Carlisle YN11 AWU, Y11 BUS & YK16 SSUFreddie having a snoozeSt. Pauls Monastry, JarrowIMG_9737trainDusk on the TyneVolvo S60 DV64CLOAngel of The NorthGo North East, 5227 (NK54NWA)Stagecoach North East, 22515 (SF56FKT)Angel of the NorthJosh 2018Josh 201846022 at Gateshead, July 1982Hands-UpPack RunnerSea Iris.. Tyne 170418Sea Iris. Tyne 170418Sea Iris... Tyne 170418Sea Iris.... Tyne 170418HENDRIX HOUSE5627Monument Market25288 at Gateshead, July 198231324 at Gateshead, February 198347732 7/12/02 NewcastleDSCN0422Go North East, 6151 (LJ62KDV)DRS 68001+68023Hadrian HouseCurves On The TyneMatthewFive River Tyne Bridges - River TyneMetro Centre - Public Transport Interchange - Night View @ 04.15Newcastle United v ArsenalNewcastle United v ArsenalGo North East: 6071 NK62FAA Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Go North East: 6067 NK63CYE Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini HybridGo North East 6159 / LJ62 KYGGo North East Match Day Park and Ride 3983 / PJ02 PZLGo North East Red Arrows 6051 / NK12 GDFGo North East 6100 / NL63 YJDGo North East Coaster 6059 / NK62 CENGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6071 / NK62 FAAGo North East Fab Fifty Six 6098 / NL63 YJBGo North East: 6126 GX03SUY Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekkaHigh Level BridgeNewcastle-upon-TyneNewcastle-upon-Tyne80x8050x50180pxX180pxNewcastle upon TyneHebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Hebburn Town 5 Durham City 1Ouseburn wierJesmond DeneOuseburn bridgeOuseburn bridgeTynedale Group Travel OU15 ZWWStagecoach 39715 / NK58 AHAMarchants BX14 OMRTyne BridgeTha ToonKey MarmaraCactus FlowerStagecoach 19430 working the Number 1 service to Slatyford Here seen in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 06the April 2018Go North East 6085 working the Class 66: 66716 GBRf Newcastle CentralGo North East: 6312 NK67EBF Volvo B5TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 32018-04-13_06-28-482018-04-13_06-27-092018-04-13_06-26-242018-04-13_06-25-162018-04-13_06-24-422018-04-13_06-23-59Stagecoach: 22511 SF56FKO MAN 18.240/East LancsArriva North East: 2856 YJ59GJY Optare Solo56100. Southbound empty coal hoppers.90045Shields Ferry320314Easter 2017Easter 2017Easter 201743062Lapwing at Waters Edge - LamesleyGreylag Goose - Conducting Proceedings at LamesleyGreat-Tit at Lamesley FeedersPheasant Hen - Profile - LamesleyPheasant Hen - Black and WhiteWood Pigeon at Lamesley PasturesRobin - Lamesley PasturesTree Sparrow at Lamesley PasturesTree Sparrow - Black and WhiteChaffinch with Seed - LamesleyGo North East: 6060 NK62CFN Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini HybridGo North East 5454 NK66EWC: Wright StreetLiteGo North East 8306 NK09FVG: Optare VersaGo North East 5418 NK15EOJ: Wright StreetliteGo North East 6074 NK62FDM:  Vovo B9TL/WrightGo North East 5241 NK56KHX: Scania CN230UBGo North East 4949 NK51OLP: Scania L94UB/WrightGo North East: 5390 NL63YAY Optare VersaGo North East 6153 (LJ62KLC) - 11-04-18Go North East 4933 (Y933ERG) - 11-04-18Go North East 6152 (LJ62KDZ) - 11-04-18Go North East 3943 (FCU190) - 11-04-18Stagecoach North East 19676 (NK60DOH) - 11-04-18Go North East 6128 (GX03SVC) - 11-04-18Go North East 6046 (NK12GCX) - 11-04-18Arriva North East 7420 (LJ55BTY) - 11-04-18Go North East 6081 (NK62FKG) - 11-04-18Go North East Go North East 3942 (NK05GZP) - 11-04-18Go North East 5218 working the 97 service here seen near the MetrocentreGo North East 9082 / YK66 CBCFIVE GUYS AND A SEAGULLMiss Rory @ Boulevard NewcastleClass 66: 66746 + 66743 GBRf Newcastle CentralStagecoach: 12086 NK11DKA Alexander Dennis Enviro 400HClass 156: 156490 Northern MetroCentreNR 156466 sits at Newcastle Centralnorth shields fish quay marketThe rear of a Abbotts of Leeming CoachStagecoach: 22076 NK54BGO MAN 18.220/Alexandersouth shields ferryGo North East 5459 NK66EWJ: Wright StreetLiteGo North East 9082 (demonstrator): Yutong E12LF Electric bus YK66CBCGo North East 5280 NK07KPP with a 57 service in Gateshead.Go North East 5307 NK08CHV passes through Gateshead bound for Newcastle.Metro Bridge - River TyneGreat Tit - Lamesley Pastures FeedersApril Moon Over Tyne YardThree Greylag Geese Landing at Lamesley Pastures PondTree Sparrow at Lamesley PasturesGreylag Goose - Lamesley Pastures PondTrio of Greylag Geese In Flight - LamesleyMallard Duck Landing at Lamesley PasturesLong-Tailed Tit - Bird Feeder at LamesleyLong-Tailed Tit - Lamesley PasturesBlue Tit - Lamesley Pastures HedgeNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleGo North East, 8308 (NK09FVJ)CameraZOOM-180415141152-01CameraZOOM-180415140811-03CameraZOOM-180415140811-01CameraZOOM-180415141210-0247786 7/12/02 NewcastleSunday nightFull TiltNorthumbria UniversityFallen tree in Jesmond DeneArmstrong BridgeFootbridge - Northumbria UniversityUrban GritNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle