The Strawberrry, Newcastle upon Tyne, England,Nexus Metro 4066. Gateshead StadiumNexus Metro 4054. Gateshead StadiumNexus Metro 4011. Gateshead StadiumKing SeawaysJesmond Library in the snow.Saro Skeeter AOP.12 ‘XM555’IMG_20180111_125109Blackriars Monastery, Newcastle-upon-TyneHeber Tower and Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Newcastle-upon-TyneBlackfriars Monastery, Newcastle-upon-TyneThe Town Wall, Newcastle-upon-TyneSt James' Park, Newcastle-upon-TyneThe Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-TyneScience City, Gallowgate, Newcastle-upon-TyneDispensary Lane, off Low Friar Street, Newcastle-upon-TyneAcorn Hardware in the snowHandsome little chapWed 17 JanArriva North East: 1480 NK61CYT VDL SB200/Wright PulsarGo North East 5264 (NK56 KJZ). Saltmeadows Road DepotWithdrawn vehicles at Go North East Saltmeadows Road DepotGo North East 3980 (PJ02 PZG). Saltmeadows Road DepotA-Line Coaches 922 (X922 WGR). Saltmeadows Industrial Estate, GatesheadGo North East Saltmeadows Road Depot.Go North East: 0670 NK16BXM Optare Solo SRCranes at restIMG_20180111_194047IMG_20180111_125113IMG_20180111_124234IMG_20180111_124247IMG_20180111_124056Go North East 6059 (NK62CEN) - 16-01-18Go North East 6059 (NK62CEN) & 5228 (NK54NWB) - 16-01-18Go North East 5204 (NK54NUX) - 16-01-18Go North East 5382 (NL63YAH) - 16-01-18Go North East 3943 (FCU190) - 16-01-18Go North East 6320 (NK67GMY) - 16-01-18 (03)Go North East 6010 (V310LGC) - 16-01-18Go North East 6323 (NK67GNJ) - 16-01-18Stagecoach North East 22510 (SF56FKN) - 16-01-18Go North East 5239 (NK56KHG) - 16-01-18Go North East 5412 (NK15EOC) & 5413 (NK15EOD) - 16-01-18Go North East 6020 (V220LGC) - 16-01-18Go North East 5301 (NK08CHG) - 16-01-18Go North East 6084 (NL63XBS) - 16-01-18Go North East 6307 (NK16BXG) - 16-01-18Go North East 6004 (NK11BHE) - 16-01-18Go North East 6109 (NL63YCN) - 16-01-18Go North East 6119 (BG15RNJ) - 16-01-18Go North East 6320 (NK67GMY) - 16-01-18Westland Sioux AH.1 [XT148]DHC1 Chipmunk T.10 [WB685]North American F-100D Super Sabre [42157]Westland Whirlwind HAR.9 [XN258]BAC Jet Provost T.4 ‘XP627’de Havilland Dove 8 [G-ARHX]Replica Morane-Saulnier Type N ‘5191’Replica Morane-Saulnier Type N ‘5191’Wing of Curtiss Tomahawk I [AH744]Mock-up Handley-Page Jetstream nose – NELSAM. 11-9-2017Go North East 6073 (NK62FCC) - 16-01-18Go North East 5411 (NK15EOB) - 16-01-18Stagecoach North East 22346 (NK55AJY) - 16-01-18Bells Coaches:  BF67GJK - 16-01-18Go North East 4958 (NL52WVO) - 16-01-18Go North East 6316 (NK67GMO) - 16-01-18Go North East 6066 (NK62CYC) - 16-01-18Go North East 3962 (JCN822) - 16-01-18Go North East 5218 (NK54 NVO). Metrocentre Bus StationGo North East 5455 (NK66 EWD). Metrocentre Railway StationGo North East 5391 (NK15 EMV). Metrocentre Railway StationGo North East 6077 (NK62 FGJ). Metrocentre Railway StationDB Cargo 67 003, NewcastleUnidentified owner/operator. NJ14 OKW. Metrocentre Coach ParkGo North East 714 (WK59 CWZ). Metrocentre Bus StationPhoenix Coaches 929 (SJ16 BGX). Metrocentre Bus StationPeter Hogg of Jedburgh YJ61 MMX. Newcastle Central Station, Neville StreetGo North East 6072 (NK62 FBA). Newcastle Central Station, Neville StreetGo North East 4788 (L488CFT) - 17-02-07North American F-86D Sabre ‘16171’North American F-86D Sabre ‘16171’Republic F-84F Thunderstreak ‘26541’Republic F-84F Thunderstreak ‘26541’Hawker Hunter F.51 ‘E-419’Dassault Mystere IVA ‘146 / 8-MC’Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star ‘54439’Gloster Meteor F.8 ‘X’ [WL181]de Havilland DH115 Vampire T.11 ‘WZ518’Pelaw - January 2018.Versatile.Fellgate - January 2018.D1873+D1728Go North East Quaylink 8329 / NK11 HDNGo North East TEN 6077 / NK62 FGJGo North East Toonlink 5236 / NK56 KHDGo North East 3996 / GX03 STZArriva MAX 7511 / NK57 GXDArriva MAX 7606 / NK59 DLZArriva MAX 7616 / NK61 EBDGo North East The Red Kite 5415 / NK15 EOFGo North East The Red Kite 5418 / NK15 EOJArriva MAX 7606 / NK59 DLZGo North East Tynedale Links 667 / NK16 BXHGo North East The Red Kite 5415 / NK15 EOFStagecoach in Newcastle 22046 / NK53 KFONose of Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF.11 [WD790]Westland Gazelle Srs 1 ‘XZ177’ (really G-BAGJ / SFTA)Bristol Sycamore Mk3 ‘WA577’Bensen B-7 [BAPC.119]Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX.1 ‘772’ (probably WZ767)Brown Helicopter ‘BAPC96’Westland Dragonfly HR.5 ‘WG724 / LM-932’Westland Widgeon Srs 2 ‘G-APTW’Replica Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea ‘G-ADVU’ (BAPC211)Avro Anson C.19 [TX213 / G-AWRS]QuaysideArriva 4522 / W298 PPTArriva 1714 / V714 DNLGo North East Quaylink 8311 / NK10 GNZArriva Sapphire 7506 / NK57 GWYGo North East 6032 / V332 LGCGo North East Nexus 625 / NK11 HBBArriva North East: 7522 NK14GFJ Alexander Dennis Enviro 400Scottish TractorScottish TractorScottish TractorScottish TractorScottish TractorGo North East 6043 (NK12 GCO). Newcastle Central Station, Neville StreetGo North East 6111 (NL63 XBV). Bewick Street, NewcastleGo North East 6113 (NL63 XBX). Bewick Street, NewcastleGo North East 8338 (NK11 HKT). Newcastle Central Station, Neville StreetNational Holidays NH10 NSH, Bewick Street. NewcastleThe Fruit SellersArriva North East: 1513 NL63VRG VDL/Wright Pulsar 2Compass Royston: Y2POB IrizarAngel Of The NorthSAAB NUTSSAAB NUTSGo North East 3965 574 CPTGo North East 6030 V330LGCGo North East 6019 V319LGCNewcastle departure.Wear meets Tyne.Newcastle QuaysideLee's of Durham: 273GYE Volvo/Van HoolNose of de Havilland Comet 4C [G-BEEX]Avro Anson C.19 [TX213 / G-AWRS]Rear fuselage of Heinkel He111H-4 [5J+SH]FMA IA58 Pucará ‘A-522’Short SD330-100 ‘G-OGIL’World within a worldHawker Siddeley Trident 1C [G-ARPO]Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C [G-ARPO]KingfisherCommon SnipeDusk at Felling.Westland Wessex HAS.3 ‘XM833’English Electric Canberra TT.18 ‘WJ639 / 39’Westland Wessex HAS.3 ‘XM833’Through the Tyneside suburbs.Felling - January 2018Thistle Fly MacroGo North East: 6056 NK62CBV Volvo B5LH/Wright Eclipse Gemini HybridGo North East: 3943 FCU190 Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini03162 at Gateshead, March 1983Snowing on Acorn RoadGo North East Tyne Valley Ten 6046 / NK12 GCXJim Hughes Coaches: KV02USO Dennis Trident/AlexanderDelta Coaches: P31BUS NeoplanGillingham's of Catchgate: GIL4075 Volvo/Van HoolLee's of Durham: ALL173Y Volvo B10M/CaetanoRothbury Travel: BN17JBZ MercedesRothbury Travel: BN17CJC MercedesLee's of Durham: ELZ3700 JonckheereNewcastle diversionArriva 7469 / X447 FGPJH Coaches LR52 KVOArriva 7490 / LF02 PKUJH Coaches LR52 KWTJH Coaches LR52 KVXArriva MAX 1480 / NK61 CYTCIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCENewcastle/Gateshead Quayside - HDREnglish Electric Lightning F.53 ‘XS933’ (really ZF594)Cessna F.172M Skyhawk ‘G-BCPK’Avro Vulcan B.2 ‘XL319’Avro Vulcan B.2 ‘XL319’Bristol Bloodhound Mk.1 – NELSAM. 11-9-2017Inter City 225: 82200 Virgin Trains East Coast Newcastle AirportBritish Red Cross: V71 NK65ZZT VWInter City 225: 82219 Virgin Trains East Coast Newcastle CentralGo North East: 5305 / NK08CHNGateshead Millennium BridgeTyne BridgeDMS Stork.. Tyne 120118DMS Stork+barge Jan.. Tyne 120118St James and St Basil Church, Newcastle, Northumberland, UKWinter strollDurham City Coaches YJ10 JYX. Newcastle Central StationCompass Royston C2 BCP. Newcastle Centre for LifeAbbott's of Leeming XL13 AOL. Newcastle Centre for LifeGo North East: 6059 / NK62CENGo North East: 5327 / NK58DWEGo North East: 6068 / NK62CYFTyneGateshead libraryNeptune, Lord of the SeaDSC05574DSC05560Leo in the gardenLeoPassing NewcastleCrossing the TyneComing into Newcastle StationDurham City Coaches: JSV487 VDL/BerkhofLee's of Durham: YJ13GZZ VDL/Berkhof